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Will the Dodgers Resign Trea Turner?


Is Trea Turner a Good Investment?

Trea Turner is a great hitter his career average is .304 over eight seasons, four of which he had an average of over .300. Trea Turner has 960 hits and 220 stolen bases over 786 games. Trea is one of if not the fastest player in baseball.

Turner is one of the most consistent players in baseball and can always be counted on to get a hit. Trea Turner was Rookie of the Year in 2016 and is a two time all-star. Trea can fit in pretty much anywhere on the field and would be an amazing leadoff hitter with the amount of hits and runs he gets.

Trea Turner is one of the few guys who can consistently hit and steal bases. Trea is having a great season with a .312 batting average, 18 stolen bases, 15 home runs, and 72 RBI's. The most RBI's he's gotten in 1 season is 77 and he currently has 72 and it's only 98 games into the season.

Trea is a huge piece in the Dodgers offense right now and is a huge piece in the postseason. Trea Turner is on fire this year and had a 26 game hitting streak earlier this season. Turner also had another two hitting streaks of 14 games and 13 games this season. Trea is one of the guys you can almost guarantee will get a hit almost every game.

Trea Turner is irrefutably one of the best investments in baseball right now. Trea is an amazing piece to have in a teams lineup and will easily pick up their offense. He is absolutely a future MVP and will help lead the team that signs him to a tremendous amount of wins and maybe even into the postseason.


Will the Dodgers resign Trea Turner?

No the Dodgers won't resign Trea Turner, although they will make him an offer. The Dodgers so far haven't offered Trea Turner a contract extension even with how important of a role he has on their offense. The Dodgers definitely understand how much he impacts their offense and their wins.

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If the Dodgers offer Trea a contract extension there's a low chance he'll take it. Trea will probably wait until the end of the year to explore the market and see his offers. Trea is gonna get some big offers from some teams somewhere around 35-38 million a year. He'll also easily get a lengthy contract probably 7-9 years.

The reason the Dodgers aren't offering Trea Turner a contract extension is because their payroll is so high that they don't have enough money to offer him as much money as he's worth. This causes issues because they can't make him a low offer otherwise it ruins their relationship with Trea and makes him think they don't understand what he's worth. The Dodgers also have Kershaw, Kimbrel, Muncy, Heany, Anderson, Alberto, and Hudson to worry about.


Trea Turners Future

Trea Turner will most likely end up getting a contract for something like $337 million for 10 years. Trea is absolutely going to get a huge contract and will definitely be deserving of it. Trea will get offers from a lot of teams considering his reliability and consistency.

What teams will make him an offer? I think 4 teams will be big in who could get him. Dansby Swanson is a free agent at the end of the year which is going to leave their shortstop position open. Swanson will be a cheap contract but the braves aren't gonna offer him what he wants. The Astros lost Carlos Correa last year and haven't really permanently filled their shortstop position yet and they have a huge budget.

The Yankees are going to have a tough offseason with them losing so many guys but that also free's up money on their payroll which they definitely are not short of. Yes, the yankees have Isaiah Kiner-Falefa but he can pretty much play anywhere around the diamond. The White Sox are the last team that will be big with Trea Turner during the offseason this year. The White Sox are currently 49-49 and they'll be looking for someone to help kickstart their offense back up. They do have Tim Anderson who is a great shortstop but Trea can play pretty much anywhere else on the field with his speed and agility.

Can the Dodgers Afford Trea?

The Dodgers will definitely try to resign Trea Turner but they will most likely be unsuccessful due to higher lengthier contracts. If the Dodgers so end up resigning him they'll have to let a lot of other guys go during free agency, even then the Dodgers would be well over the salary cap. Dodgers fans will definitely miss Trea and his huge impact on the teams offense.

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