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Why Do People Hate Tom Brady?



He wins all the time.

He makes a lot of money.

His wife (for now) is hot.

He's overrated.

Those are just a few of the main gripes people have with him.

Fans and media seem to get fatigued by successful athletes. We should celebrate greatness. We've never seen a run-in football like Brady's. It's truly amazing.

He's proving that athletes after 40 can be productive and shouldn't be discarded like trash. I know he's not the first but, in a time, when people want to move on from players when they turn 30, it's amazing. It's different for QBs because they tend to have a longer shelf life than other positions. It's still the position where if you are over 30 and have a down season everyone wants to draft your replacement.

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Who’s better?

Bitter fans and know it all media types want to elevate other QBs’ accomplishments over Brady.

Whether it's Manning (the one everyone cares about), Favre (the playground favorite/He's a gunslinger) Rodgers (All those MVPs and just 1 SB to show for it.), Brees(Look at his stats! Not the ones in San Diego they aren't that impressive) or Montana (He's never lost in a Super Bowl). I hear these all the time.

Patrick Mahomes has the best chance to challenge Brady. He's got all the tools and he's always in the picture. People anointed him too soon. That was fuel for Brady when they went head-to-head.


Big Game QB & Eli Overreaction

Is there a better big-game QB than Brady? You could say, Montana or Bradshaw. Troy Aikman always gets overlooked when it comes to big games. That guy delivered but this isn't about him. I just get annoyed that he is always left out of the conversation. People can't wait to bring up Eli. He beat Brady twice! Yes, he did but was he the reason they won? NO! That defensive line beat Brady. Manning just gets all of the credit. The minute those guys either retired, aged out, or left in free agency, Eli went back to being a Giant disappointment. The Giants have a history of taking down great QBs on the biggest stage. They beat John Elway, Jim Kelly, and Tom Brady twice in the big game. They knocked Joe Montana out of two playoff games. The first was in the 1986 Divisional game at the Meadowlands when the Giants won 49-3. Then did it again in the 1990 NFC Championship game where the Giants defeated the heavily favored 2-time defending champions 15-13 on the road. Montana fans seem to forget he's lost big games too. It's always Montana was undefeated in the Super Bowl. That's fair but you can't compare Brady's 10 Super Bowl appearances to Montana's 4. The dude has won 7. That's almost double what Montana has achieved.

The Eagles won the Super Bowl by finally sacking Brady! It's not easy. The Eagles only had one sack in the game. It was a big one. The most telling part of the Eagle’s win was after the game when the players can be heard screaming "WE BEAT BRADY!" Not we beat the Patriots. Not we beat Bill Belichick. They beat Brady. He's the boogieman for NFL players. They know Brady is the man.


Belichick Myth

People constantly attached Brady to Belichick which has always been nuts. Belichick didn't win much as a head coach before Brady. They were ready to run him out of town before Brady emerged. That may be exaggerated but he wasn't beloved like he is now. That myth is shot now that Brady has one without him. It was always an insane take. They would loudly scream "They went 10-5 without Brady!" Did they make the playoffs? NO!!! Brady comes back the next season and they return to the playoffs. The 49ers moved on from Joe Montana and won the Super Bowl 2 years later. Everyone will point to the fact that they replaced him with another Hall of Fame QB in Steve Young. That's true but at that time people were convinced Young couldn't get the Niners over the hump. That's why in that iconic video he tells a teammate to take the monkey off his back. I like Mac Jones. I think he will have a solid career. It only remains to be seen if he can be the Patriots Steve Young. The Packers replaced Brett Favre with Aaron Rodgers and won another Super Bowl. It's going to be hard replacing Tom Brady. They were one of the favorites every year. His level of dominance is legendary in sports, not just football.

Why do they hate Tom Brady? He's a winner and in sports, people hate winners.

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