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Why We All Should Appreciate The Way


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Although I've been working diligently on my new career as a feature film screenwriter, I just HAD to go back to my roots for a second and briefly talk about NXT's newest entertaining group called The Way!

Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae have been taking NXT by storm for years now, and their dominance has led them to something incredibly special. Despite what certain toxic people within the wrestling business (that shall remain nameless) say, I'm pretty sure that the majority of the NXT Universe and wrestling fans around the world have been LOVING Gargano and LeRae lately.

Regardless of Johnny not using the "Johnny Wrestling" moniker for awhile, it's obvious to me that he's still "Johnny Wrestling" during this latest run. It takes someone with real talent and passion for pro wrestling to be able to pull off being the ultimate babyface that fans adore, to then becoming one of the most obnoxious characters in the entire wrestling business. That to me is someone who KNOWS what it takes to be apart of the WWE for years and years to come. If you're not kicking back, relaxing, and chowing down popcorn every time Johnny Gargano is inside the ring OR has a mic in his hand, then you don't enjoy watching a good pro wrestler work. Bottom line, plain and simple.

Take what I just said about Johnny and apply it to Candice as well. Coming from being a lovable babyface that you just wanted to see win every match possible, to evolving into this evil character that you wanted to see get slapped in the face is a transition that Candice made look so easy. Her in-ring work over the past year or so has been close to perfection and, in my opinion, her overall work has been the best of her NXT career. I for one cannot wait to see the NXT Women's Title around that waist of hers. It's only a matter of time...

With the additions of up-and-coming talent like Indi Hartwell and Austin Theory by their side, the four superstars have been striving together, not only inside the ring, but outside of it as well. I find myself laughing my rear-end off with their antics and banter with one another, especially during their A Very Gargano Christmas segments a few weeks back.

The simple fact that Hartwell and Theory have aligned themselves with the married couple will undoubtedly lead the two towards superstardom. Indi has been one of the women I've been keeping an eye on since her arrival in NXT. Being alongside LeRae will certainly uplift her game to another level. Since I first laid eyes on Austin Theory, he immediately reminded me of a young Randy Orton. He's got the look, the in-ring talent, and the overall desire to succeed. There's no doubt in my mind that Theory will climb the ladder and become one of the most prominent young talents in all of WWE.

As cliche' as this is going to sound, The Way 100% puts the E in WWE. There's no doubt in my mind that this group will lead all four athletes into something bigger and better in all of their futures....and I'm really looking forward to seeing all of them continue to shine.

After all, that IS the Gargano Way of doing things, right?!


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