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Why Motorsport Should Be in the Olympics


Racing drivers are real athletes

This is maybe a shock for someone but ultimately racing drivers need to be extremely fit to be able to perform on their best level possible. No matter the competition they found themselves in, driving racing cars at the high speed requires you to be in very good shape both mentally and physically in order to manage those high g-forces experiencing during braking and when going through corners.

For instance, in Formula 1 the g-forces get to an almost insane level. While astronauts normally experience around 3G when they launch from the ground, Formula 1 pilots however experience up to 6,7G of force while braking and going through sharp corners at those extremely high speeds. This is a huge amount, especially during a race that often tends to be very hectic and where drivers race wheel to wheel with each other in order to gain important positions.

The overall stamina and concentration need to be developed on a very high level as otherwise, racers will not be able to cope with longer races as is required for instance in endurance racing. There, races can vary from two or fours hours up to an extreme amount consisting of twenty-four hours that racecar drivers get to experience at the Daytona, Le Mans, and many other tracks during a season.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional driver, racing is a hugely demanding and highly physical sport and racing drivers are indeed great athletes. Therefore they definitely should have a chance to represent their countries at the biggest sporting event that exists in this world.

This is how F1 drivers train

The truth is that motorsport increases in popularity. What once was a sport for mostly those who were extremely rich has now instead become, thanks to very well-established quality racing simulators and games, a sport that almost anyone can experience and get to see and feel what it is to compete in a race while driving some of the fastest cars. While real racing naturally requires a lot of resources to possess, it needs to be said that with all those changes motorsport currently goes through, there is a high percent chance that things will get to the better which hopefully can result in more people being able to pursue their passion for racing.

The overall popularity when talking about spectators and fans that follow motorsport is very big. In fact, motorsport stays for some of the biggest sports events every single year. Indy 500, 24 hours of Le Mans, and Monacos Grand Prix are all legendary races, and most importantly, very popular sports events that attract a huge amount of people and host hundreds of thousands of visitors every single year, both those who watch the race through digital devices and those who experience the whole thing on the location of the event itself.

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It needs to be said that social media also plays a huge role in why motorsports popularity has increased in recent years. Many of the younger Formula 1 drivers nowadays treat their fans with exclusive content and have much more contact with those than ever before. What also surely helped is the famous Drive to Survive show Netflix produced, whose success clearly reflects on the positive growth that both Formula 1 but even motorsport as a whole received and still continue to receive. With all this in mind, the Olympics cannot just overlook the potential and popularity that motorsport brings to the sports world and should instead invite motorsport to be part of the Olympics.

Motorsport offers a long tradition and history

Olympic Games is one of the oldest existing sports traditions and has been around for a very long time. Many of the sports that are represented in the Olympics have a rich and interesting history behind them. So does even motorsport with its roots in the late 19th century when the first organized competition was held in France. The incredible path that motorsport has marked through all these years is as interesting as it can possibly get, with both the highs and the lows.

The main point here is that there is a tale to tell, and there is an evidently interested audience willing to listen. This is something that can suit the Olympics concept very well, and can in return give motorsport a platform through which it can represent its sport and its history.

Lots of categories to choose from

Motorsport is a very flexible sport and includes many series that differ from each other. Competitions vary from the absolute pinnacle of motorsport consisting of Formula 1 to prototypes, gt cars, go-karts, et cetera. Put in other words, there simply is a huge amount of categories to choose from.

Regarding Olympics, a simple single-seater would make the most sense when it comes to what Olympics really is about. For that to happen it requires that every car is built on the exact same level. This happens for instance in Formula 2, where every single car is equal and where every driver has therefore a realistic chance of winning races. That could be the category to go with, at least in the beginning.

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