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Met fans welcome watching the Cohen (Owner) and Alderson (President) regime.


It's official, hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen is the Mets owner. He now own 95% of a team he formerly owned 8% of. The price tag was $2.4 billion which is the highest price ever paid for an American sports team.

Former Mets GM (2010-2018) Sandy Alderson who's now 72 is the President of Baseball Operations. His first order of business is to hire a Head of Baseball Operations and GM, GM Brodie Van Wagenen is gone as is Omar Minaya.

Met fans will never forget Brodie's losing moves; the Cano trade, Lowrie and Familia signings. All three were major busts. add on to that the bungling of the Mets managerial search. Mets had a chance to hire a veteran, World Series winning manager in Joe Girardi, but he and his boss (Jeff Wilpon) ego wouldn't allow such a hire.

Current manager Luis Rojas, has only one year of MLB managerial experience. He has potential in my opinion, but simply isn't ready. According to Alderson at his intro press conference (11/10) he said "Luis Rojas is likely to be the manager, but the door is slightly ajar."

I sense he will remain with the organization since he's more than Felipe Alou's son. Rojas has baseball in his blood and works well with the large base of Latin players in particular. And Alderson knows and likes him.

Mets in 2020 had a losing record in 60 games played and didn't make the playoffs. Mets in 2019 went 86-76 last season and nearly made the playoffs. In 2019 their rookie manager Luis Rojas, signed a 2-year inexpensive deal.

Mets soon will have a team owner who realizes New York is a big market city and won't be run like a discount department store by a want-to-be-player in Jeff Wilpon.

Who is the Mets first offseason signing? George Springer who is a free agent center fielder may very well be. Springer is 31, has a career .270 batting average to go with 174 HRs. In 2019 hit a career-high 39 homers in 2019. In 2020 he hit 14 HRs, had 32 RBIs and batted .265. Springer salary this season was $21 million.

Also the Mets are thin at starting pitching. So, expect a trade or a possible offseason signing. Who might that might be is to be determined.