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Mets search for Head of Baseball Operations isn't going well. Alderson is 0 for 3 thus far.


Mets 2021 season ended on a losing note. They finished in 3rd place after leading the NL East thru July. For a second consecutive year, they finish with a losing record (77-85) and that spelled The End for Luis Rojas whose option wasn't picked up and the search for a new manager and GM/Head of Baseball Operations is on.

However, to date, the Mets search for a new Head of Baseball Operations is not going well. Theo Epstein had a conversation with Mets owner Steve Cohen and they both decided it wasn't a good fit for him.

David Stearns, 36 who is GM of the upcoming Brewers and a native New Yorker and Harvard graduate, is happy where he is. Also, the Brewers owner denied the Mets permission to speak with Stearns. He was the one No vote for Cohen to become the Mets owner.

It's now official Oakland's VP, Billy Beane has withdrawn his name from consideration.

Beane was thought to be a realistic option due to his strong relationship with Mets president Sandy Alderson. However, he's not interested in uplifting his family to the East Coast to run a big market team like the Mets. Besides, he's under contract and happy where he is. In addition, he owns 4% of the A's and has partial ownership in other sports teams (Cricket and Soccer) abroad.

Mets now have expanded their list of candidates. Two names are from the Dodgers organization; VP of baseball operations Josh Byrnes and their Assistant GM and former player, Brandon Gomes who's just 36.

Below are the candidates I'd like to see be considered as a Mets manager:

Buck Showalter, 65 (1551-1517, .506) A proven winner who's managed in New York already and also for years in Baltimore. He's a no-nonsense winner who gets the most out of his players. Has last managed in 2018. However, he expressed an interest in managing the Mets prior to Rojas getting the job but was not considered when the Wilpon's owned the team. Maybe he gets the consideration this time.

John Gibbons, 59 (793-789, .501) Former longtime Toronto manager who started his baseball career as a Mets catcher. He's tough, fiery, and gets the most out of his players. He could be a possibility if called upon. However, him not being an analytics guy will likely work against him.

Bruce Bochy, 66 (2003-2029, .497%) Long-time Padres and Giants manager. Outside chance he could be package with former longtime Giants GM Brian Sabean (1997-2014) who has won 3 World Series rings. That's if he wants to come out of retirement.

Paul Molitor, 65 Hall of Fame hitter and former Twins manager for 4 years going 305-343, .471%. He won Manager of Year with the Twins in 2017. He's a well-respected player whose hitting advice alone would be highly coveted.

It could turn out that the Mets could end up with Alderson being GM for his final year and the team giving Beltran a second chance. If so, I know plenty of Met fans who won't be happy.

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