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Why Mac Jones was the wrong pick for the Patriots

Christian Aquino is a Sophomore at Milford High School and loves Boston sports. He wants to be a journalist once he graduates college.


With the 15th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Bill Belichick and Co. decided to pick Mac Jones. A QB out of Alabama who led them to a National Title! So, why am I so disappointed by this pick? Well, it's because he sucks. Look at the weapons he had in Alabama, Devonta Smith (The 10th pick), Jaylen Waddle (The 6th pick), Najee Harris (The 24th pick), and last but not least Alex Leatherwood (The 17th pick). With all those NFL caliber weapons I expect him to put up Trevor Lawrence numbers if he was good. If I put Justin Fields, Trey Lance, Zach Wilson, hell maybe even Kyle Trask in his position they are breaking records. I don't understand what made Bill like him over other prospects, he doesn't do anything better than others, he isn't mobile, he doesn't have a big arm, he isn't even athletic for the love of God. Watch his film and tell me he is good. He also doesn't get his read quick enough and when he does he screws the throw up and his NFL-caliber receivers in college need to jump over that college-caliber corners to catch them. I think we all know who I would have rathered on this football team and he's currently the newest member of the Chicago Bears.

(This was written the night after the 2021 NFL Draft)

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