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Why Liverpool Cannot Be Stopped

The Reds Were Crowned European Champions Last Summer

The Reds Were Crowned European Champions Last Summer

How Liverpool Are Taking Over And Why Nobody Can Do Anything About It

It seems like only yesterday when we were all laughing at Liverpool, whilst they hung their heads in shame, losing 6-1 to Stoke City as Marten Skrtel and Mamadou Sakho made John Walters look like the Moreton Messi - it wasn't even a cold Tuesday night! Or who could forget when they were beaten by a sub-par crystal palace side back in 2015. Liverpool were regarded as the bottlers whilst teams such as Mourinho's Chelsea and Fergusons Man United stood tall in the Premier League.

Now Liverpool are unstoppable, they are currently 22 points clear of 2nd place Manchester City after an absolutely blinding season, dominating every team in their wake and confident of beating any starting 11 in Europe at the moment - yes they're that good. Jurgen Klopp is creating a dynasty at Liverpool by making promising internationals into superstars and showing youngsters how to succeed at the top level. But the question is how have Liverpool managed to go from always lacking on the pitch to becoming the most feared team in the world right now?

Roberto Firmino

Roberto Firmino

The Reason Behind Liverpools Success...

Is Liverpool's recent success an unlikely miracle or could it be down to something more?

Notably, Liverpool's front three are goal hungry. Never satisfied with just being in the right place at the right time they hunt down opposition defenders for the ball and share the plunder amongst themselves. Sadio Mane is likely to leave you in the dirt with a swift turn and curl it past the keeper like its nothing. Roberto Firmino will arrive in an inch perfect position in the box only to execute an unimaginable flick for another striker to latch on to. Finally there's Mo Salah - the cream of the crop. all is revealed about his ability in his record, scoring 32 premier league goals in his first season with the reds. Liverpool's attacking line is so feared that there is talks of PSG's Kylian Mbappé joining up with Klopps men in the summer - surely that would turn the prem' into a farmers league! the red's attack is now one of the most notorious in Europe, striking terror into the hearts of defenders up and down the country. International grade defenders are made to look like children as Klopp's team put four past them in the space of 45mins, all in front of the electric Liverpool faithful at Anfield.

There's more to be said about the atmosphere at Liverpool's ground. The fans will happily 'boo' an opposition side all game long, or at least until the reds can gain a foot-hold in the game. The sea of confident scousers spread out across the venue makes it a difficult trip for even the best of teams. Liverpool have got their vibe just right, where the players want to put on a show for the fans and that they are fighting every game to win their managers respect.

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Klopp's high press team tactic is a weapon of mass destruction in England and nobody can seem to work out how to beat it. Every starting Liverpool player's cardio is second to none and opponents can say their prayers for keeping possession for long against the reds. They hunt in packs and overwhelm back lines to win the ball back and find themselves in promising positions. Liverpool's spine is rock solid, sporting the best defender in the world in Van Djik at the back, a reliable midfield and a world-beating front three all contribute to their consistency in the league. This is food for thought as to why Klopp's men are currently unbeaten in 42 games at Anfield.

Are They The Greatest Premier Legaue Side Of All Time?

If they can finish the season in the form that they're currently in then they can definitely take that title from Manchester City in 2018/19 and Arsenal from 2003/4. Although Arsenal and Man United have thoroughly underperformed this season and not challenged for the title you cannot take away from Liverpool's dominance. They've had no bogey teams this season, contrary to last season as Wolves managed to beat them in the previous year in the FA cup. But Liverpool are bound to finish the season with 100 points once again and quite possibly unbeaten. They have also surpassed Man City's 17 game winning streak in 2019 and arsenals legendary 14 game winning streak. The reds are also still in every competition they're eligible for except for the carabao cup and have won the super cup in Istanbul earlier in the season. If Liverpool can win the premier league this season plus another prestigious trophy, then they will in no doubt be the greatest premier league side to walk the field.

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