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6 Reasons Why He's Overrated Like His Father

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He's Not As Athletic

Lebron Jr was born on October 6, 2004. His father is, Lebron James, NBA Star. The current allstar was a well-deserved phenom before professional sports. Jr's mother, Savannah, was not even 20 years old when he was born. Neither was his dad.

Many have to be careful talking about Jr online. He's sturdy built, has good size, and is the average length for his size. He has been in the spotlight since he was a child in Cleveland. As he grew, he started to develop the same habits. He decided that he wanted to walk in his dad's footsteps.

He feels the game like his father. He has a vision for passing like him. The passing ability makes you wonder. Wonder if he could slide over to full-time point guard soon. Many doubt that he could do it because he is underdeveloped. They are right too. Jr has potential but, at this point he is overrated like his father. He never displayed the same athleticism as his father. His chances to make the NBA is only increased because of the market and who his dad is.

I do not own the rights to this picture

I do not own the rights to this picture

His Numbers Are Lying

His overrated reign started in the same place it did for his father. He is a decent high school player but, he's not that good. On May 29, 2019, he took his talents to Sierra Canyon High School. The canyon is a private school in Chatsworth, Los Angeles. The team he is on used to be the home of other former NBA stars. One is the son of his father's former teammate in Miami.

Zaire Wade is the son of Dwayne Wade. Like zaire's father, he wanted Jr to reach his fathers status. He wanted Bronny to pursue his dreams. As a response, he left the school. That is not what Dwayne wade did to the Miami heat. He stayed and put lebron in front. Truthfully, we all knew who was the leader of that heat team. Like lebron, his son is just the face but, he is not the best on the team. Far from it. Brandon Boston Jr has the best skill set on the team.

Bronny may be the third-best on his team. Maybe lower. Before starting, the team was to be a great one. Sadly, they did not meet expectations. Never the less, transferring to a bigger market was a good business move for Jr. His father knew that his son was not as good as he was. Cleveland was never known as a powerhouse past or present. His father surely made them one. They were more exciting than a championship team because of him. His numbers lie in the NBA and his son numbers lie before it.

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

He's Too Privileged

This is a great fact because, most of the stars were not. Jr has nothing to be hungry for. The kid is far too privileged. It's not rocket science to think he maybe chosen already. His father is the most overrated, talked about star in the NBA. He was chosen to win the rookie of the year award. He was chosen to win the 2009 season MVP. There are a lot of underserved awards on his legacy.

Let's get back to the point at hand here. Jr reminds me of any former superstar's kid. They did not have to experience much adversity growing up. They only look superior in the NBA now because the game has changed. Let's be real about it. There were always players in the NBA just as good as these current ones. Jr was young when he the offers started coming to him.

At nine years old, he supposedly got an offer from Ohio State. Supposedly because that was a lie. Truthfully, why be surprised? His fathers career is a lie but. He's just in a league weakened enough to hide it. His son is not good enough but, he will be in the NBA. That's mainly because of his privilege, not his skill. He has not been through enough to look the way his overrated father does.

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He is the Chosen One

Like his father, this is a part of his legacy.Bronny is 6'3 and could play point guard like his father. Scouts have acknowledged his game in the past and present. That is no surprise. He's in one of the biggest markets in the United States. His fathers name just only increases kids chances to be the chosen one.

Daddy is already campaigning for it. For the last few years, he has been on record saying that he wants to play with his kid. His pop’s over the hill, but he wants to be on the court with his son. The defense is weak enough so, it may be possible. He's had no injury to make him sit out the season but, he has had the nagging ones.

His parents have two more kids together (Bryce, Zhuri). He is just is named after his father. It's not a shocker that he wants his son to walk in his footsteps. Jr is one of them that will not. His father wants him to take every step he took to get into the NBA. He will enter the league out of high school. Simply because he's the chosen one.

I do not own the rights to this picture

I do not own the rights to this picture

He's a Junior

Jr has displayed that he wants to make a name for himself. He never said it, but being named after one of the greatest is challenging. Micheal Jordan did not name his kids after him. His eldest name is Jeffery. Lebron's eldest name is after him. It's only right to think he chose not to because, this is a cruel world. Many in it put expectations on kids. Jr is one of them.

A man having a son has to be a great feeling. I'm not a father but I could imagine. Me and my wife deciding names will be unusual for me. I won't name my son after me. It's not a bad thing, I just won't do it. Especially, if I was Lebron James. He has said that he regrets giving his son the same name as him. He was younger and did not have a dad. Doing that seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Like Micheal, Shaq named none of his kids after him. The late Kobe Bryant did not either. Tim Hardaway son is in the league and little knew who he was. Greg Anthony's kid is in it. These dads may have wanted their kids to make a name for themselves from the start. His foot may already be in the door because of who he is but so are many challenges. Challenges that not many past stars wanted their kids apart of.

His Social Media Presence

Two other words that sets him aside from these ex-players ' kids is social media. Him being lebron James son is one thing. The kid is one of the most followed players on the internet. No other star in high school gets as much exposure. His social media presence is large already.

Social media was not around in the previous years. It's obvious Lebron takes advantage of the platform. That platform makes him look better than he is also. His millions of followers are not all fans but, his fans swear they are. Jr is just using the platform just like his dad does.

This social media platform only makes things easier. It's blessing and a curse. The curse is the fact that there are critics. Critics and he's a child. The kid has to read all of that stuff because, he's exposed. He cannot be a kid with social media critics loving and blasting his game.

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