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Who Will Win the Ballon d'Or This Year

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History of Ballon d’Or: who will win this year?

Extremely simple to see the trophy. But this trophy was informed with the personal superiority of footballers. Encouragement of joy or romanticism around this trophy. Trophy name Ballon d’Or. The crown of personal superiority of footballers. What is so much excitement about the trophy, so much interest, what is the history behind him?

The original FIFA's best player award was created by France Football Magazine's editor-in-chief Gabrial Hanot. Hot first asked his media colleagues to vote for Europe's best football player in 1956. Stanley Matthews of the Blackpool Club is first FIFA's best player rewarded.

However, in the beginning, two conditions of the conditions must have to fill a prize:

1. Should be European.
2. At the same time, play in a league of Europe.

Because of this rule, the award for football's superiority could never take two legends Pele and Maradona. If you get it, you did not come to play in Europe. Maradona was playing in Europe but he didn’t reward as he was a South American footballer.

After many years of France's football initiative, the FIFA initiative took the best footballer of the year. FIFA's initiative was introduced in 1991 in FIFA's footballer's award. The FIFA was the first time FIFA's footballer of 90 World Cups German Football Team captain Lothar Matthaus. Four years after the award of the FIFA Footballer's Award, France's football brought a little change in their reward. They decide, open the prize for non-European players. But conditions are kept, they have to play in Europe's league. On this condition, Liberian footballer George Weai won Ballon D'Or as the first non-European footballer. After this, France's football decided in 2007, Ballon D'Or is open for everyone. Any footballer outside Europe will be nominated for this award France's announcement in such a declaration of FIFA. Since then, it was found that the player of Ballon D'Or was also awarded as the player of the FIFA Year's Award. After the incident took place five times in the next five years, after the announcement of a prize, curiosity about the other is very low.

After many discussions on this, two prizes were finally integrated in 2010. France Football's Ballon D'Or and FIFA's prize of the year is called "FIFA-Ballon D'Or". However, since this partnership is completed in 2016, the award again returned to the name of "Ballon D'Or, and Fifa returned to a separate prize, named FIFA-the best male player. FIFA and France, both considering the winner of FIFA Ballon d'Or.

Recently France's Football Magazine published a shortlist last Friday for this year. Let's see whose achievement is the best for achieving Ballon d’Or:

◼️Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain)

Achievement in 2021: 38 goals, 14 assists. Won Copa America, Copa del Rey.

◼️ Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)

Achievement in 2021: 52 goals, eight assists. Won Bundesliga, Club World Cup, DFL-Supercup.

◼️ Jorginho (Chelsea)

Achievement in 2021: Five goals, two assists. Won Euro 2020, Champions League, UEFA Super Cup.

◼️ N'Golo Kante(Chelsea)

Achievement in 2021: One goal, one assist. Won Champions League, UEFA Super Cup.

◼️ Romero Lukaku (Chelsea)

Achievement in 2021: 30 goals, eight assists. Won Serie A.

◼️ Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)

Achievement in 2021: 34 goals, 13 assists. Won UEFA Nations League.

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◼️ Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain)

Achievement in 2021: 36 goals, 15 assists. Won UEFA Nations League, Coupe de France, Trophee des Champions.

◼️ Erling Harland (Borussia Dortmund)

Achievement in 2021: 43 goals, 13 assists. Won DFB-Pokal.

◼️ Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

Achievement in 2021: 38 goals, four assists. Won Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana.

◼️ Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City)

Achievement in 2021: 13 goals, 14 assists. Won Premier League, Carabao Cup.

◼️ Gianluigi Donnarumma (Paris Saint-Germain)

Achievement in 2021: 20 clean sheets. Won Euro 2020.

◼️ Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus)

Achievement in 2021: Two assists, 10 clean sheets. Won Euro 2020, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana.

◼️ Ruben Dias Ruben Dias (Manchester City)

Achievement in 2021: One goal, two assists, 26 clean sheets. Won Premier League, Carabao Cup.

◼️ Nicolo Barella (Inter Milan)

Achievement in 2021: Six goals, 13 assists. Won Euro 2020, Serie A.

◼️ Mason Mount(Chelsea)

Achievement in 2021: Nine goals, seven assists. Won Champions League, UEFA Super Cup.

◼️ Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)

Achievement in 2021: 33 goals, six assists.

◼️ Neymar Jr (Paris Saint-Germain)

Achievement in 2021: 15 goals, 16 assists. Won Coupe de France, Trophee des Champions.

◼️ Mohamed Salah(Liverpool)

Achievement in 2021: 27 goals, six assists.

◼️ Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan)

Achievement in 2021: 23 goals, six assists. Won Copa America, Serie A.

◼️ Phil Foden (Manchester City)

Achievement in 2021: 13 goals, 10 assists. Won Premier League, Carabao Cup.

Although there is no party success like them, Ronaldo has spent the years great in personal achievement. He scored 29 goals in 2020-21 Serie A for Juventus. As the first player, the record of the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A are the records of the highest scorer. He also made a great record in the European championship. Though Portugal has taken away from World Cup after playing sixteen, Ronaldo touched the previous highest goal of Ali Daei in international football earlier by scoring five goals in the tournament.

Later, in September, the record of the Football of the Year five times against the Republic of Ireland in the World Cup qualifier.

Earlier, in January, the club and the national team matched the highest goal (759 goals)
in football history, Ronaldo surpassed Yosep Bikan.

Ferguson is keeping Ronaldo ahead.

❝It deserves the trophy. This year he broke the record.❞

Ronaldo is only 5 goals away from the milestone of the club and national team as the first footballer in history. If there is no major title, many people lagged behind Ronaldo, but he would not be surprised to achieve personal achievement. As a last three matches in the country, 6 goals with a hat-trick. Its total goal is now 115 in international football.

Let's see, who gets Ballon d'Or 2021!

Ballon d’Or


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