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Who Will Have The Most Impactful Return, Klay Or Kyrie?


Kyrie return is closer than ever which is great for the NBA. Even though the two superstars have different circumstances on why they are returning but it is official and it will be a spectacular moment to witness these elite players on the court doing what they love. After the the Nets decide not to play Irving because of the New York City Mandates the team decide to go on without him. Down the line they came to a realization that they need him more now than ever . Kyrie returning to help the Brooklyn Nets roster to help with the issue if players missing out due to Health and Safety protocol. Klay in the other hand been missing out of action since 2019, rehabbing from two devastating injuries. Now that the NBA is is about over 20 games into the season. These stars will make an impact,but who will have the most impact on there teams.

Kyrie Return To Great Teamates

Kyrie will return to his his team with two super elite talent Kevin Durant, and James Harden. Right now KD average 27.1 and playing at a MVP Caliber level. Carrying his team while holding the number one seed in the east at 23 wins and 11 losses. James harden is still playing like a star, but not as elite when he was with the Houston rockets. James had a rough start, but eventually find his grove in the last 4 games scoring over 30 point plus games. Harden is averaging 22.8 a game

Kyrie Impact on Brooklyn

Kyrie return will make it easy for Brooklyn and especially James Harden. In the beginning of the season Harden had a hard time choosing when to be aggressive and when not to be . Most of the time trying to draw fouls where in the past it work out for him . Now he had to alter his game and adjust to the referees not calling every call. James thrive off that type of play. Getting to the free throw line was intuitive for him. When Kyrie returns, James doesn't has to rely on being dominating on the offense of end. James thrives at the one position and dictate the offense threw Kyrie which can relieve pressure of James and allow Kyrie and Kevin Durant dominate. When Kyrie and Kevin is on the floor James goal is to get them involved into the offense as much as possible by his playmaking abilities.

Klay Return To Great Teamates

Klay will be returning back to a team he knows all to well. Draymond the point forward and defensive star is the anchor of the team. He knows exactly when to find Steph and Klay at the right moment to get a bucket. Steph is one of the splash brothers who not to long ago broke the 3 point record by passing Ray Allen.Curry just like Thompson can play off the ball, run through bscreens and get open for a jumpshot. Golden state is already playing well without Klay. Jordan pool, Gary Payton II, Andrew Wiggins, and so on has been phenomenal on the offense if end making much easy for Curry. The team is currently number one in the western conference, and gas beat majority of teams that are above 500.

Klay's Impact On The Warriors

When Klay Thompson return, his impact on the game will make more easy for the warriors because of there movement of the ball. Once Klay get back in rhythm the All star will be able to shoot off the dribble , run off screens and do what he does best. Only thing about this situation is that Klay will not be as explosive on defense like he used to, and guard the toughest positions like we are used to seeing. Warriors are not only a offensive jug-er knocker, they are an defense minded team. Klay is known for putting pressure on the back court opposition which create offensive opportunities for the Golden State warriors. That doesn't mean he won't be lethal at all, his scrimmages with the Santa Cruz warriors look great, he able to run, make plays, shoot the ball at an elite level. Once Klay return his impact may not be as it was before from a defense stand point but he will have moments in the game that will entertain fans at a high level.

Stat Comparison Between Kyrie & Klay


According to Land Of Basketball, Kyrie compared to Klay seems to dominate than Klay only because Klay plays in a different system than what Kyrie is used to. Irving is a on the ball player while Klay plays off it.


Thompson was is ahead of Kyrie in the 3-point percentage. Kyrie leads in the other categories. At this point it's very logical why Kyrie would lead since he has played more games than Klay.


Both of the superstars at there best season were delete and out up numbers. Kyrie seems to win in most categories. When it comes down to who can be the best player to return and make an impact is really depends on the need of the team. Golden state weakness right is the absence of a big. James Wiseman should fulfill that role. Klay Return will not fulfill that obligation. So far the warriors have played well holding the number one seed in the west. By time the post season will arrive Klay and Wiseman should be set in stone and being able to fill the small voids. Kyrie is set to return Wednesday versus the Indiana Pacers, with his return it's most likely will be the most impacted return simply because Kyrie is need for the offense. Brooklyn only has beaten a few teams over 500. With Kyrie back into the roster that can change. Sources from ESPN stated that Thompson's return may be January 9, where the Warriors are up against Cleveland Cavaliers in San Francisco. If Klay doesn't return on the 9th, possible January 18, which is a game against the Detroit Piston. Both the players will have an huge impact on there returns, and fans will be waiting. Not only that these stars have an impact but a great influence on the culture and how the game of basketball is played.

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