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Where in the World are the Makuri Islands on Zwift

Introducing Yumezi

Zwift's Yumezi features the Makuri Islands and Neokyo to offer cyclists a great selection of route options celebrating Japanese Culture. The world was launched to coincide with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which happened in 2021 due to the circumstances of the Global Covid-19 pandemic.

Yumezi offers cyclists the opportunity to experience a mystical new world. Whilst the now endless stream of virtual cyclists dot the landscape the fields and forests still offer tranquility whilst towns offer a newfound sense of adventure as you cycle amongst temples, beneath traditional lanterns, and beneath castles. A new world awaiting virtual discovery.

Cycling the Makuri Islands- Yumezi

The author (CyclingFitness) cycling amongst the temples of the virtual world of the Makuri Islands

The author (CyclingFitness) cycling amongst the temples of the virtual world of the Makuri Islands

Zwift's Neokyo Circuit

Are the Makuri Islands on Zwift a Real Place?

Whilst many of Zwifts virtual riding worlds are based on real world locations such as New York, Paris, and London as well as the original virtual world of Watopia is based on the Islands of Naunonga and Teanu within the Solomon Islands. The Makuri Islands on Zwift are not actually modelled on a real-world location.

Is there a Real-World Place Called the Makuri Islands?

Whilst there are no Makui Islands to locate on the map there is a place called Makuri.

Makuri is a community on New Zealand's North Island. It falls in Tararua District and Manawatū-Whanganui region and features lush green valleys and rolling hills- A little like Yumezi on Zwift.

Makuri, New Zealand

Which Routes Can I Ride in the Makuri Islands?

The routes that can be ridden on the Makuri Islands as part of Yumezi and Neokyo.

  • Chain Chomper
  • Countryside Tour
  • Farmand Loop
  • Flatland Loop
  • Kappa Quest
  • Kappa Quest (Reverse)
  • Neokyo All-Nighter
  • Neon Flats
  • Railways and Rooftops
  • Rooftop Rendezvous
  • Sea to Tree
  • Sleepless City
  • Spirit Forest
  • Sprinter's Playground
  • Suki's Playground
  • Temples and Towers
  • Three Village Loop
  • Two Village Loop
  • Valley to Mountain-top
  • Wandering Flats
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What is the Toughest Climb in the Makuri Islands on Zwift?

The Toughest Climb in the Makuri Islands doesn't quite match the grandeur of the likes of the Alp du Zwift however it provides it's own challenge- Particularly when racing.

The Temple KOM / QOM

Segment summary

Type- Climb

Direction- Forward

Distance- 2.49 km

Average incline- 3.6%

Temple KOM Elevation Profile

Temple KOM Elevation Profile

Temple KOM Elevation Profile

The Temple KOM

The Temple KOM / QOM

The Temple KOM / QOM

How Do I Ride the Makuri Islands?

The Makuri Islands form's part of Zwift's rolling roads format which features a calendar of different virtual riding worlds on different days- For an update check the latest Zwift World Calendar.

Where's Your Favourite Virtual World on Zwift?

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