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When the National Football League Chose Woke Politics Over All Else: a Follow -up

Sports should be followed, played, enjoyed, shared among generations. Yes to good fun, rivalries, bringing us together; No to the politics


The Losing Seasons: When the National Football League Chose Woke Politics Over the Game, Over the Fans, Over the Country

I wasn't very happy when I wrote about this subject a few years back.

Not many sports fans were!

Many love the game of football so much, they were able to ignore for a time...and they did, but there came a point, even for this most loyal group, that they began to have their fill of woke sports.

Things were taken much too far!

The NFL wasn't on top of NFL players blatantly disrespecting this Country and those who defend her and our freedom.

I think the NFL may recognize that fact now, but seeing how sports talk has become more like politi-sports talk, not sure if any real lessons have been learned by all.

Politics doesn't belong in sports.


Where Are They Now?

This whole woke fiasco began with Colin Kaepernick.

He hasn't played the first down for the NFL in six (6) years, but, nevertheless, he has done very well for himself:

Citizen of the year


He settled on his lawsuit against the NFL, splitting nearly 10 million dollars with another player

Oh yes, he acted like the biggest arse on planet earth!

He disrupted America's game.

He slapped America, veterans and sports fans...upside the head and then laughed about it - as he collected a cool few million for it!

He, personally, made himself the guy most likely to not be selected by NFL teams and then was able to sue them...and be the one to come out on top!

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However, not just Colin K benefited in this whole woke sports fiasco -

BLM benefited, because the powers that be within the NFL buckled under pressure, {everyone seemed to be buckling} paving the way for BLM to not only own the spotlight, but to greatly profit too!

BLM, for a time, seemed to be the star attraction.

Their name, their logo, their brand, was everywhere; on billboards, on the person of many of the players, in commercials...

and where are they now?

Out of the spotlight and very, very wealthy.

They no longer crave the spotlight, in fact, they have zero appetite for it now that the world is beginning to understand one of the biggest frauds/scams perpetuated in our history!

BLM didn't do one thing for any one person or for any one inner city, for any one inner city youth group, etc., they...the Marxist BLM founders, lined their own pockets, earning Millionaire status!

They took advantage of good people, many on fixed incomes, who thought they were doing something positive for America.

BLM is the most pathetic type of scammer, taking advantage, pitting people/groups of people, against one another, all in order to personally prosper!

There's a lot of that going on today in America, but that's another subject for another day

Colin K, BLM...selfishly took the money and they ran:

Go on - Take the Money and Run...

How is Football and Sports, in general, doing?

After a self-imposed hiatus, I am back to watching the NFL and MLB once again.

I know a few fans who couldn't forgive and they are done, that's their choice and I certainly get it!

It took some time for me to get passed such ridiculous behavior -

The powers that be at the NFL, for now, seem to be focused on the game and pleasing the fans, no longer distracted by bogus claims and money-making schemes.

Hopefully, they can stay on track and leave politics out of it!

I guess we'll be stuck with sports analysts putting in their political two cents worth from here on out, but let's leave it there:

On the panel and off the field

Left alone, it is one great game; just as is the case with baseball, basketball, soccer....

Great games which are to be played or viewed, but either way - enjoyed!

Sport, that which should always bring people together, even healthy rivalries, it's all a part which belongs, anything else, does not!

Go Team.

© 2022 Angie B Williams

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