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6 Coaches He Couldn't Make 2x Champions

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Paul Silas

When lebron came into the league in 2003 he saw him. Silas gave him a warm welcome. The Arkansas native came in with an extensive resume. He played and coached. He was chosen to mentor a young lebron James. Cavs upgraded under his leadership every year. Despite the upgrade, Silas didn't get along with the new owner. He didn't get along with the new veteran point guard either. That's common with star players and coaches. Many play through it but this was proven to be impossible. By midseason (2005) it became obvious. Cavs were 34-30 but the boiling point was reached.

Silas was fired and the team declined. That was Lebrons first coach he failed to make a champion. The next gave him the golden opportunity to do it too. Silas was out and Malone took over. Lebron's first coach and mentor will not be his last. Assistant coach, Brendan Malone, was chosen to finish the season. Malone is from New York City. He graduated from Rice High School. He became interested in sports early. Interested but, he never really played in school. That was until college. He played one game for his college basketball team in 1960.

Malone didn't play much but, he knew the game. Seven years later he started coaching. He has coached as an assistant and a head coach. He was assistant most of his coaching career. The Toronto Raptors gave him his first head coaching gig the 1995-1996 season. He was back to assistant coach. Even on cavs, he was the assistant. After the firing, he got his second head coaching job. Malone had twenty-six games to turn things around. They recovered a little before the playoffs but, they didn't make it. Despite the failing season, the cavs knew what was needed to make it to the top.


Mike Brown

Lebron was hitting the allstar form of his career. The cavs went and hired one of the best assistant coaches to be apart of it. He came in the start of the 2006 season. From then on, cavsnation witnessed a young lebron grow rapidly.

Mike was and still is defensive minded. The cavs surprisingly made the finals the next season. Lebron led the way. Sadly, they lost the finals. They didn't even win a game but it was evident. They had the right man. They just did not have the right leader.

Cavsnation witnessed lebron shift the team each year. So the expectations win it the next was no shocker. Sadly, they didn't get back there. Mike Brown led them to the semis each year he was there. They played in eastern conference finals series but they won none of them. He helped lebron to two season mvps. Lebron did not return the favor and make him a championship head coach.


David Blatt

Lebron spent four years in Miami. There he won his first game in an nba finals series. He won two more season mvps. He won his first two titles. He made a promise he wanted to fulfill for his hometown.

The cavs knew what lebron offered. They just wanted an upgrade. They went overseas and found one. One of the most successful American coaches, David Blatt, in Europe came along. Blatt was named Israels super league coach of the year four times. Lebron was coming home to a table set for kings dinner.

Blatt was im charge of the memorable return. Knowing lebron knew how to win titles would make his job a lot easier. He had a few kid the best players in the draft. Cavs were in position to pic up some good players and they did it. Blatt had much to do with resurrecting the franchise. He helped the team get to the 2015 finals after leading them to sit atop the east. Sadly, they lost it and him too.

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Tyronn Lue

Lue played basketball before the NBA. In college, he helped his team win the NIT award. In each of his three seasons, he led his college team in assists. In the NBA things were slightly different. He played for a total of eight NBA teams. His career began in 1998. He is a two-time champion for the L.A lakers (2000, 2001). Two years after his retirement, he displayed interest to play another role. He wanted to be on the sidelines inspiring the new generation.

In 2009, Lue was named director of basketball development. That is the place he started his assistant coaching career. From 2011 to 2013 he was an assistant coach. The teams included the L.A clippers (2), Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers. When Lebron came from Miami, he was there. He was assistant for the cavs from 2014-2016.

When David Blatt was out, they needed an associate head coach. He was chosen and proved he could do the job. The cavs loss the NBA finals that year but, his head coaching qualities stood out. The next season, cavs won the NBA championship. He was the head coach for cavs from 2016-2018. Now, he is the head coach of the L.A Clippers.


Luke Walton

Walton is the son of Sue and Bill Walton. His father bill was a star at UCLA. He came into the NBA and was one too. The California native has three brothers. They all grew up in Sand Diego, California. Walton wanted to walk in his father's footsteps. The California boy started doing so for the University of Arizona. In 2003, he graduated and entered the NBA draft.

Walton wanted to play and make his own history. In college he made the All-Pac team two times. He was inducted into the All-American second team in 2002. Seven years later, he won his first NBA championship. The next season he won one too. After retiring, he started his coaching career.

Walton was assistant coach for the Memphis tigers in 2011. From 2014-2016 he was assistant coach for the warriors. The warriors won the NBA championship vs a Lebron team (2015). During the 2016-2017 season, he was chosen to coach where he started his NBA career. He was the coach for the L.A Lakers from 2016-2019. He did not last two seasons with Lebron James.

Frank Vogel

Vogel came in with a very extensive resume. Since 2001 he's been on the sidelines. He was Boston Celtics, Philidelphia 76ers, and Indiana Pacers assistant coach. In 2011, he got his first head coaching opportunity. He was upgraded right there in Indiana. Their present coach was terminated, and he was next in line. He was the interim coach starting out. In 2011, he was chosen to be the head coach. Vogel revitalized the franchise. Sadly, he just could not get over the hump. Year after year ended without a championship. The pacers did not see the glory they saw with former stars.

Vogel brought them greatness but, it was not great enough. Pacers president, Larry Bird, and NBA legend renewed the contract. A new voice needed to lead the team. Vogel moved on to the Orlando Magic the next season. He went 54-110. The Magic missed the playoffs two consecutive years. His next move was L.A. Laker legend Kobe Bryant tragically died prior to him being hired. So, he went in the season with a plan

In my opinion, Vogel did disappoint. He had the overrated Lebron and Anthony Davis to work around. The lakers started the year very well. The pandemic just made it better. Due to key injuries, the lakers made the NBA finals. The finals were played in Disney world. The players were put in a bubble to finish the season. A heat team without their top scorer in the playoffs. The heat handed Lakers two losses. They were the only team in that postseason to do that. Despite their toughness, Lakers won the mickey mouse title. Salute to the legend but, that was an overrated season. It's still one title. Since miami, lebron has not won any coach he played for two championships.

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