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What Can We Learn From These 4 Cricket Phenoms?

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There exist numerous sources of motivation to keep oneself on track with progress.
From time to time, eminent celebrities, sportspersons, and entrepreneurs are inspiring people to bring drastic changes in the way they look at their lives. The game of Cricket has a huge fan base all over the globe. Cricket enthusiasts make some of the batsmen or bowlers their role models.

The four cricketers mentioned below not only hold mind-blowing records but also teach some valuable lessons. They lived by those life lessons that made them reach new summits of success in their games. The below 5 legends of cricketing history will always be remembered and treasured in the minds of cricket and sports fans all over the world.

Master Blaster - Sachin Tendulkar

Master Blaster - Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar a.k.a Master Blaster has changed the way Indians perceive Cricket. When he enters the stadium, people worship him and his game. They even feel like God is playing cricket. What makes Sachin very popular?

His strokes are pretty graceful and mind-blowing. His game is an A-class performance. To watch Sachin bat has always been a great treat to the spectator's eyes and a nightmare for the opposing team, especially for the bowler. But have you ever imagined what it takes to be on top like him? Have you ever seen him perspiring in the net practice sessions? Those constant practice sessions before the big game have made him ready for the big game.

Sachin learned a key life lesson in his early childhood and that is to be consistent. All those records he holds and all his contributions to the Indian team are the outcomes of consistency.

Whatever you are into, with a lack of consistency you will only dream of being an achiever and always be nothing more than a spectator. Here's the master blaster's message for you, "Be consistent."

Anil Kumble - The fighter

Anil Kumble - The fighter

Anil Kumble

Setbacks can pop up anytime. Life is full of uncertainties. No exception for cricketers too. A renowned right-arm leg spinner, Anil Kumble also faced setbacks. But his approach to the setbacks will always be remembered by the cricket world. This outstanding cricketer, in his 18 years of career, saw a lot of downs and ups.

It is said, "The champion is someone who gets up when he can't." Anil is an ideal example of such a champion.

In the 2002 test series against West Indies, as Anil was batting at number 7 he was hit hard on his jaw by Mervyn Dillonon's delivery. His jaw was bleeding. It was obvious to every spectator that he had a serious injury and he will not to able to play the rest of the game. It was the turn of the West Indies to bat. The Indian squad was missing Anil.

To everybody's surprise, Anil entered the ground with a bandage covering his broken jaw and convinced captain Ganguly that he wants to bowl. He took a crucial wicket of Brian Lara.

The fighting spirit of Anil Kumble will be remembered by all cricket fans across the globe. He stepped onto the ground despite the painful jaw. Indeed a larger-than-life character! He could have chosen to withdraw himself from the game and looking at the situation, that was a very obvious choice that any player could have made. But he made a brave move as his heart couldn't buy into the thought of stepping back, come what may.

This is the story of a jaw-breaking pain and a jaw-dropping comeback.
Here's a life lesson lived by Anil Kumble that we should always remember, "Never give up. Rise and keep fighting."

The intimidating batsman - Viv Richards

The intimidating batsman - Viv Richards

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Sir Vivian Richards

The entire Caribbean team of the 70s and the 80s was daunting. It was a golden era for Caribbean fans. The all-time great batsman, 'Sir Vivian Richards' is the most feared cricketer of his time. His attitude impressed me as I was watching some classic matches of Viv's dominance over the world-class bowlers.

He is one of my favorite players. Viv has three striking characteristics. To begin with, this tough guy never used a helmet even for the faster bowler's delivery like a fireball coming at the speed of 150 km/hr or more. Secondly, his fearless presence on the pitch and his love for chewing gum is very popular. Above all, the way he used to punish the bowlers with his powerful strokeplay demoralized them. His ferocious hook shot, damaging the opposite team, was a magic moment for his fans.

His fearless and relaxed approach to the game is a subject of curiosity even for today's players. He is no doubt, the most intimidating player in cricket history. Viv Richards taught a great life lesson, i.e. to be fearless.

Aggressive Aussie - Adam Gilchrist

Aggressive Aussie - Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist

When reality strikes hard, sometimes you have to wait and let the storm pass away. But there are times when instead of defense you have to believe in your attack and punch the storm as hard as you can.

I believe that the Australian left-handed batsman Adam Gilchrist was one of the finest cricketers in international cricket who understood the value of the attacking strategy.

Throughout his career, he dismantled the opposite teams with his aggressive strokes. He loved to take charge of a prosperous or adverse situation that the Australian team was into and do some serious damage to the fielding squad.

The way he used to hit the ball hard down the ground or punch the ball high in the air was spectacular to watch. He used to knock the ball in all the parts of the ground. That's why his graphical run chart used to look like an Irrigation sprinkler. His long partnerships with the strong and destructive batsmen Mathew Hayden are world-famous.

These two men dominated the team of eleven opponents and left them clueless. Adam and Matthew mostly were the pillars who build the mountain of runs for Australia.

Adam's agility while wicket-keeping is a great learning lesson for today's wicket keepers. Either by standing ahead of stumps or behind the stumps his role is to take the charge and give a fatal blow to the opponents.

Here's what we can learn from Adam, "Take the charge and attack." Sometimes you have to pounce on your problems and attack with aggression to eradicate them.

The 4 Heroes of Cricket weren't the inventors of life lessons like being consistent, being fearless, rising from adverse situations, or take the charge/responsibility. But, they lived by such lessons. They are not just good at their game but are great human beings too.

Grasping these lessons and recalling their bewitching performances will inspire you throughout your life's journey.

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