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What Are The Best Under Bed Gun Safe Storage Solutions: 5 Reviews


Why Under The Bed Gun Safe Storage?

Here’s the bottom line. Should the moment ever come when its down to just you and your weapon to protect your family and property, you need two things: your guns stored right beside you and instant access to them. Under bed gun safe storage is the best way to accomplish both of these goals.

A gun safe properly stored under your bed provides the smartest combination of secure storage and instant, right-beside-you access in the middle of the night. When the moment comes where you need to act to protect your family, the last thing you want is to have to go searching for a firearm. Having bedside access to your firearms can mean the difference between protecting those you love and becoming just another victim statistic.

What Are The Best Under Bed Gun Storage Safes?

What really makes these gun safes so appealing - beyond the above mentioned benefits of quick access - is that they can be small enough for just one weapon, or large and secure enough to be your permanent, State of California DOJ section 12088.2 home gun vault - so you don’t have to have a second one in the basement somewhere.


These safes are serious, all steel construction gun vaults offering quick, keyless access with smooth operating pull-out shelves and pop up doors so you can easily retrieve or display your arsenal.

Further, these top rated gun storage solutions make smart use of wasted space under your bed, so you won’t have to occupy valuable closet and wall space elsewhere, and they can also be used in SUV and truck applications.

With these great advantages in mind, lets take a look at five of the best, and see which one is right for you.

Titan Monster Vault Review: The Largest & Most Versatile Under Bed Gun Safe Around

When it comes to safely storing your guns under your bed, nothing tops the Monster Vault by Titan.

Monster Vault Under Bed Safe

The Monster is the most widely recognized flat-style gun vault around because of its high quality construction, large capacity, and smooth operating reliability.

This flat style gun vault is constructed of no less than 140 lbs of cold rolled, double walled, 12 & 16 gauge steel and features a digital, programmable combination lock actuating two ½” chromed steel live locking bolts so no one but you is ever going to get to your guns. And just in case, the Monster comes with two barrel style keys for back up, including serial numbers for re-ordering.

Inside is a massive three cubic feet of storage space, a smooth glide drawer lined with plush grey carpet that slides all the way out providing unobstructed access to all of your weapons, even the ones way at the back.

Ultimate Under Bed Capacity


Monster Vault Demo

Monster Vault Features

With 100 lbs. of draw-slider capacity and interior dimensions of 44 ¾” x 26” with 5” of height, this monster has the size to hold numerous rifles, shotguns, and even tactical weapons with optics, plus room for handguns, knives, ammo and other valuables.

It can be easily mounted to the floor using the four pre-drilled holes, has an overall maximum height of just 7” - so it will fit under just about every bed - plus ships fully assembled and comes with an industry leading seven year warranty.

As you can see in the second clip on the right, the MSRP is $799, but I found it on Amazon for a lot less than that. If you are looking for large and serious, Monster Vault’s exceptional features coupled with this great price, make it the best gun safe for under any bed.

  • Exterior dimensions: 48”w x 28”d x 7”h
  • Interior dimensions: 44 ¾” w x 26”d x 5”h


Good Mid-Sized Under Bed Gun Safe: The Defense Vault By AMSEC

If the Monster offers more storage capacity than you have weapons, or if you already have a large gun vault safe and just need quick, under the bed access, the Defense Vault by American Security might be just the right size.

AMSEC: The Defense Vault

Designed for either two rifles without optics or one tactical firearm and a couple of hand guns, the Defense Vault offers quick access to the protection you need, all within arm’s reach of your bed.

The body is constructed entirely of 90 lbs of 14 gauge steel that can be securely mounted to your floor via the four pre-drilled mounting holes on the bottom. The door features a unique 5-point, live action, slide locking bar actuated by AMSEC’s proprietary ESL5 electronic lock. The digital keypad has an illuminated backlight so you can easily enter your code, even in the dark of night, plus, one of the best features of this under bed gun safe is its ‘non-volatile’ memory. This means that the locking code is retained in the event the 9-volt battery goes dead or is even removed. Simply twist the keypad a quarter turn to remove it and replace the battery in the back.


Inside, the drawer slides out to reveal 13” of storage area 43” wide - about half the area of the monster vault. Even with the protection of thick foam padding that lines the bottom of the drawer, the Defense Vault still offers 3 3/8” of storage height - more than enough for even the largest, optics equipped, tactical weapons.

Overall, the Defense vault under the bed gun safe by American Security offers all the secure storage and smooth operation that you’d expect with the Monster, only at half the size, perfect for those in need of only one or two weapons at hand.

  • Exterior dimensions: 52”w x 14”d x 6”h
  • Interior dimensions: 43¼“w x 13”d x 3⅜”h


3 Non California DOJ Rifle Vault Options

If these two high-end, smooth-pull-out-drawer, under the bed safes are a little more gun vault than your looking for, the following three non California DOJ 12088.2 compliant units still offer you secure gun storage coupled with quick access, but without the State of California compliant price tag.

V-Line Gun Safe Reviews: Under The Bed Rifle Or Shotgun Storage Solutions

V-Line is an American manufacturer of a whole line of home, medical, and tactical security products offering a full range of well known firearms storage options including these two under the bed gun safes.

V-Line 12" Rifle Safe

Both the 12” rifle case and the 7” shotgun case are top-door-opening style rifle vaults for under the bed, constructed completely of 16 gauge steel with a continuous, full length, staked hinge across the back.

On the locking side, the door is secured by two 3/8” steel live locking bolts actuated by a five push-button mechanical lock that has the added feature of key operated tubular backup locks at each end of the case.

These two gun safes come with pre-drilled mounting holes that allow for both under-the-bed-horizontal and in-the-closet-vertical mounting and are lined with thick, soft grey foam and include smart velcro straps so you can secure your weapons and valuables in any configuration.

V-Line 7" Shotgun Safe

With either of these two sizes, you get quick, keyless access, combined with secure, mountable, heavy gauge steel protection, all priced under $350.

Rifle Case:

  • Exterior dimensions: 42”w x 12”d x 3½”h
  • Interior dimensions: 40½”w x 11”d x 3”h
  • Weight: 38 lbs.

Shotgun Case:

  • Exterior dimensions: 42”w x 8”d x 3½”h
  • Interior dimensions: 40½”w x 7”d x 3”h
  • Weight: 30 lbs.


Smallest, Lightest, Portable Under Bed Safe: The Aluminum Gun Casket

If you are looking for something smaller and lighter than even the V-Line Shotgun safe for under your bed, Gun Casket’s shotgun safe is it.

Gun Casket Shotgun Safe

The Gun Casket


Constructed entirely of rust proof, anodized aluminum, this sleek under the bed gun safe weighs in at a mind boggling, featherweight 11½ lbs!

Further, with its overall maximum height of just 4 1/4” it will fit under any bed or truck seat - or any other piece of furniture for that matter. But at 50” long is still plenty large enough to hold any long gun you might throw at it.

The fully electronic keypad lock allows for quick, keyless access, and this unit has the advantage of backup key operation as well.

Inside, the bottom is lined with thick foam that can be shaped to your weapon’s unique profile and the door is lined with soft felt.

If you want quick, lightweight, and even portable secure storage for a single long gun that can fit under almost any bed, truck seat, or other tight spots, the Gun Casket could be the best option for you.

  • Exterior dimensions: 50½”w x 7”d x 4¼”h
  • Interior dimensions: 50”w x 6½”d x 3¼”h


Smart Storage, Affordable Gun Safes: Best Of Both Right Under Your Bed

Safely storing a cache of firearms under your bed is both smart and practical. Having your weapons within arm’s reach can make all the difference.

Whether you have a gun vault already and just need quick access storage for one or two weapons, or if this is going to be your primary home gun vault, buying online will save you hundreds - and I’m confident one the under bed gun safes I’ve reviewed here will meet your specific needs.

Now I want to hear from you. Have ever used one of the gun safes reviewed here? Do you store your weapons under your bed? You can share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading, and happy, safe storing!

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