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weBoost’s Connect RV 65 Cellular Signal Booster Enhances an RV’s Weak Cellular Signal


Because A Strong Cellular Signal Is Needed

There was a time when cell phone use was low and landlines ruled. Those days are long gone but not just because cell phones are now smart phones — it’s because the convenience of having a phone with a cellular connection sort of says “why bother with a landline.” The end result is that most people now use a cellular connection as their main phone system. This has been a boon for those who travel and take their “home” with them. So if you have an RV (recreational vehicle) it makes a lot more sense to have cellular. But the basic problem with a cellular connection is that, unlike a landline, the strength of the signal can vary widely depending on where you are at any given time. So as an example, you’re taking your RV on a trip to the Grand Canyon and find when you are parked for the night that the signal is so weak that it might as well be zero. Short of firing up the engine and looking for another spot, what can you do? Well if you have weBoost’s Connect RV 65 Cellular Signal Booster, you’d be spending just a couple of minutes to have those signal bars shoot way back up.


The Basics of Installation

The Connect RV 65 is a portable unit — in the sense that it travels with you — and has the basic purpose of gathering in the cellular signal from that far off or weak signal cell tower and then making a now enhanced and strong signal available to use. Based on the same principles as other products from WeBoost, there are three components in effect and yes electricity is needed, which is why it’s not for use outside next to a brook or campfire. Or when the motor is driving the RV along either — you’re parked.

So let’s start with the initial installation, which most will not find daunting as it can take up to an hour but hardly more and should be done prior to traveling. First a quick check of the bars showing on the phone for a baseline —it’s 2, which is about average for our area outside (but often even worse inside our home). Begin by setting up the telescoping mast: position it on the side of the RV and place mounting units that you can then slide the mast into. First though place a ground mount down so the end of the mast can go into it. Now get on top of the RV and expand the mast to its 25 foot height and insert the high gain directional antenna on the end. Then run a coaxial cable from the antenna down through the mast and into the RV (details of which are given to you and there’s also a video so don’t freak out). Place the booster (amplifier) unit inside near a power supply where it can stay (the end of that coaxial will go into this booster).


The Finishing Steps

The final step is to place the flat panel broadcast antenna also on the wall (but away from the booster) and connect the two with a cable. Now power up the amplifier using an AC outlet and if all the lights are green you are good to go. Because the weak signal from the cell tower gets captured by the antenna and sent to the booster where it gets juiced up before going to the broadcast antenna and so it gives you a signal to use. Plus it reverses the process when you are transmitting (i.e., making a call and talking and sending data out, not just listening or receiving data).

Of course you’ll have to take down/set up the telescoping mast and antenna every time you’re in a new location, but that just takes a couple of minutes compared to the first time when you had to install everything.

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About the only other thing to have taken care of first (and you’ll have to do this every time you park for the night assuming you are in a different location than the day before) is to to find the cell tower to get that signal from and aim the antenna at it. Easiest way is to use one of the free apps that shows you this.


The Connect RV 65 Cellular Signal Booster provides an up to 65dB max gain and is compatible with all the U.S. cellular providers (3G/4G/LTE, FCC & Industry Canada Certified) and all the devices that can connect to it (multiple users of phones, tablets, etc.). It’s even 5G ready. Nor is is restricted to RVs, but will also perform its cellular-enhancing magic when used in campers and other similar sized enclosures, providing they can provide it with electrical power. So now having a powerful cellular signal is as simple as spending $649.99 retail. For more information, go to

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