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Was Craig Kimbrel Worth the Trade?

Craig Kimbrel and Aj Pollock

Craig Kimbrel and Aj Pollock

Was Craig Kimbrel Worth It?

Craig Kimbrel is and has been a questionable trade since it happened on April 1st of this year. The Dodgers traded outfielder AJ Pollock for White Sox reliever Craig Kimbrel. Many Dodger fans were upset to see Pollock go considering his .297 Batting Average last year even though he was hurt for a while.


Craig Kimbrels History

Craig Kimbrel is currently 8th in all time saves leaders with 389 and is 1 away from tying Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley. Craig Kimbrel has played for 12 seasons and was an all star in 8 of those seasons. He was voted rookie of the year in 2011 and even won the World Series in 2018 with the Red Sox.

Kimbrel has won the Mariano Rivera Reliever of the Year award in 2017 when he was with the Red Sox in the American League, as well as the Trevor Hoffman Reliever of the Year award with the Braves in 2014 in the National League. He was the first player to ever win the Trevor Hoffman Reliever of the Year award when it was first handed out in 2014.

Craig Kimbrel is unarguably one of the most decorated relief pitchers of all time and is the definition of a future Hall of Famer. All that being said how's Kimbrel doing with the dodgers?

Kimbrels' 2022 Season?

This season Craig Kimbrel is currently 3-4 with a 3.97 ERA. Craig Kimbrel has 17 saves so far this year with just 20 save opportunities. Kimbrel has pitched in 36 games and has 34 innings pitched this season.

"I don't think I can be any happier," Kimbrel stated in an interview after being traded to the Dodgers.

Craig Kimbrel also adds more experience to the bullpen considering the Dodgers young arms with the only other veteran being Price. Although Kimbrel isn't living up to Kenley Jansen standards with 30+ saves a year he is still a good fit for the Dodgers closer position.

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Kimbrel is not well liked by Dodgers fans due to his three blown save opportunity's. Even though he has his rough times he still has his teammates and manager Dave Roberts confidence in him.


How Good was Pollock With the Dodgers?

AJ Pollock only ended up playing 258 games with the Dodgers during the 3 years he was with the team. The 258 games he played is a little more than half the games he was with the Dodgers for. When Pollock wasn't hurt through his time with the Dodgers he was still a very reliable offensive player.

AJ Pollock had a .282 batting average as well as 250 hits during his reign with the Dodgers and was a solid piece in the Dodgers outfield. AJ Pollock was well liked in the Dodgers clubhouse and was very well liked and respected by the whole team and staff.

"I was literally sick to my stomach this morning because we all love AJ" stated Justin Turner after finding out about Pollock being traded to the White Sox.

AJ Pollock and The White Sox?

AJ Pollock is currently batting .239 with 65 hits and 5 home runs. Although Pollock was injured earlier in the year he has only missed 17 games this season with the White Sox. In the White Sox last series Pollock hit 3 for 7 with a walk, a single, 2 doubles and 3 RBI's against the Rockies, helped lead the White Sox to their win on Tuesday.

AJ Pollock has helped lead the White Sox to a numerous amount of wins and has 34 RBI's with the team and continues to be living up to their expectations. If Pollock can stay healthy for the rest of the season he'll prove to be a great acquisition by the White Sox.

Although Pollock doesn't stand out on a team with Tim Anderson, Jose Abreu and Luis Robert he continues to be a solid player even with the White Sox only being 49-49. The White Sox management were very happy he was coming to the team earlier this season and Pollock has proven to be a great addition to the White Sox arsenal.

The Synopsis

Yes Craig Kimbrel was worth it and the Dodgers got the better end of the trade. The Dodgers needed Kimbrel more than they needed Pollock and if you look past Kimbrel's blown saves you'll see that he's pretty good. Yes, Kimbrel only has 17 saves but he also only has 20 save opportunities and the Dodgers don't have many save opportunities due to their almost unbeatable offense. Craig Kimbrel also adds a sense of experience to a bullpen full of young arms. AJ Pollock was a solid piece of the Dodgers outfield and continues to be a solid piece with the White Sox he wasn't consistently healthy enough. If Pollock continues to be healthy the rest of the season he will be perceived as a great addition to the team. Even so he will continue to be remembered as a solid piece in helping the Dodgers to win the 2020 World Series. Overall Kimbrel is a good fit for the Dodgers and their bullpen.

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