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Walk Yourself Thin

Walking Really Is The Best Exercise

Walking Really Is The Best Exercise

Walking Really Is The Best Exercise

Walking , The Best Exercise

The point was made the day the turtle finished ahead of the Hare. Walking is a win win exercise. In fact it is the perfect exercise. And that might be a pretty tall claim for an exercise as easy as walking , but walking fits the bill. Research shows that the ease of walking is the secret to its advantages. It gives you the benefits of more strenuous exercise , but with out the beating.

All this emphasis we've put on no pain no gain has been seriously missing the point. Consistency , no intensity is what is really important after all. Walking is the fitness activity that you can turn to regularly and enjoyable.

Improvement From Head To Toe

Walking is not wimpy , in other words it is wise. RAesearch has shown that a regular walking program , at least 30 minutes a day , 5 days a week can benefit the body in all these area's.

The Head

Your no dummy ,to make walking your fitness activity, because research shows that walking can simulate thought by increasing the brain's supply of oxygen and boost spirtit through the release of natural , mood elevating brain chemicals called endorphins.

The Lungs

Walking may not make you huff and puff but its still pumping up your lung power. Studies show that a regular walking program can.

1. Increase the ability of the cardiorespiratory system to use oxygen.

2. Strengthen the muscles of the diaphragm.

3. Reduce symptoms of chronic emphysema and bronchitis.

4. Reduce the urge to smoke.

The Back

Many runners suffer from low back pain because of the stress to spinal disks caused by running's pounding. Walking however puts no stress on spinal disks.

The Bones

Bones need exercise to. They respond to weight bearing exercises such as walking by taking on more calcium and becoming stronger , thicker , and more resistant to osteoporosis which is a weakening of the bones associated with aging.

The Feet

For the same reason that walking is kind to the back , it's kind to the feet.

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The Heart

Walking's not strenuous enough to provide a good cardiovascular workout? Don't you believe that. Walking benefits the heart by.

1. Lowering Resting Pulse.

2. Reducing Blood Preassure.

Walking for Fitness - Weight Loss - Exercise

Walking to Health

Walking's great attraction is that we all know perfectly well how to do it. Because its low impact exercise , it is a good choice for anyone that is overweight and underexercised.

It won't over stress your joints or ligaments but it will strengthen yout heart and lungs , tone your calf and thigh muscles and burn plenty of calories and when you burn calories you lose weight. A nice leisurely stroll in which you cover a mile in an hour will burn 100 calories. Speeding things up to 2 miles per hour will burn 200 calories per hour and a brisk walk of 3 miles per hour will burn 300 calories per hour.

Another nice thing about walking is that you can start your walking , weight loss health improvement program right now so why not start today. The longest part of any journey begins with the first step. Make that first step today.

Walking has two other advantages. It can be done anywhere under almost any conditions and it is a very social sport. Remember the sooner you get started walking. The sooner you will be thinner. So walk yourself thin.

Have you ever tried Slim Fast for weight loss. Slim Fast really works great. At first try replacing one meal a day with Slim Fast and you will be really surprised at how fast the pounds fall off. So why not give Slim Fast a try today.

Health Walk

Obesity , Walk Yourself Thin Starting Today

Excessive body weight compounds many health problems. It stresses the heart , the muscles and the bones. It greatly increases the likelihood of hernia's , hemorrhoids , gallbladder disease , varicose veins , and many other problems. Excess weight makes breathing more difficult. Additional weight slows you down , makes you less effective in personal encounters and lowers your self image. Fat people are hospitalized more frequently than people with normal weight. So why not start walking today and walk yourself thin.

And old joke maintains that everything that is pleasurable is either illegal , immoral ,or fattening. This is exactly the wrong ideal. Health is pleasurable , ill health is miserable. Good health habits are their own immediate reward. If changes towards healthier hehaviors are making you feel less well you are doing something wrong. Exercise will make you feel better. Good sound diets accompanied by a good walking progam can help you become a much healthier and happy you. So now is the time to start walking yourself thin.

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