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WWE Wrestlings 5 Worst Tag Teams


WWE wrestling history is filled with acclaimed and electrifying tag teams. Men like the Legion of Doom, The Steiner Brothers, The Hart Foundation and Edge and Christian. But for every celebrated tag team, there was a defective one too. Here is a look at some of WWE wrestling's worst tag teams of all time.

The Bushwackers


One of the most beloved tag teams of all time, also happens to be one of the worst. The Bushwhackers, Cousin Luke and Butch, were a popular babyface tag team for the WWE in the late 80s and early 90s. The two New Zealanders would stomp to the ring with their arms rhythmically boomeranging in an up and down motion. It was childlike comedy. Sometimes, the Bushwhackers were known to lick the heads of patrons at ringside. But for as popular as they were, it did not translate into their wrestling. The two would bumble around the ring until the conclusion, which usually saw them losing. Before Luke and Butch became The Bushwhackers, they were a pre-hardcore tag team known as The Sheepherders.

Rhythm and Blues


The Honky Tonk Man was one of the most advantageous singles wrestlers of the 80s. So the WWE decided to try to duplicate that success by assigning Honky Tonk Man a Doppelganger tag partner in Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. Although Honky was able to parlay successfully his gimmick into a lengthy Intercontinental title reign, the tag team Rhythm and Blues went nowhere. Honky Tonk Man would later blame the lack of accomplishment on Valentine, who was no too delighted with the gimmick.

Jacob and Eli Blu


Vince McMahon loves his hillbillies. Jacob and Eli Blu entered the WWE in 1995 with their manager Dutch Mantell. The two men were wild brawlers, and they certainly looked like they came crawling out the backwoods. But that is the only positive thing I can say about them. Their matches left a lot to be desired. They came in to WWE during a time when talent was lacking, so they fit right in. Their biggest match came against Lex Luger and British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, who were partners in another dreadful tag team called The Allied Powers.

American Males


Technically, the American Males never worked for WWE. But since WWE did acquire WCW, I suppose WCW history is now owned by WWE. Marcus Alexander Bagwell was a talented young wrestler when he debuted for WCW in 1992. But a few years later, the gifted athlete was paired with Scotty Riggs in one of the worst tag teams in wrestling history, The American Males. To the embarrassment of male viewers at home, the two wrestlers costumed and behaved more like Chippendale's dancers than like patriots. And they absolutely did not represent average middle America. The team eventually collapsed and Bagwell went on to play a Buff Bagwell. It was all downhill from there.



Bryan Adams and Bryan Clark looked like two Mack trucks. They were tall, large and intimidating. As a tag team, they should have been unstoppable. But in reality, Kronik was a clumsy team that was pushed to the moon during a creative dry spell. After WCW went out of business, Kronik worked an abysmal program with The Brothers of Destruction in WWE. But even two respected veterans like Undertaker and Kane couldn't make these men look good. Kronik was dead on arrival, and were gone from WWE as quick as they came.

Of course, there are even more awful tag teams than these five. But these five teams were not only horrible, but they also achieved a level of success despite their awfulness.

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