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WWE Superstars as Comic Book Superheroes

I've been a fan of Gordon Ramsay since he started his television career with 'Boiling Point.' He has been a star ever since.

Fantasy Booking

One of the favorite activities of comic book fans is to fantasy book. This article will discuss booking WWE Superstars as some of the most iconic superheroes of all time.

John Cena as Captain America

All American hero John Cena as Captain America.

All American hero John Cena as Captain America.

Who is John Cena?

John Cena has been the face of the WWE is 2005. From his gimmick as a rapper, he has transitioned into an “American Marine” gimmick where he is the All American good guy. He is active in the Make a Wish Foundation, an advocate of the US military and acts as a good role model to the youth and the WWE audience in general.

To date, John Cena has won 15 world titles and has had multiple reigns as United States Champion (5) and Tag Team Champion (4). He has headlined dozens pay-per-views and sold countless pieces of merchandise. He has also beaten every important character in the roster from The Rock to Brock Lesnar to Seth Rollins.

Who is Captain America?

Captain America is Steve Rogers in real life. He was originally physically unfit to serve the military as he was too small and frail. This did not deter his willingness to serve his country. He volunteered to try out the experimental super soldier serum. This serum gave him enhanced strength, speed and agility. He then took the identity of Captain America and served in the war to fight the Nazis and any threat to America’s freedom.

In one mission, he fell to into the ocean and spent decades in suspended animation. While everything else in the world underwent change, Captain America did not age. He was later on rescued by Tony Stark and the Avengers. From then on, he has become one of their most valuable members.

Why Would John Cena Be a Good Captain America?

John Cena is a well-built athlete and could have easily been on super soldier serum. He is also the All-American good guy same as Cap. Also, John is excellent in melee combat. He has the ability to take on entire factions of wrestlers such as the Shield, the Wyatt Family and the Nexus. In various media, Captain America can take on entire armies of soldiers and villains.

John Cena’s experience in the movie “The Marine” could help him portray the “Steve Rogers” side of Captain America when he isn’t masquerading as the masked Avenger. John’s “never give up” attitude would also be perfect as Captain America never surrenders in the face of insurmountable odds. Overall, John is the wrestling embodiment of the first Avenger.

John Cena Shows Superhuman Strength

Triple H as Thor

The heir apparent to Vince McMahon's throne is the heir apparent to Odin's throne.

The heir apparent to Vince McMahon's throne is the heir apparent to Odin's throne.

Who is Triple H?

Triple H is Paul Michael Levesque in real life. He is currently the Executive Vice President of Talent and is the senior producer of NXT (WWE’s developmental brand). Despite his executive duties, he is still a part time wrestler who still wrestles occasionally mostly in Pay-Per-View events.

Triple H was one of the biggest stars of the Attitude Era and is one of the most accomplished of all time. He has had 14 World, 5 Intercontinental, 2 European and 2 Tag Team championships. He is also one of the most easily recognizable stars of this era.

Who is Thor?

Thor is the son of Odin and Gaea. He is also the heir to the throne of Asgard. Thor commands thunder and lightning and can manipulate the weather. He also is an expert fighter and has superhuman strength, speed and agility.

Thor has become the stuff of legend as he has won countless battles and has beaten gods and has vanquished the most powerful beings in the cosmos. However, Thor let this get into his head and has become increasingly arrogant. For this, Odin banished him to Earth (Midgard) and let him wander it as Dr. Don Blake, a handicapped physician.

Thor would live mostly as the crippled doctor with his walking stick. However, when danger arises, he would hit the stick to the ground, the enchantment Odin placed on him would be broken and he would revert back to his original form as Thor, the God of Thunder. He would then use his powers to save Midgard from any threats that befall it. With his trusty hammer Mjolnir at his side, nothing can stop this godly Avenger.

Why Would Triple H Be a Good Thor?

The long haired version of Triple H with his trusty sledgehammer very much resembles Thor with Mjolnir. Triple H is a known bodybuilder so he could easily be a believable Thor as he has the proper physique. In the world of wrestling, he has also beaten opponents who are superior to him physically in terms of size and strength such as Brock Lesnar, the Big Show and Mark Henry just as Thor does in the comics on a consistent basis.

Just like the real Thor, Triple H is known to have a big ego and has a high regard for himself. Just as Thor is the heir apparent to the Asgardian empire, Triple H is the heir apparent to Vince McMahon’s vast wrestling empire. While Thor is Asgard’s ambassador to Earth, Triple H is Vince’s ambassador to the performers in the WWE. The similarities are simply uncanny.

Triple H Uses Mjolnir on Goldberg

Roman Reigns as Superman

The master of the Superman punch becomes the man of steel.

The master of the Superman punch becomes the man of steel.

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Who is Roman Reigns?

Leati Joseph Anoaʻi is born to wrestling royalty. He is from the famous Anoaʻi wrestling family. His father Sika Anoaʻi is one half of the Samoan Swat Team and his brother Matthew "Matt" Anoaʻi competed under the name Rosey of Three Minute Warning. He is also related to several more wrestlers. He is a cousin to former professional wrestlers Yokozuna, Rikishi, Umaga and The Tonga Kid. He is also distantly related to Tamina Sunka, Nia Jax, The Rock and The Usos.

Roman used to be a professional football player in the NFL and for the CFL and retired in 2008. He then pursued a career in wrestling. He honed his skills in Florida Championship Wrestling (later rebranded as NXT). He went to the main roster in 2012 as part of the faction “The Shield” along with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

He would be the muscle of The Shield as he was the biggest and strongest member of the group. The faction initially did not have any allegiance and would randomly attack anybody and everybody but have gone to be faces and heels at different times. The Shield was massively over and was an integral part of Raw during the 2013 and 2014 until their dissolution in June 2014 when Seth Rollins attacked his teammates and switched sides to The Authority.

Ever since the Shield dissolved, Roman was given a tremendous push. He won the 2015 Royal Rumble and was the headliner in WrestleMania 31 and 32. He also headlined other minor Pay-Per-Views. He is the company’s new “top guy” after John Cena.

Who is Superman?

Superman (Kal-El) is one of the most powerful superheroes in comic book history. He has superhuman speed, strength and agility. He also can fly and jump long distances. He also has heat vision, x-ray vision and ice breath.

Superman originally came from Krypton, a dying planet. He was sent to Earth by his parents to avoid being killed when Krypton exploded. Since Earth has a yellow sun and lower gravity than Krypton, Superman became more powerful than any of its inhabitants and became a demi-god.

Superman has been Earth’s protector and has been an integral part of the Justice League.

Why Would Roman Reigns Be a Good Superman?

Roman has been booked to look like a modern day Superman. In the Pay-Per-View “Extreme Rules 2016,” against AJ Styles, Roman took a lot of punishment – multiple chair shots, “The Boot of Doom” from Gallows and Anderson and two Styles Clashes including one on a steel chair and still won the match.

Though Roman looks more like a long haired General Zod, than a clean shave Clark Kent, Roman has the physique to be believable in the role. He regularly uses a move called “The Superman Punch” to add to the believe-ability.

Super Reigns Vanquishes the Club

CM Punk as Wolverine

The snarky CM Punk becomes the defiant X-Man Wolverine.

The snarky CM Punk becomes the defiant X-Man Wolverine.

Who is CM Punk?

Phillip Jack "Phil" Brooks is the rebellious, anti-establishment personality known as CM Punk. Before signing with WWE, CM Punk was already a legend in the independent circuits. This culminated in Punk winning the ROH championship.

CM Punk as signed by the WWE to a developmental contract and became part of Ohio Valley Wrestling. He spent a year there and was brought up to Extreme Championship Wrestling by Paul Heyman. He became the ECW Champion before long and was soon part of the Raw and Smack Down Roster.

CM Punk would be part of many memorable angles such as the New Nexus, the Straight Edge society and the Summer of Punk. CM Punk left the WWE in 2014 due to his unhappiness with the company and was able to become a 7-time world champion (2-time WWE Champion, 3-time World Heavyweight Champion, 1-time ECW Champion and 1-time ROH Champion), 1 Intercontinental Championship and 1 Tag Team Championship.

CM Punk is now retired from wrestling and now embarks on an MMA career.

Who is Wolverine?

Wolverine is a mutant that was part of the Weapon X program. This imbued him with an adamantium skeleton. He fast a fast healing factor that makes him hard to kill. He also has adamantium retractable claws that help him in combat.

As part of the X-Men, he has had friction with Cyclops and Gambit as he is a rebellious person who has ideas of his own. Though he is part of the famed mutant group, there are times he goes to business for himself.

Why Would CM Punk Make a Good Wolverine?

There was a period in time CM Punk was sporting a Wolverine-like haircut. Though he is not as buffed up like a Brock Lesnar or John Cena, he does not have to be. He just has enough muscle in him to be a good Wolverine. Like Wolverine, CM Punk has his own beliefs and plays to the beat of his own drum. He is not afraid to defy authority when he believes he is in the right.

CM Punk's Infamous Pipebomb

The Rock as the Green Lantern

The Rock powers up as the Green Lantern.

The Rock powers up as the Green Lantern.

Who is the Rock?

The Rock was one of the biggest stars in the Attitude Era. He and Stone Cold Steve Austin helped save WWE from bankruptcy. Now, he is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood as he has done a lot of big movies such as The Scorpion King, Hercules and Furious 7. Still, he occasionally still gets into the ring and has a marquee match.

Born as Dwyane Johnson, The Rock is part of wrestling royalty. He is part of the famed Anoaʻi family. To date he has compiled 10 World Championships (8 WWE Championships and 2 World Heavyweight Championships), 2 Intercontinental Championships and 5 Tag Team Championships.

The Rock has had some of the biggest matches in the company’s history. He has faced the likes of Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, Triple H, Steve Austin, CM Punk and John Cena.

Who is the Green Lantern?

The mantle of the green lantern has been bestowed to literally thousands of individuals throughout the cosmos. The first Green Lantern on Earth was Alan Scott. The modern day Green Lantern is Hal Jordan. Because of the constant dangers the Lanterns face, the Guardians got a backup for Jordan – Guy Gardner. When Guy got injured, they nabbed John Stewart to be Hal’s backup.

John Stewart was trained by Katma Tui, who was the Lantern for Korugar and was Sinestro’s replacement when he went rogue. The two eventually developed a romantic relationship. John was grief stricken when Katma was murdered by Star Sapphire.

Why Would the Rock Make a Good Green Lantern?

The Green Lantern we will be using for this purpose is Hal Jordan as The Rock can perform this role flawlessly. The Rock has enough experience as an actor to be John Stewart especially with his role as Roadblock for G.I. Joe. He also has the big buffed military physique to look the part. The Rock also has the gift of gab to make things interesting.

For a brief time, The Rock was even involved in a program with Shane “Hurricane” Helms. Helms superhero personality was based on the Green Lantern.

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