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WT 9 Dynamic: Ultralight Aircraft

is two-seat light airplane. Thanks to progressive construction design, and using advanced materials such as sandwich shells and carbon composites, it has low weight. Dynamic is a first light sport airplane, that passed complete aeroelastic investigation. It is one of only a few types in light sport plane category that the customers can choose from two versions, fixed or hydraulic retractable landing gear. And even for the base price customers get ready-to-fly aircraft equipped with Rotax 912UL with 80HP. The long list of additional equipment enables the customer to meet his individual needs. Moreover you can by it as a kit also.



Fuselage of the plane consists of composites sandwich shells where the main construction element is carbon fiber. This ensures the low weight together with high strength and toughness. The main part of the fuselage is 2.45 m (8 ft) wide center section with fuel tanks of total capacity of 75 liters (19.8 US Gal) in the outer part of the stub wings on the center section. Fuselage is connected to the tail parts of classic arrangement. The stabilizer span is the same as center section width, which enables the transport of the demounted plane on a trailer or in the truck.

Main landing gear

Main landing gear consists of laminated spring gear and steering nose gear attached to firewall by bungee cord shock absorber mechanism. Hydraulic retractable gear is an option. In both versions the main gear wheels are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. They are actuated by lever on center console, which also serves as a parking brake.


Are standard - control sticks on both sides, in basic version with no adjustable rudder pedals. The flaps and trim control is mechanical with control levers on the center console.

Power plant

The basic power plant is Rotax 912 UL with 80 HP with on ground adjustable propeller SR 200 from Woodcomp company. The engine is equipped with two carburetors, electrical starter, double ignition, stainless steal exhaust, and muffler.


The canopy frame is made out of carbon composite, which ensures high strength and stiffness. The ergonomic design supports the crew comfort. The inner cabin width is 115 cm (45 inch) which is the most spacious of light sport aircraft category. The acrylic glass canopy made by Swiss company Mecaplex supplies an exceptional visibility.


The basic instrument set consists of air speed indicator, altimeter, magnetic compass, RPM indicator, oil pressure indicator, oil temperature indicator, and cylinder head temperature indicator.

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The WT9 DYNAMIC aircraft is manufactured in modern facility of Aerospool company in Prievidza airport. The company is under supervision of Civil Aviation Authorities of Slovak republic, CAA of Czech republic and German LBA. This assures the customer that he will receive superior product.


Neal on June 15, 2018:

whar is the fuel range and how fast will it fly?

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how much does it cosr

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