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Unique Aircraft and Airplanes


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Unique Aircraft and Airplanes

Unique Aircraft and Airplanes

These are all unique airplanes and many have kits so you can put them together yourself. Homebuilt is the way to go if you want to avoid the high cost of a regular airplane. But then these others like the Aeronca is a special aircraft where you can just put down the money and fly away without the time and work of building it yourself.

Aeronca 7AC


The Aeronca airplane has been around since 1928 and can be found today. The first one made had the nickname of the “Flying Bathtub”. But since then they have become more streamline but still have a unique shape.

But many love this little aircraft and it has its own flying club, called the “Aeronca Aviators Club”.

The Aeronca 7AC shown in the photo above is the Aeronca Champion. It has the nicknames of “Champ” or Airknocker and was made in 1945.” It looks a little similar to the Piper Cub and was designed to draw customers away from the Piper. The Cub had its faults and so the designers took each one and improved it in the Aeronca Champion.

For example the Cub was flown from the back of the plane so the Champ did one better and had the pilot fly it from the front, which seems to make more sense.

The Champ is faster then the slow Cub and also improved on its landing gear. This and several other improvements make the Champ a better airplane.

It is also a light weight aircraft made to fit into the light sport category.

It is not always easy to find one of these airplanes for sale but the video below will direct you to a website that will list ones for sale. It is a good place to start and look for this unique aircraft.

Click on the heading at the top left of the video to go

Aeronca for Sale

Experimental Aircraft

Experimental Aircraft

The word Experimental gives the ideal that the aircraft is a experiment. Something unproven and prone to crash is you are not careful. However most of these are study and won’t let you down. But you need to be an experienced pilot to fly one in case there is a problem.

The Experimental aircraft can range from a helicopter to a gyrocopter but most look like the typical plane with two wings.

We have some neighbors whose family likes to fly a experimental airplane over our valley. They go roaring past and we rush outside because it sounds different from your typical airplane and of course they are flying real low to the ground so they can buzz the neighbors house, which is a quarter of a mile up the road from us.

To quality as a Experimental aircraft it has to be at least 51% amateur built by someone and you can get kits to build your own or start from scratch. Many will build one in the garage with dreams of someday being able to fly their own homebuilt airplane. Some will even have their own airstrip out behind the barn and fly from home. No airport fees or anything.

Having your own airstrip does have some drawbacks. A friend of my sisters had his own, and one day he was trying to land, but it had snowed a few days before and the top layer of snow was hard and crusty. When he touched down his wheels smashed through the top layer of hard snow and got caught. This flipped his plane completely on its back. He didn’t get hurt but had to get some help to get his plane back up. Maybe in the future it would pay to invest in a tractor to clear the landing strip to avoid these accidents.

In the video below you will be directed to where you can look for Experimental aircraft for Sale.

Click on the heading at the top left of the video to go.

Experimental Aircraft for Sale



Gyrocopters have always been popular. Having a tiny aircraft to take off from your yard is a dream come true to many. Of course you need to make sure you get the right training before attempting it yourself. They say you should never fly any higher then you want to fall. This applies until you gain the skills to fly above the clouds.

When Doug Hughes flew his tiny aircraft to the White House it caused quite a stir. For one thing it exposed a huge flaw in White House Security and Doug Hughes was fortunate that he was not killed. If security had been vigilant he would have been blown out of the sky before he even got close. But it ended well since he didn’t mean any harm and now no one will try this again as security is updated. If he had been a suicide bomber he could have blown the place up.

Another affect Doug Hughes had was to grow the interest in gyrocopters. After most everyone saw the videos of this small helicopter type craft flying overhead people wanted one for themselves. It looked like a lot of fun as long as you were in out the country and stayed away from dangerous places like the White House.

If you are interested in acquiring one of your own check out the video below for Gyrocopters for sale.

Click on the heading at the top left of the video to go.

Gyrocopters for Sale



Looking for a easy and inexpensive way to get up in the sky and fly? Look no farther than a Ultralight. They are affordable and usually easy to fly. However caution needs to be used as they can be very dangerous too. We have two families in our church who have Ultralights. One has not had any accidents but the other lost a family member when the wing fell off while flying. So be sure to take all the precautions that you can.

The Ultralight can be anything from a fixed wing aircraft to a hot air balloon. In the United States it is classified as a light sport aircraft weighting 1320 pounds (600kg) or less. Seaplanes can weigh up to 1430 pounds. (650kg)

People love the Ultralight for it ability to get you closer to the air and you feel like you are really flying. Depending on what type you own you can have the wind blowing in your face and a bird can land on your arm if it is tame.

When you see a video on training cranes or other birds to migrate you always see a ultralight leading the way. This is a great way to be immersed in nature.

The video below will lead you to a place where you can purchase these wonderful flying machines.

Click on the heading at the top left of the video to go.

Ultralights for Sale

Wag Aero

Wag Aero

The Wag Aero is a kit and Homebuilt airplane that is popular with folks who want something they can build and that fits their budget. Dick and Bobbie Wagner from Wisconsin started the company that made the kits for these planes. You can buy all the parts for your kitplane and be up in the air as soon as you can put it together.

A good place to find these unique aircraft is told to you in the video below. Check it out and take a look. Sometimes you can find the whole airplane and other times just the parts.

Click on the heading at the top left of the video to go.

Wag Aero for Sale

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