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USA Amish Made 26/20 Aluminum Kick Scooter | Kick Bike | LA MX Scooter

LA MX 26/20 Amish Kick Scooter

LA MX 26/20 Amish Kick Scooter

Light weight aluminum 100 PSI racing tires and rims

Light weight aluminum 100 PSI racing tires and rims

Available in plain aluminum or four powder coated colors

Available in plain aluminum or four powder coated colors

Rear foot brake standard

Rear foot brake standard

Optional front basket

Optional front basket

The LA MX 26/20 just might be the best equipped value for the serious USA kick bike workout enthusiast.

The LA MX 26/20 just might be the best equipped value for the serious USA kick bike workout enthusiast.

While the LA MX 26/20 Amish built scooter might not look as sleek and sexy as the European models, for the price and features, it’s one to defiantly consider if you’re looking for a light weight smooth rolling cruiser.

Kick Scooter A.K. A. Kick Scooters, Push Bikes, Push Scooters are becoming very popular in the USA.

Used for several years in Europe Kick bike Scooters are used by all ages in place of a regular bicycle.

There’s two different groups of kick bike enthusiast. The first group are the daily fitness hounds that use a kick bike in place of running or riding a bicycle. Kick bikes reportedly provide a greater cardio, and physical workout than a regular bicycle with less stress on the body than from running.

This group also includes athletes who are not only keeping in shape they are also working on their core balance, which a kick bike with a low center of gravity provides.

The second group are hard core kick bike competitors that use kick bikes in racing and off road extreme sports. Sorry guys and gals, the LA MX 26/20 is built to be used as a cruiser and not a racer.

Up until this point an all aluminum kick bike with a 26” front wheel and a 20” rear wheel configuration has not be available on the US market.

The Amish USA made LA MX 26/20 has been specially equipped to fit the serious kick bike workout enthusiast desires.

Some of USA kick bike enthusiast have actually had to purchase other kick bike models only to modify them to the 26/ 20” wheel configuration of the LA MX 26/20.

They have also added high pressure tires in order to obtain smoother rides and further coasting ability.

The LA MX 26/20 already comes with the most popular 26” front wheel and 20” European configuration equipped with 100 PSI racing tires.

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You just have to be a serious kick bike enthusiast to understand the drive and desire to be able to coast faster, smoother and further with the least resistance as possible.

These are the people who lay awake at night trying to figure out how to have the ultimate kick bike for their daily workout routine.

The wheels on the LA MX 26/20 use sealed ball bearings, where other bikes use the older style and cheaper bicycle open sided ball bearings.

Keeping the wheel axles tight enough to stay in place is always a real challenge with open sided ball bearings.

Too much tension causes drag and reduced speed. Too loose of an adjustment and the rider risks having the wheel come off.

Open sided ball bearings are also subjected to sand and dirt getting inside the hub which crates drag and shortens the ball bearing life.

With sealed ball bearings the wheels can be tightened down without worry of increasing the drag and there’s no worry about sand and dirt from getting inside the hubs.

Having adjustable handle bars is also important for comfort. The rider on a kick bike is basically in a standing position. If the handle bars are not adjusted to the right height and tilt the rider will not be comfortable.

The LA MX 26/20 uses standard light weight bicycle handle bars that can be adjusted 34” to 39-1/2 from ground measure. The handle bars tilt can also be adjusted.

Weight is a major consideration for kick bike enthusiast. The lighter the weight the less resistance that has to be pushed. Aluminum provides a strong frame with much less weight.

The LA MX 26/20 is all aluminum. With the aluminum racing wheels, the complete bike without fenders weighs only 17 lbs.

The imported models are presented weighed without fenders, so for an apples to apples comparison the LA MX 26/20 was also weighed without its fenders.

An equivalent steel frame kick bike can weigh as much as 24 lbs. In kick bike terms this is just huge!

Compared to the imported Kick Bike Cruiser, the LA MX 26/20 weighs less and cost less

Another desirable design feature is to have the lowest possible kick platform.

Having a low platform allows the rider to push off and alternate between the feet more naturally than having to step off and push from a higher platform.

We run and walk naturally keeping our balance. For those who have tried to walk along on a curb or a beam on one foot while using the other foot on the lower level can appreciate how difficult it is to just navigate and balance this by walking.

Now add trying to push a bike and the body weight along on even a flat surface while keeping balanced.

This comes particular important on long kick bike outings so the rider does not become quickly fatigued by having to work the feet and legs harder.

It is also less stressful on the pushing leg, ankle and foot by not having to reach down so far to push down and then back.

The stationary leg and knee also benefits as the rider is not having to take such deep knee bends to complete the push cycles.

This is one of the reasons seniors like kick biking because most have knee problems and just can’t maintain the deep knee bending revolutions required on a regular bicycle.

The lower they can get the kick bike platform off the ground the more comfortable they will be.

The LA MX 26/20 platform is only 2-7/8” off the ground. This is one of the lowest platforms of any kick bike on the market.

Kick biking takes a learned coordination that can be picked up very quickly. A person can simply wear themselves out by pushing too hard.

The experienced kick bike rider learns to push just enough to be able to coast with both feet on the plat form in order to rest.

Kick bikes also turn much sharper than a normal bicycle and take some time and practice to safely make turns without losing balance.

If the front wheel is turned too sharp, even on a low speed turn, the front wheel can reach a point in the turn where it goes sideways and blocks the forward motion of the bike abruptly.

One thing that is great about a kick bike is that the rider can quickly hop to the side and off the bike to walk and make turns safely.

The LA MX 26/20 is not for every kick bike enthusiast. It not built for racing or extreme sports, in fact the bike is not tested, marketed or sold for extreme sport activities.

The LA MX 26/20 is only built for the kick bike workout enthusiast or city commuter who is looking for a good core balance workout or transportation in the place of a normal walking routine.

The LA MX 26/20 is available in plain aluminum or with four optional powder coat options.

The LA MX 26/20 is only available online at Cottage Craft Works .com and is priced with free shipping to the continental USA.


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