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Trouble on the Terraces. Arsenal v West Ham at Highbury 1982. icf ?

Billowing smoke scatters the Arsenal and West Ham thugs on Highbury's North Bank.


1982 and an English football (soccer) match was not always a pleasant event to attend. It was a couple of years before Maggie Thatcher's clampdown on the activities of Soccer Hooligans and the gangs were becoming more vicious and more willing to use a frightening array of weaponry, which was only too obvious at this particular game. Arsenal versus West Ham was always likely to be a major flashpoint. West Ham had always had a large trouble making following, and had a particularly large and violent gang called the Inter City Firm (ICF), named after their fondness of travelling to away games First Class on the Inter City Trains, and were generally thought of as the top gang in the Country. Arsenal, although they had seemed to be successful in breaking free from the Skinhead element which had plagued the club in the late 60's, were not without their own violent followers, and had an up and coming young street gang known as the Gooners, a spoof name for the official club nickname of the 'Gunners'. May 2nd 1982, an hour and a half before the kick off and the fans were streaming into the ground. In the preceding years it was common practice for the ICF to march onto the North Bank, which was the Arsenal stronghold virtually unopposed, with very little resistance from Arsenal's followers. However. this year was to be different, and there was a very uneasy feeling as I stood on the North Bank on this particular sunny Spring Saturday. Having been part of the hooligan scene years before, I could tell who was who, and I could see the West Ham fans gathering on the North Bank. The Arsenal fans sensed this and attacked immediately, and their rivals were kicked and punched and quickly dispatched from the sprawling terrace, which when full could hold up to 20,000 people. As the police battled to gain control, another West Ham gang had forced their way into the middle of the North Bank and set off a smoke bomb. Clouds of thickening smoke billowed across the pitch and pandemonium broke out. The players, who had just about started the game, were led off the pitch, and panicking Arsenal fans stampeded onto it for their own safety. This left the large West Ham gang cock a hoop in the middle of Arsenal territory. There they were, the largest most vicious gang of football thugs in the country doing what they did best, bullying and taunting their beaten rivals. Only, something was wrong. Not all of Arsenal's fans had panicked, and the next thing they launched a counter attack, and probably for the first time in their lives, the ICF were on the back foot, and were brutally pushed right to the edge of the North Bank. The police desperately fought to surround the ICF for their own protection, and despite numerous attempts by the gooners to attack again, the police line held firm, and the ICF were held until the final whistle, and then escorted to safety. Sadly, this was not an end to the trouble on this particular day, and about an hour later an Arsenal fan was surrounded by a gang of West Ham thugs, and brutally stabbed to death. His killer was never caught, but folklore has it that he himself has also gone to meet his maker. It was the end of an era, and West Ham never again ventured onto Arsenal's North Bank. And in the following years, Arsenal were known to have taken liberties on West Ham's Manor, a feat previously unheard of since the old skinhead days of the late 60's. This ultimately led to several undercover police operations, and many of the main players were arrested and subsequently charged. Nowadays, thankfully the only winners on match days are the police. And premiership matches, although missing the old boisterous atmosphere, are much safer places to be, with attendances on the increase, and families very much in attendance. If you are interested in watching an Arsenal game, visit for ideas on buying face value Arsenal tickets.


Richmond spurs on September 14, 2020:

Arsenal v spurs 1984 was voucher only from the previous home game to get in the north bank

Spurs did get a load printed but was difficult and was the end of the north bank tottenham

Arsenal were getting organized like spurs never did and giving it back

Arsenal put around 30_or 40 in the bottom tier of shelf by the tunnel near the park lane but left with a whimper some spurs pretending to be with them and going into the park lane but they again were sussed from richmond

In a later year probably 85 around 40 came up from northumberland park stopped by plod and a group of spurs

One of their top boys was knocked cold and had to be picked up by plod

Fair play they carried on and went in the paxton at the front by the gate the same spurs firm tracked them followed them in and quickly dealt with them where they retreated on to the pitch but fair play they went in there

From 77 to 85 chelsea never attempted millwalls two games during that period never

West ham once in the same corner and were promptly ejected one gary mason look alike took a proper beating

The only other time west ham took the piss was in the youth cup final at whl got there early spurs didnt call it on

30 went to upton park as two legs bolshy as you like got to the boleyn pub tried to have a go got split by the plod walked back to plaistow now 15 handed and got taught an early lesson

One of their main boys

Richmond spurs on September 14, 2020:

A lot has been written about west ham in the north bank

A few of us went on a scouting mission as we were playing arsenal a few weeks later

We didnt know any west ham but went in the north bank with them

As stated there were a few off before the smoke bomb event but we were in the right hand side uncovered and west ham could not make any progress into the north bank

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Arsenal defended it

Considering they were the top rated firm in london i was surprised at the arsenal resistance

3 weeks or so later spurs did take the north bank with a massive mob in the north bank over half way across the north bank

One year there were more spurs in the north bank when the players came out to clap their respective fans and it was captured on motd or the big match on itv the spurs team turned to the north bank to clap and greet their fans

Bob67 on November 29, 2019:

So true

Archway Herd on November 19, 2019:

Just come across this site a and read the article. I was there on that day and everything is true about that day. We as a firm aren't given the credit we deserve. We had it with most of the top firms and stood out own. It was a way of life back then. Good Times.

Bob67 on September 16, 2019:

Villa park 83 semi final f.a cup... one of the best rows with the mancs... anyone remember Jewish Harvey, proper game, he’s apparently turned into a full religious fella, wearing all the black clothes and hat.. the bear saw him in oxford street in 2006... outnumbered against the mancs under the bridge but had the better of them.. good day...

bob67 on May 10, 2019:

Also heard the same

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on May 10, 2019:

Another comment from X posted after the first leg against Ajax.

Hahaha,just heard the superyids got spanked on and off the pitch in last nights CL semi 1st leg against Ajax at the lane,so much for you being the current no1 firm,got to give it to you superyids tho,no one tries harder,I can't wait to hear the excuses again.Ta ta.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on April 30, 2019:

Also from X


2 weeks ago

“Ssshhhh,all their mob is in the clockend,the northbank normals won’t fight back,easy take, we may have shit ourselves against west ham but this Goon lot didnt so if we take the northbank again this year the whole country will think we’re number 1.lets get in there double early & mob up in all 4 corners and when the shout goes up lets batter the women and kids in red & white and the world will think we done the Goon mob again”.

I aint here to argue,I'm here to state facts,don't like it?,fuck off.

I've said my piece,work it out for yourselfs whoever is reading this who aint a lying yid mug.

Mustard-lets not get cunty about specific dates,was it 82 or 84 you got battered in the north bank and you all go telling anyone who'd listen you took the north bank ?.I know for a fact the last time you tried to take the north bank before the fences went up yids got terrorized,don't deny it.

I'm sick of you mugs cunting us off here there and everywhere,alright you had some good little mobs in your day but so did we,you had Robbins,Murrell and that good little Hoxton firm but we had it with all of them and can't remember a single time we got done on the cobbles.I can name a few times we slaughtered you lot though,ta ta.

Thanks Skinhead 69,I didnt see any comments where Yids give us much credit,all I saw was we took the north bank we done you you had no mob and that sort of thing and basically yids just cunting us off,if they were part of the yid mob from 1980-1992 they would know they got fuckin slapped untold times by us,we put a fair few of them in hospital and I can honestly say they never gave it back,we thought the yids them days were nothing,a bit like chelsea really,big numbers no bottle or quality,we had it with all the top firms,we don't need to make us stories or write books about it cos those top firms all confirm it,which is more than can be said about the Yids back then.All the best mate.

No reply to my comment ?.

Here's the shitter,what is proper embarrassing is that Yids are all over the internet and even write books about how they took the north bank in 75,76,77 blah blah,even west ham do it-the thing is though they took the north bank from a bunch of shirts and old women and kids,now that is embarrassing,what happened when the proper Arsenal firm decided enough is enough in 1982 and went in the north bank to defend it ?-west ham at least give us credit in their books for havin it with them at Highbury and at Upton park,and we were the only firm to have done the icf on their own manor in the 80s,as if the Yids were anything special or better than the Icf,now look past all their bollocks and ask yourselfs if any of the yids hype is actually true-like they reckon on here and everywhere else they took the piss out of us in the 70s and 80s,Yids may have took the piss out of the old men,kids and women in Arsenal scarves-a Yid even striped a girl on Drayton park that day in 83 when they got battered in the north bank but lets not mention that.

Good threadn this,that day in 82 brings back some memories,loads of us clockend boys in the north bank because west ham got given the whole clockend I think,it was going off everywhere before and after the game but it was nothing compared to Arsenal v Millwall in 88-fighting on the pitch and fighting before and after the game all over Highbury,even the barmies and shirts were havin it,great day.Had nothing against Millwall,decent firm-Tiny was a good pal of Daintons throughout the late 70s and 80's,Tiny was a part time clockend boy back then,he was over there a few times,and we all hated West Ham,everyone in the country did them days.

Dainton was a very funny fella,always a laugh to be around,he was always up to mischief to,a couple of times he turned up at my door in Archway and he'd just nicked a motor and the first time he did this he asked if I wanted to go for a spin in it,dodgy at the time as ob used put up roadblocks all over that area about 79-80 as so many cars were getting nicked,even the kids of 9 and 10 were at it and used to use the cars to go and spin drums up the road in posh Hampstead and Finchley,one of our well knowns got a tug on the way home from doing some posh gaff and I swear on my life he smacked up the 2 ob and drove off in their squad car pmsl,anyway me and D went for a spin in this stolen car,drives down to Kings cross,next thing I know he's just stopped the car and jumped out to grab a brasses handbag hahaha and jumps back in and drives off.Further down the road on York way he spots a brass standing right on the edge of the pavement with her handbag down by her side,he just pulled right up alongside her and grabbed her back...but she wasnt letting go of it hahaha so he's just drove off and dragged her 100 yards down York way cos he wasnt letting go either pmsl.We went back there a few days later as we'd had a right touch with the brasses bags,all caked with readies,but this time their black pimps were out with them to protect them and look out for us lot to teach us a lesson!,it was us who taught them a lesson,the first pimp I remember he had a jeans jacket on got fucked up nicely,his pals shit themselves and left him to get done.

Oh and Yids always took the north bank from 1975 until about 82 or 83,it was fucking embarrassing to watch-I was watching them do it from the clockend but the last time they attempted it they got served up,that was 83 when we all went in there and smacked em up,a poster on here described what happened and it accurate,it was deffo Hawkins and his mob who got done on the west side by the stairs before the match and outside after it was going off all the way to Manor house,Yids well on the back foot,run them all the way back to Tottenham and the Bull got done.Lot of Yids bollocks on here so lets have it right,Yids done well against are barmies and shirts,not so well against our proper firm,when we met you felt it good.

Respect to all our old faces and rip Dainton,John D and Ridgie.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on April 30, 2019:

Following comment was submitted by X. Somehow this was deleted (not by me I hasten to add)

You 2 forgot to mention the game at ours 79-80 or 80-81,your meet at Seven sisters before the game we turned up on the tube 100 handed and run you everywhere,you never took the northbank that year either,your usual 1000 had dwindled to 300 after we turned up at Seven sisters and done you and you couldnt take an end with 300,laughable,we were taking ends 100 handed back then,so were Wall and West Hamas,the truth must hurt which is why so many of you yids make up total shit.

Just had a read of the whole page,a few superyids denying they ever got done by Arsenal,they couldnt have been there,simple as that.B.N is the worst,denies everything even though you 2 have admitted to getting done in 84.And our rows with West Hamas when we turned them over werent just 85-87,we ruined them plenty of times from 1982 onwards,we didnt feel the fear you lot did.The older Arsenal would also disagree that you had the edge in the 70s,1970 until 1975 you were shit,Arsenal give it to you plenty of times in them years,it was only after 75 you started putting it on us because of numbers,we turned it round from 1980.

Great result today for West Hamas and Arsenal,gives us a chance of a top 4 spot for CL football next season.

Anyway good luck in the CL,you'll need it.

Mustard82 on April 21, 2019:

X- chill out mate....

Plenty of truth in your banter....

Yes 84, we were shown up for complacency... end of... your day doubt

This is a gooner site..with plenty of genuine people on I ain’t coming on calling everyone a stroppy gooner cunt etc....

Your mob was better organised... know a couple of yours... no names.. good people and game as fuck..

More credit needed no doubt

Remember the two mobs.. one from Whitechapel the other bow...which went separate to West Ham in December 80, we embarrassed them at times inside and outside the ground.. held our own..not saying we got a result but the one time we stood firm over there and never got any credit for that....

And of course... your mob endeavours 85-87 with them is definitely respected

RIP jd

park lane on April 20, 2019:

We had a rough time our last go at the North Bank 1984, our last meet at Manor House. Arsenal turned up tagging on the back of us shortly after we left and were waiting for us on other side of turnstiles on the North Bank.

After the game Arsenal walked to Seven Sisters hitting the Bull, we were following behind before OB sending Spurs down St Annes road approaching Seven Sisters, a handful of us carried on walking straight down and were soon accosted by the Goon mob walking towards us back up to Finsbury Park, only Yiddish insults and tugging on our PWayne`s pony-tail as we passed.

Arsenal had a huge mob out that day.

All change from a years before 1977 to 1982 And our Manor House donkey-jacket mob gathering on the right-hand side on Gillespie Road and steaming across the North Bank at ten-to-three.

The Clock-End was neutral then, there was no Arsenal mob in there.

All Arsenal gathered on the North-Bank knowing Spurs would be in there.

Spurs 1970s

Arsenal 1980s

Long live our cohort been uncivil towards each other...

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on April 10, 2019:

Thanks for your input X. Sorry about a lack of response but this site gets very little traffic these days. Agree wholeheartedly with what you said. Majority of the Yids never give us any credit buy there are a couple of decent ones that have posted on here, one in particular has made some good honest contributions. I've always found that Everton, Boro and Stoke have always been pretty fair and honest regarding us in the 80's when we were probably back to our best. Everton for an evening game stands out for me.

park lane on February 24, 2019:

Drinking for most of the afternoon in the Albion barnsbury and traipsing down the holloway road. A win at the Emirates and the cally painted white.

Growing old disgracefully..

Bob67 on February 21, 2019:

Anyone know what happened at the emirates in the cup game v spurs

Supermac on December 28, 2018:

Go there tezzylad see you in the 12th man upstairs

Supermac on December 28, 2018:

Supermac on September 17, 2018:

Think thats scotch mist mate

Bob67 on September 11, 2018:

Good to see people still coming on this site

Supermac on September 04, 2018:

Hi guys Sonofagunner Mh Skin it looks like this is our only hub as i didnt manage to open a new one for now

Son Of A Gunner on August 23, 2018:

Have lots to say when Skin posts again.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on August 23, 2018:

Try another hub mate. I'll have a look and try and contribute.

Supermac on August 23, 2018:

Mh my last post didnt go up either and i got a feeling i saw the ones skin just pasted already and theres some more gone a stray basically i said is it worth opening up a new hub on here because its easy or would we have the same probs Is it worth a try

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on August 23, 2018:

Originally posted by MH. Supermac,this hub pages site is a load of shit,at least 3 of my comments have been deleted or just haven't been put up so last words from me which probably won't be seen.

I have not been on any of the TR,EDL,FLA marches though I do agree with everything they say and do,they are the only real resistance we have to the islamification of G.B.

When do we ever hear Hindu's,Jews or Buddhists say over and over that they will take over within 20 years ?,never,only the muslim scum make their real intentions known,this dole scum vermin come over here and our government pays them in benefits ,grants and free housing to take over large parts of our cities,wtf is going on ?.

I wonder why our government want a full take over by the muslims,maybe its because all the judiciary,police,media,house of commons and lords are all dirty fucking nonces like the muslims and they want them to take over so they have a green light to rape kids with no comebacks from the law.

Take care mate.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on August 23, 2018:

Originally posted by MH. Supermac,I replied to your post last night but its not on here?,I may have gone a bit ott about what I would do if any cunt hit my kids with a bottle so thats probably why.

And yes,if your family is targeted then its personal and the arseholes will have to pay in full,I can't imagine what I would do if that happened but it won't be pretty for the victim.

People should not fight or kill each other over game of fucking football is what I'm saying,fight and kill the real enemy who I've already mentioned,while every fucker was trying to cripple and kill each other about 10 million of the vermin just walked into east and west London,Bradford,Luton,Birmingham etc and took over,with the help of the rogue Brussels influenced marxist cabal-they all need to hang.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on August 23, 2018:

Originally posted by MH. Supermac-yes mate I'm 58,went to my first game at Highbury in 1967 and I was brought up around Hoxton.

True that the old gooner mob did usually behave and rarely took liberties,the coolest and best dressed mob in the u.k,they wasn't loud or anything and tried to keep it all under the radar hence no books or interviews etc whereas almost everyone else were loud as fuck muggy yobs,smashing trains up,attacking straight goers and shirts,stabbing people and generally attracting too much attention from the ob and tabloids.

What would you do if some cunt bottled your daughter?,me if I find them I'd put the cunts in a box with no hesitation,I'd even do it in front of ob and I could not give a flying fuck about getting life for it but if I have to go knocking down doors looking for people I'm coming heavy,blow torch,pliers,cattle prod and everything.

Funny how gooners can sort things out at Highbury and keep the mugs away like the national front in the late 70s but

them yids and their 'superfirm' can't straighten out their flat cap bouncy arm waving bottle throwing crack head mob,or maybe this 'superfirm' couldn't give a fuck about women and kids having their faces opened up with broken bottles because they deserve it as they had the front to go to a game the lane?,muggy yid cunts.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on August 23, 2018:

Originally posted by MH. Any West ham here remember when Cass and a transit load of icf turned up at the Adelaide to sort a problem out but had to fuck off lively when Scotty put it on Cass and Cass shit himself ?,that long streak of piss was found out to be just a bully,he didnt fancy a straightener with someone he knew would embarrass him.

Rumour has it the fellas in the van were heavily tooled up,obvs didn't have the bottle to use them because they knew the favour would have been returned x10.

I heard that a certain bod over Wall went to Plaistow and pulled up Gardner for a straight one and he shit it too-doesn't say much for West hams so called top boys does it?,I mean,even Gardener himself says he's never been done going football,my arse,he was ok slapping kids about,Wall turn up unannounced and he's crying for his mum.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on August 23, 2018:

MH, I'm gonna try one more thing. I can see a few posts that I believe may have been deleted (not by me I hasten to add). I'm gonna copy and paste them and try and post them under my name but put ''originally posted by MH'' If this fails then there's not a lot I can do, and your'e right, I think it'll be time to call it a day.

Supermac on August 23, 2018:

Mh Thats disappointing as i missed a good read if they have all been deleted I was looking at opening another new hub on here as its easy to do but it will probably have the same probs is it worth a try !

Supermac on August 19, 2018:

Mh That was the easiest buck i ever made You can smell it out At our time of life Or a simple test usually does the trick Anyway lets have a few real stories that have never been wrote about or we might as well close this hub

park lane on August 17, 2018:

All the best M.H.

M.H on August 17, 2018:

Supermac,bingo haha.

Park lane,I had a look at the under the radar site,its a 'football lads' site which we need to register an email address,a site like that is going to be heavily monitored,its bad enough on here with all the suspicious 'moderating' going on by unknown persons other than the author Skinhead 69 so I'm giving it a miss as we can't chat anywhere online with our hands over our mouths like we can face to face,even if we use an i.p blocker they have ways round that.

See you all in the trenches when we start to take our country back from the vermin,hope its soon.

Supermac on August 16, 2018:

It was always odds on hope you backed it

Supermac on August 16, 2018:

Mh you could be right As for the marches i went on a meet but luckily enough there was no march that day so only the drink a good day was had for a catch up Well it is football people mostly and the march would of been a little but too much exposure for my liking

Is there any better places for a chat then as if your posts dont get through !

Supermac on August 15, 2018:

That is T robinson just incase your half asleep Btw im taking odds on who will be next to join us as in what team why you got a better idea ! But im guessing someone else is reading unless you scared them off

Supermac on August 15, 2018:

Hi guys just signed in and everythings up so fine Im glad i got to read the full version as otherwise whats the point Mh question for you was you on any of the TR marches or meet ups To be honest im not buying completely whats your take.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on August 14, 2018:

No problem mate. I've got 10 of your posts showing, and 7 from Supermac. I hope nothing's been deleted without my knowledge.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on August 14, 2018:

M.H calm down fella, I ain't deleted anything. Have a go at putting the 2 deleted comments up again mate. I'll watch out for them and try and make sure they don't get deleted. Sometime HubPages has a mind of it's own I'm afraid.

Supermac on August 13, 2018:

Also remember a lot of the FV was about protecting your manor and not letting anyone take liberties So your last comment admits too wanting to give it bad to anyone who misbehaved even though your prob in your 50s or 60 So you see its a debatable subject and arsenals hoolie firm was probable one of the more respectable groups back in the day from what i saw So are you for retaliation and honour or not Its a fine line

Supermac on August 13, 2018:

Mh thats an interesting line about the divide and conquer routine you mention from the big brother . I know theres no one else replying so until such times as they do i will do my best Its a pity theres not more bods on here as your posts deserve attention

M.H on August 13, 2018:

I forgot to to say RIP John Dickinson and every other poor soul who lost their lives over a stupid game of football-the young kid at Birmingham when Leeds visited,Heysel,Hillsboro,Bradford,Istanbul and everywhere else.

I never knew John but I hear that he was a decent chap and not a regular gooner firm member,like myself.I had the odd row at home games and local derbies but was never into it to the extent some of you were,a few pals of mine were involved regularly so I knew a few faces by association,it just didn't interest me that much as I had something most of you lacked-sense,and I had priorities.

Unite and fight the real enemy islam and the state that is shafting us all in favour of that scum,not each other,I always felt fv was some kind of divide and conquer program by big brother.And fight for your family to give them the best,that means hard graft-by any means,we all may have had a shit upbringing on some decrepit inner London council estate but that's no excuse,anyone can move up in the world with a little savvy and graft.

If my words don't convince all the retards then try some medication,start with horse tranquilizers and work your way up until you stop feeling the need to attack people who are just like yourselves and hurting innocent bystanders who just happen to want to go and see a game of football in the process,as for all the fucking idiots who like to throw bottles at women and kids in escorts on their way out of whl-any decent Spurs fan would have sorted that lot out by now ffs because I swear if any of those missiles hit my kids I'd be paying the yids 'top boys' a home visit with the heaviest and nastiest bunch of people you have ever seen in your lives,trust me on that.

Supermac on August 10, 2018:

MH yeh i know you didnt put anyone fully named up No it wasnt taf and i didnt know him It was Glen P him and his lot were def in the thick of it way back and a big turn out over east

M.H on August 10, 2018:

I heard about Taffy,never knew the fella personally,we're old foes from way back but I thought it was last year he died ?,I may be wrong though,time plays tricks on us old uns nowadays.

I didn't put any full names of people involved back then so I'm definitely not putting any up who are about today am I,people itk know who I'm talking about.Also Scott and Tommy are 2 of the very few chaps I had any kind of respect for back then,stand up fella's as they say.

Supermac on August 10, 2018:

The reason i said that was you already had put a few names But the actor fella i will have to check up on as never heard that to that level Did you know the hammer who this year had a big funeral was well liked

M.H on August 10, 2018:

Supermac,I ain't putting any names up on here but lets just say that 2 of the ex-icf fella's I know would go through the whole lot of any new breed football firm on their own in 30 seconds flat,10 will hit the deck unconscious,if they have the minerals to stand,the rest would run,I guarantee you that-one did a long stretch and he is very well known,the other is an actor and ex boxer,both lumps who think the same as me about muggy hooligans.

Over and out.

Supermac on August 10, 2018:

MH going by the timeline on here it hasnt seen a soul in 6 months and before than 10,14,17 months since any comments so just me and you kid But to be fair your points seem reliable enough suppose im a bit like you really So it stands up So who were your buddies over west ham Any loveable rogues small world

M.H on August 10, 2018:

I haven't read any of those fv books supermac,I've got better things to do with my spare time,and what I've written you probably won't see in any of them books.I ain't glorifying anything I've done in the past where fv is concerned nor do I respect ANY of these current football hooligan clowns,all arseholes as far as I'm concerned but crack on if your involved or just trying to make yourself feel better by reliving the past.

I just find it laughable that most people on here are actually proud of being a complete fuckin idiot for most of their adult lives and feel the need to tell the world about it.I came across a link for this thread on an Arsenal board while reading about the 1980 f.a cup against west ham and just wanted to put my view of all that fv bollocks on here.

I'm just saying from my experience 99% of football hooligans are cowards who wouldn't last 20 seconds in a straightener with a proper trained fighter,even with their blades,and most of them were just posers who were onlookers in the days when it really kicked off at football and never threw a punch in their lives,there were loads of them over Arsenal back in the day,you were probably one of them.

I won't say no more on this subject,I've already wasted enough time on here and if you don't get the point I'm making then I pity you all.

Supermac on August 10, 2018:

MH Its funny though no matter how clued up anyone is supposed to be they all end up on here to put the record straight But you seem a straight up kind of chap or maybe you just read a lot of books

M.H on August 10, 2018:

To be fair West ham had a fair few proper game heads who would never swerve a straightener with anyone,I've been pal's with a few since the late 80's when we dropped out to do other more worthwhile things rather than making fv a career choice like all the other mongs,we all agreed on one thing,we would rather sacrifice doing a few years bird in the process of earning readies than for a punch up over the football,there had to be something not right with if you were still throwing right handers or bouncing up and down shouting ''come on you cunts'' on street corners with your little firm in your late 20s,the proper chaps had nothing to prove,they had their laugh and moved on.

Only a coward and a nobody craved the acceptance and attention of his mates over football in his late 20s and 30s,and you have to be a complete no mark to carry on into your 40's and 50s,99% of you can't have a row to save your lives anyway,you look the part but when you try to throw that 1st punch and people like me see that your'e not very handy and basically a complete wanker we just laugh at you then step in and demolish you,bang bang gone,so many times I've seen 'top boys' slapped about by ordinary members of the public as well who were not amused by their antics in front of their pals,girlfriends,wives or kids,funny as fuck.

Some Chelsea combat 18 were taking the piss one night in a club up west,touching girls up and generally being lairy,typical pissed up chelsea mugs,then one of these c18 pricks stuck a lit cigarette in some blokes eye who pulled them up about grabbing his girlfriends arse as she's walked to the toilet or something,that was it for me,I gave the cunt one dig bang on the chin and he's gone down like a sack of shit and I went in to chin one of his mates and they all backed off,shows you what kind of idiots these people are doesn't it ?.

Fv was ok as kids,we knew no better,but in time you learn most of your little gang are a bunch of cowards and only act tough with numbers behind them,they weren't just cowards,you couldn't trust half of them with your mrs or kids or trust them not to nick anything if you let them stay at your gaff,slimy fuckin wrong un cunts,every firm had pricks like that.

To me football firms are laughable and I've thought that since 1988 when I dropped out,all the proper people were laughing at us,when one well known Arsenal face who thought he was the real deal(ex boxer turned blagger) took the piss in the Edward pub on Copenhagen st,Barnsbury(owned by Frank Warrens brother)which was the local of one of the heaviest firms in London at the time,one of the brothers Tommy 'A' took him outside and beat the living shit out of him,he even broke his leg,what you gonna do about it?,nothing.I also remember the same Arsenal bod getting his nose broken(again) outside the park lane by one lone yid who ran into our whole firm and shouted his nickname before he whacked him,he didnt hang about long enough for the reprisal though haha,the kamikaze was off lively before 'C' even knew what hit him.

All the mongs arguing about who was best,who done this and that,laughable,grow up kiddies,your'e an embarrassment,even that blade carrying wrong un Cass had the sense to move on.

Supermac on August 09, 2018:

Hi All Been reading through the old posts and seems like there were a few brave wham on here at the beginning and now gune all so quiet wonder why

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on February 06, 2018:

Oh well, it was not to be

Bob67 on February 02, 2018:

Think your probably right

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on February 02, 2018:

I'd be surprised if it's as many as that. I doubt it'll be more than 3,000, hope I'm wrong.

Bob67 on February 02, 2018:

Don’t think you’ll get tickets o’bill will not want more than 4,000 I bet

phil spurs old school on January 29, 2018:

be more action than last year!!

Bob67 on January 29, 2018:

Millwall v Spurs 5th round draw maybe

phil spurs old school on September 25, 2017:

skin 69

cheers mate, sounds like it was chaos , lots of unreported fighting, that must be a first over here, turned up on mass,trying kick doors in etc. what with split at everton, the german firm that came tuff moor. looks like after decades mobs want to get away from escorts and mix it. mad days ahead. bet you lot were not expecting that. firms need to be aware of their boldness from now on.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on September 15, 2017:

From what I saw it wasn't organised firms, mobs or ultras, call them what you like. More like a throwback to the 60's and 70's with just massive amounts of people marching about and when bumping into the opposition sporadic fights breaking out all over the place. Classic example when Cologne scored it went off all around me. Bit disappointing for me to be honest, the away fans just did what we would have tried to do and get in at any cost. Once in they just tried to have a good time. They got bullied a bit near me once they scored. As I said, disappointing. If you want to have a go at them then go up the Clock End, there were enough of them in there. Feeling a bit embarrassed and ashamed today, must be getting old.

phil spurs old school on September 14, 2017:

well it looks like this year firms from abroad getting bolder, and more up for it. seemed like chaos at your place tonight, needs nipping in bud. anyone got real facts what german mobs really got up to with your lot?

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on May 18, 2017:

Quality comment mate.

phil spurs old school on March 04, 2017:

for sure o.b be well up for this, but this game mite not come round again for long time.

there are so many ways into Tottenham, it will go, and in the ground will be electric. we all know every loon from south will be on way, wall will have little firms all over place, we will too, plus all the nutters from surrounding area coming out to play. its always busy so sunday wont make huge diff. as MFc 85 said " getting sucked back in "

ive not known this feel bout it since 77/78

even the graffiti is the same as what was plastered round Tottenham that season, panorama etc. as in that early spurs book. " Tottenham boys we are here "

we better be well aware!!

mustard82 on February 24, 2017:

word is the graffiti down at millwall was actually done by west ham.

could be bollocks, but wouldn't put it past them to stir up a hornets nest.

4,000 millwall booked in to trot down tottenham high road

old bill all over this I'm afraid

MFC 85 on February 23, 2017:

Phil Spurs

Well well well!!

The only game that could really pull everyone back in! 'Wall are mobilising like I've not seen in years (And I mean years!) faces who've long since fucked it off are coming out & I suspect it's much the same for yous. Even the graffiti war has an old school flavour about it!!

To be honest I think the real winners on the day will be Old Bill-they're the best firm in the country nowadays-although they'll have to earn their money for once!

MFC85 on February 23, 2017:

Phil Spurs old school

Well well well!!

The only game that could really pull everyone back in! Even the graffiti war has an old school flavour about it!!

To be honest I think the real winners on the day will be Old Bill-they're the best firm in the country nowadays-although they'll have to earn their money for once! All the old school will be out for this and I suspect it will be much the same for you lot.

Fucking mad after all these years & a twist of fate like that draw can just suck us all back in!!

At least the young 'uns will get to see a proper turn out for once!!

Regards & (grudging!!) respect!!.......

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on February 20, 2017:

Should be interesting, plenty of overtime for OB

phil spurs old school on February 19, 2017:


well the one we all been waiting for!!

Tottenham will be a war zone!

Patek on September 19, 2016:

There was a photo of JH was in an Arsenal programme forget what game. It was a feature on his mum, she took on borders for the club. Think Sammy Nelson was lodging there at the time. Never heard a bad word said about JH in almost fifty years of knowing OF him - from anyone, at any club.

Dannyregal on September 19, 2016:

Skin. Haven't read it but could well end up on my shopping list. GG was s naughty boy apparently ,georgie boy was Greek but that's not his nickname btw it's another one. Im strictly an 80s boy so find it fascinating about early 70s and before on a historical point of view. Specially our team.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on September 18, 2016:


Don't recall a GG mate, but certainly knew JH, tough and game as fuck he was. Don't know if anybody has read Charlie George's book but JH was a mate of Charlies and gets a mention. Charlie reckons that JH was a better footballer than Charlie himself, but just wasn't interested. Preferred to follow Arsenal on the terraces.

bob67 on September 18, 2016:

Should get a Gooner reunion this season..

Dannyregal on September 15, 2016:

Fred. Thanks mate. I can see you got a ton of stuff we just don't want that getting in the wrong hands do we And I know it's a bit hard saying what's what while remaining stum. Poor old Spurs last night finally playing at Wembley. There looking more and more like us well our shadow really. all the best

micky from whitechapel on September 14, 2016:


Johnny was older than us,the north london lads knew each other,most of us were little mobs a bit younger

I never knew him to talk to.

We used to mainly go KingsX.Euston after games

and charingX to beat the chavs up,Watford some times

Luton,Trafalga Square.

Can 't remember names but were all well known at the time we all got nicked after a liverpool cup game we chased them all over the place ended up down Pentenville Rd OB everywhere bang.

pentenville road

My younger brother was telling me the other day Jenkins knocked about with them B/Green.

The only lad we run around with was a

turkish lad George P,he came down to

our manor looking for ICF/Mile End

can't say to much...Think he got a long


Dannyregal on September 14, 2016:

Frednerk. Forgot you was around from the 70s firm. A geezer running with your firm George G. He was a lawyer but not a toff haha apparently he put Johnny on his Arse once but don't know what he did when he got up.

micky from whitechapel on September 13, 2016:


Did you know Johnny looked after Sammy Nelson

We were about 17/18... 1970/71

Johnny and Bonner would turn up just before the

game started.We all followed like sheep.

Great days.

Dannyregal on September 13, 2016:

skinhead69. Skin I just got back from so and so on my travels. I had some interesting discussions with a fellow gooner from 70s days north bank. One of Johnny hoys lot apparently. GG do you know him. Muswell hill.

Patek on September 12, 2016:

I said that in the first instance.

Dannyregal on September 08, 2016:

Expatwhu. Well you sound as honest as the days long. I was there when we hit 5. Liam Brady curler. Magic. Think it would have been raining coins in those days.

ExPatWHU on September 08, 2016:

I moved out of London in 83 and cant comment at all about 85. I had mixed views on Arsenal, I knew some Spurs fans and occasionally went to WHL with them just for a social thing I never cared if they won or not. I was at your derby with them when you scored 5 when they came back up. I found it funny enough although no one around me on the shelf did. I always felt you took it to teams like Man U and Leeds at home and I respected them so I know you had to be good, I just never really knew anyone that was Arsenal.

Dannyregal on September 08, 2016:

Expatwhu. That sounds about right for 82. Was you also at Upton Park 85 liberties fame. . Interesting to hear your account. Who was the game geezer with the yellow polo shirt as we were getting in the side area and you followed us in.

ExPatWHU on September 08, 2016:

Randomly found this and already spent too much time reading it. I ran with West Ham from about 78-83. Went all over and joined in the fun often, far from a face but I was on nodding terms with a lot of them. If the thread keeps going I will add more, I admit our authors take some real liberties with the truth but thats what sells. As far as Arsenal in 82 I got in the NB with one other WH mate. It was like going to Chelsea, you got in and met others and gradually got into a big enough firm to actually do something. If you got sussed you got a pasting. A few offs around the NB that I remember and maybe mobs as large as 100+ of us got done but I seem to remember fewer numbers. We were in the middle near the front when the smoke bomb went off, i think to a shout of ICF but maybe thats my memory. We got caught in a surge and ended up on the track, OB took us around to the Clock End and that was all she wrote. Very sad to hear about what transpired outside, no one deserves that. I read above the guy that did it ended up in front of a train. Are you sure? I know he was a blade merchant but I heard someone else was responsible. Anyway , great reading takes me back and I can share times we got done, twice in Scotland jump out although both times by English firms.

Dannyregal on September 08, 2016:

What do we think of Tottenham SHT. What do we think of West Ham SHT. Only kidding fellas there nice friendly clubs really. PATEK what happened to that Chelsea love inn that you started. I think it may have fell flat like CUNTHOOKS wine. Think il be sticking to a few beers this weekend.

Dannyregal on September 08, 2016:

Ok that's the way

cunthooks1 on August 26, 2016:

agree with you Patek on the Chelsea thing- they turned up in huge numbers in Newcastle in 80's on at least two occasions that I can recall.Hell on all day both times. They turned up all over the north as well. Big firms to man city in promotion season 83/4. and sheff wed. they did the business as well- not just as show of pringle jumpers- they were game in my opinion. they dont seem rated on here though which surprises me but maybe they didnt do the business in London? they certainly travelled well- starting to make them sound like a good wine now, ha ha.

Patek on August 20, 2016:

I know mate.

phil spurs old school on August 20, 2016:


that changed 75 onwards

Patek on August 19, 2016:

Seems fashionable to coat Chelsea on here but over the course of thirty odd years, they're probably the best London mob, up north. Conversely, it wasn't uncommon for them to completely fail to show for derbies in the 70's. I've had the misfortune to have encountered too many psychotic Chelsea bods, to be calling them wankers. Moreover I've never known them to be as piss poor, at home, as Spurs were, in the early 70's.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on August 17, 2016:

A bit like my team unfortunately Phil.

Rob old school on August 10, 2016:

Phil Spurs:

Great account of our troubles that day at WH

But it happened to us late 80s against Chelsea of all mobs, we met at Charing Cross (cracking mob) and boarded the train then pulled in at Earl's Court and people started to shout the usual off / on about 50 got off and as we walked bumped in to 200 plus Chelsea who must of thought xmas had come early, few young ones with us started to back off them it was Everyman for himself himself ......the couple hundred Spurs who stayed on train didn't find it.....find it so funny about our friends in the east who never get done!!!!

Happy days

Dannyregal on August 05, 2016:

Guys. Just spoke to our girl Tracey in admin on here and she reckons WHAM have been trying to sneak on here again. So beware. If anyone asks for your phone number swerve it as there probably trying to tape you up.

Patek on August 03, 2016:

Make you right on that Daniel. Take care mate.

Dannyregal on August 03, 2016:

Patek. You also had the surinams same as like ruud gullit and rikhard. A lot of them in the dam. Do you remember van bronkhurst at the Arse he was the next generation on and half molaccan. Good player but not my cup of tea.

Dannyregal on August 03, 2016:

Patek. Fair amount of them Dutch Jews. The blacks you saw were probably Moloccans a wild bunch at the time from Indonesia. They were like the modern refugees who got repatriated Coz the Dutch had indo as a colony. So most of them or there fathers were soilders or rebels. That's why they were up for it but mostly if the numbers suited them. But don't really remember any blacks at Ajax so could have been them.

Patek on August 03, 2016:

Were they not predominantly black Dan? Ajax. Went there once but can't recall who they were playing. Was over there for a few days and took in a game.

Dannyregal on August 03, 2016:

Patek. Oh most defiantly. Up the gunners. Btw I used to watch Ajax back in about 87/88 only on and off

Anyone else with some interesting overseas football tales Maybe living in a foreign city and seeing what went on. There firm were mostly coffee shop proprietors and much more chilled than us but good as gold.

Patek on August 03, 2016:

Nothing mate. I just wondered. Up the Gunners anyway.

Dannyregal on August 03, 2016:

Patek. What's he done. Wheres he out of ?

Patek on August 03, 2016:

Dan, you familiar with Joe Chugley?

Dannyregal on July 29, 2016:

Fred. Don't tell me your another one out Chigwell way. Yeh had a ruby on Friday and then again on SaturdayThen chilled on Sunday haha. True spent few days out of London.

frednerk21 on July 27, 2016:

That was a locals only pub Dan

I think an old mate of mine might

have it now Eddy Squires

Bumped into him about 2 years

ago he had a couple of pubs

sure one was down Bancroft road.

The pubs bit different from the old days

we have a few mates with pubs still

around the area.

We live out a bit now my friday night mob

are millwall,west ham,chelsea and the Gooners.

I drink a lot of beer and a couple of ruby's every week

but train a lot with my son

so in good shape.

Dannyregal on July 27, 2016:

Fred. The reason I asked about the bankcroft was a bird I knew was singing a few numbers on a Friday. Went down there a few times and there was a couple of big lumps in there thought one of them might have been you haha But had a few good nights in there. She belted the tunes out the old girls had a dance while I supped a few old favourites that they don't serve in the new gaffs anymore. Yeh a right old boozer and clicky as you like.

Skinhead 69 (author) from England on July 25, 2016:

Sorry, but the posts are taking ages to show up, Nothing to do with me, the problem is with hubpages. Thanks for persevering, I appreciate it.

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