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Westbrook and triple double a love story for the ages

Triple Double and Westbrook a love story for the ages

Russel Westbrook is one of the best rim attackers in the NBA, his dedication and tenacity on the court are what makes him one of the best point guards in the league. Westbrook who came into the league as the number 4 pick in the 2008 draft and was drafted by Oklahoma City Thunder where he formed a super team with Kevin Durant and James Harden, this young team were a joy to watch on the court and the three of them were on track to achieve basketball greatness.OKC went on to play the NBA finals in 2012 where they lost to Miami Heats. The team played in 4 conference finals but was never able to win a championship. In 2016 Kevin Durant got traded to the Golden States Warriors and Russel Westbrook was left alone to lead the team as James Harden got traded in 2012 to Houston Rockets. Westbrook took a lot of stick from media and the public as he was considered the reason that the super team was broken, but Russ did not stop and continued carrying the team to the success they deserved.

Russel Westbrook started putting in big numbers and started proving that he could be the best player in the team he recorded triple-double after triple-double and in his MVP season went on to record 42 triple-double which is a league record and he was also the only player to average a triple-double and went on to record 25.4 PPG,10.1RPG and 10.3 which helped him win the MVP for that season. Westbrook not only did it once but is on track to record a triple-double 4th time and is on course to also break Oscar Robertson’s record of 181 triple-doubles. Many people accuse Russ of being a stat padder but stats clearly show that whenever Russ hits a triple-double his team has a higher winning percentage.

A triple-double is a very demanding feat in a game and when a player like Russ is putting in those numbers every day taking that for granted is bad, but Russ just continues to put in hard work and help his team win. His team has not been in great form this season and are in the 10th place and are fighting for the play in spots, Russ being Russ is not concerned about the record he continues to help his team grow and the people around him grow. The backcourt of the Wizards is one of the most destructive ones in the league but the defense is what is letting them down, but recent matches have shown them to get better at defense and all this shows how Russel Westbrook has influenced players, Bradley Beal in an interview mentioned that ‘Russel Westbrook is one of the best teammates he’s had and he has helped him get better this season, this statement by Beal puts a rest to things people say like Russ is a bad teammate. Russel Westbrook has been phenomenal post the all-star break and his presence on the court has been a great boost to the Wizards as he continues to throw in dime after dime and get rebounds after rebounds for them .at the age of 32 Russ still has not won a ring but as he has said that a ring cannot define him as a man and yes we all know that Russ is and will remain a great player but I’m sure that if Russ manages to win a ring before he retires the basketball community will be the happiest.

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