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Trent Alexander-Arnold's Rise to the Liverpool Fc First Team

Nigel is a Football (Soccer) fan since his childhood days. He also plays football as a Left-Back and is a long time fan of Liverpool Fc.

Trent Alexander-Arnold celebrating his goal against Leicester City Fc.

Trent Alexander-Arnold celebrating his goal against Leicester City Fc.

Who is Trent? Where is he from? How did he start his Football career?

Trent John Alexander-Arnold is a Liverpool boy born on 7th October 1998 in West Derby, Merseyside and he plays as a right-back for Premier League Club, Liverpool Fc, the club he supported since he was a child and he is an important player in the England National team.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has been playing in the club since 2004, he joined the academy at that time and has been involved in many games for the academy and has captained the academy across all youth levels.

The first time Trent attended a match in Anfield, Liverpool was during the 2005 Champions League Quarter Final match with Juventus which Luis Garcia scored a stunning volley to beat Juve 2-1 on the first leg.

Fact: The Great Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson once dated Trent Alexander-Arnold's Grandmother.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (circled) in the academy team.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (circled) in the academy team.

The Rise Of Trent Alexander-Arnold

As a young academy prospect, Trent Alexander-Arnold was already making his name in the academy, he captained the academy team in the under-16 and under-18 teams under the current assistant manager of Liverpool Fc, Pepijn Lijnders.

Based on Lijnder's explanation, Trent has a certain insight of creativity which means he was able to create unpredictable passes, this was what he told the Liverpool Echo in 2017.

Adding to his statement to Liverpool Echo in 2017, Trent has the pace and has quickness in his mind, which allows him to make quick decisions. He can create creative passes in to the attacking half in quick succession which allows him to play right back or right midfield as well.

Trent Alexander-Arnold on his debut match for Liverpool Fc.

Trent Alexander-Arnold on his debut match for Liverpool Fc.

Being a Liverpool Fc fan since his childhood, he is definitely determined to make his name in the club he loved so much since he was young, that moment came when he was in the substitute bench in 2016's English Football League Cup fourth round match against Tottenham Hotspur and in the 68th minute where he was substituted off for Nathan Clyne.

Trent then signed a long term contract in November of 2016 with the first team and started in the round 5 of the English Football League Cup against Leeds United. He was named Man Of The Match on his first game after an assist for the club by setting up teammate, Divock Origi for the goal.

Trent Alexander-Arnold making his Liverpool Fc debut.

Trent Alexander-Arnold making his Liverpool Fc debut.

Premier League debut and the story goes on..

Trent made his Premier League debut on December 14 in 2016 coming on as a late substitute in a 3-0 win over Middlesbrough Fc. In total, he has made 12 appearances in the 2016 season and was named, Liverpool Fc young player of the season and the Premier League 2 Player of the season award.

In the start of the 2017/18 season, first choice right-back, Nathaniel Clyne suffered a major back injury thus giving Trent the opportunity to propel himself into the first-team squad. However, in the early stages of the season, he rotated with teammate, Joe Gomez in this position.

Trent during a match

Trent during a match

During Trent's first full season with Liverpool Fc, despite the team losing to Real Madrid in the final, he was the youngest Liverpool Fc player to start and play in the UEFA Champions League final.

In the 2018-2019 season, Trent helped Liverpool Fc continue their run of form by getting into the UEFA Champions League Final again and this time win it. But nobody will forget his quick thinking corner during the semi-finals against Barcelona.

The 2019-2020 season was quite a huge season for Liverpool Fc with the team winning the English Premier League for the first time since 1990 and Trent Alexander-Arnold played a huge part in the win.

2020-2021 season isn't over yet, but Trent has fulfilled one of his boyhood dream, which is to captain the Liverpool Fc senior side in the final game of the UEFA Champions League group stages against FC Midtjylland.

Trent's playing style and role in the team

Trent Alexander-Arnold is a right-back, a right-back plays in the wing side of the defensive line, partnering the center-backs and the left-back. As said in the paragraph above, he is a creative and quick minded player. This is something a modern right-back player needs in their arsenal of power.

Liverpool Fc under incumbent Manager, Jurgen Klopp, plays an intensive style of football (soccer) called, gergenpressing, which is a high pressing style of football. Trent suits that role in the right-back in this system as he has the pace and quickness to move into positions where he can receive and give passes.

Initially, when he made his debut, he was playing in a conservative role similar to a traditional full-back where he stayed in the defensive half and only moving the ball from the defense to the midfielders.

As the years gone by, he has since moved into an attacking role where he makes overlap runs to the opponent's half more often in order to support the attacking players during an attack.

Inverted full-back style of play in tactic form

Inverted full-back style of play in tactic form

Conversion into an inverted full-back

Trent's roles changed when football (soccer) changed, the manager's updated version of the gergenpressing requires the full-backs (left and right back) to move further into the attacking zones to support the attacking players in a counter-attack.

The inverted full-back role was the brainchild of Manchester City's manager, Pep Guardiola during his days with Bayern Munich in Germany. Inverted full-backs serve as a second winger during an attack, giving passing support and creating quicker movement into open areas to receive a pass.

The updated version of the gergenpressing Jurgen Klopp uses requires full-backs to turn into inverted full-backs where they play a larger role in a team's attack while keeping the defensive line compact.

Thus, besides doing all the defensive work, Trent had to be like an attacker, for which he has succeeded in this position. This is evident in the matches he plays in Liverpool Fc during the 2019-2020 season where he provided many assists to the strikers.

Trent Alexander-Arnold's quick corner during the UEFA Champions League Match against Barcelona.

Trent Alexander-Arnold's quick corner during the UEFA Champions League Match against Barcelona.

Trent as a set-piece taker

As a Free-kick taker

You might have noticed by now, Trent Alexander-Arnold is Liverpool Fc's first choice free-kick taker from which, most of his goals come from. Trent's free-kick style may not be very classy like the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo or Roberto Carlos, but his free-kicks are simple but effective. A simple curl into the top corner of the goal is the way to go for Trent Alexander-Arnold.

As a corner taker

At the same time, Trent Alexander-Arnold is the main corner taker for Liverpool Fc which he usually takes the corner from the right side. Since he was appointed, he has given many assists through corners and a number of assists to his center-back partner, Virgil Van Dijk. Besides that, have you seen his quick corner in 2019's Champions League Semi Final win against Barcelona? that was amazing.

Quick thinking by Alexander-Arnold for a quick corner

His future with the club

Trent Alexander-Arnold aims to continue playing for Liverpool Fc for as long as he can play, thus aiming to be a one club man. With his current form and value to Liverpool Fc, he is definitely going to be a long term player in this club and will continue to be one of the best right-backs in the world. He has once said that he aims to one day captain the club he loves since his childhood. After this statement, you know he's not going anywhere anytime soon and he will definitely be an inspiration to future stars of Football.

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