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Top Five Reasons Why Bringing Back Kyrie Irving May Cost Nets a NBA Title

Kyrie is hands down box office and must see television in today's NBA. He is a 7x All-Star, All Star MVP in 2014, All NBA second team in 2019, 2012 rookie of the year, Three point contest champion 2013, FIBA World Cup MVP 2014, and 2016 NBA Champion. Not only Kyrie is impactful on the basketball court, but he had impacted people lives off the court as well. Irving had bought a home for the family of George Floyd, who died in 2020 at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. When ask by Nets media about his generious act he replies by saying

"I just want to keep continuing to fulfill our purpose in serving a lot of the underserved communities. Those don't necessarily get the same attention from just others around,So just trying to do my part with service, that's all."

Kyrie has donated $1.5 million to WNBA players due to the COVID-19 pandemic. $323,000 was also donated to feed New York City families during the pandemic. Kyrie later partnered with Nike to help the Standing Rock Sioux reservation with 50,000 masks and pallets of food. Brooklyn’s Moms of Black Boys United for Social Change was also apart of Kyrie generous efforts he has also help families find housing, paid for high school seniors tuition to attend an HBCU. Donated school supplies to Newark's Covenant House Shelter. Off the court Kyrie Irving should earn a humanitarian award for his commitment and efforts to help people that are unfortunate. In the world of basketball we have seen things totally different through the lens of the basketball scene. Kyrie has been painted by the media as an individual who is hard to work with, difficult, and challenging when It comes to the game of basketball. From wining a title with LeBron James to wanting out for his own team. From failing to lead a young Boston Celtics team to wanting to build a culture with Kevin Durant. And now being with a potential title contender to not wanting to play because of New York's Covid 19 regulations. This may be a legitimate reason why you should not bring back Kyrie Irving

1. Chemistry

The Brooklyn Nets decided to bring back Kyrie Irving back part-time to offset the issues that the team is having with roster shortage. After he passes two negative test to get out of the health & safety protocol, according to ESPN, he must go under one on one workouts, and a few other procedures before he hit the NBA floor. January may be his official return. Even when he does returns the chemistry has to be build. Normally NBA Championship teams have congruence and rhythm. Head coaches know there line up wells and understand what work and what do not work. Kyrie return is definitely needed for this roster, but bringing him back in the fold may caused Steve Nash to rebuild, tinker, and learning how to make this team function at a high level. With Kyrie only being available part time, that's just not enough to be able to build chemistry with his fellow teammates and implement himself in the offence. Many great players and teams that has won titles did it on full time basis. Even when Michael Jordan returned from playing Baseball, they didn't win a title, Jordan came back mid season, and he had to get back into NBA shape in order for them to win the next season.Jordan never came back on a part time schedule, but gave it his all. Most teams with three superstars on one team has played over 24 games in a single season. Kevin Durant, Kyire Irving, and James Harden only has played eight. In order for them to win they need to build some type of structure and stability. Kyrie returning on a part-time basis may have its own challenges.

2. Undependable

With Kyrie Irving you never know what you may encounter during the regular NBA Season. The media has described him in a negative light, by saying he doesn't care, he left his team mates hanging, that he is selfish. Those things can be far from the truth. Kyrie Irving wants to play, but because of the situation with the covid regulation he decides to take a stand and do what is right for his situation. Right now Kyrie can only play away games home games and games in Toronto he cannot play. In any moment Covid regulation can change and he can return to play those home games. As for now we know where Irving stands , and the Brooklyn nets cannot allow to be comfortable with Kyrie returns, At any given moment his part-time commitment can change at any given moment for hiss own personal reasons.Irving has proved that's there are things outside of basketball that are much important. Family, and helping humanity is important to him, so at any given day we can witness Kyrie leaving again. Many people may think it's wrong for Irving to do these things, but at the end of the day he only does what's is right for his family and his situation as any one else should. Irving may be on the roster , but any situation can come up and change his commitment with the team.Brooklyn nets a chance at a title can be actually slimmer if this may be the case this season.

3. Kyrie Durability is Questionable

Irving has been in the NBA for a decade now, and he has failed to play a full season. In the 2021 season he only played 54 games, and the season before that he has only played 20 games. 75 games was the most games Irving has played in a single season. During his time in the League Irving had his share of injuries.
That cause him to miss a hefty amount of games.

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2012 - Shoulder contusion.
2013- Fractured Finger, Shoulder Issues.
2014- Knee bruise, Bicep Injury.
2015- Fractured Kneecap, bruised knee, sore shoulder.
2016- Fractured left kneecap.
2017- Hamstring Injury, Knee Issues
2018- Sore Quad and Left shoulder, Knee Surgery.
2019- Eye injury, Hip strain, knee strain, Thigh contusion.
2020- Shoulder Issues.
2021- Face, nagging back and finger injuries, Ankle Injury.

2011-12 Season - Missed 31 games
2012-13 Season - Missed 23 games
2013-14 Season - Missed 11 games
2014-15 Season - Missed 7 games
2015-16 Season - Missed 29 games
2016-17 Season - Missed 10 games
2017-18 Season - Missed 22 games
2018-19 Season - Missed 15 games
2019-20 Season - Missed 62 games

Injuries are part of the sport, so Kyrie has to come back ready, and cautious, some many circumstances can caused him to be out of the line up, not only his stability is in question, but will he be durable for the 2021-22 season.

4. Kyire Undermines The Franchise Leadership

In the beginning of the season the Nets agreed not to bring back Kyrie as a part-time player. The Nets want him to fully be committed and help the team by building their chemistry. The Nets decide to stick with there guns by keeping Kyrie out. Months later now that the roster is up and down due to health and safety protocol the Nets decide to renege on there decision by letting Kyire play part-time. This undermines the leadership of the Brooklyn Nets. Teams that have won titles didn't just win them on the court but also in the front office. General manager, president of basketball operations, vice president, to the owners makes moves to help build a championship team, with there expertise on the game of basketball, critical decision making, scouting and recruiting talent help them shape and mold a winning culture . Kyrie wanted to build culture, but with such overwhelming circumstances with Kyrie personal views and dealing with a pandemic can be the opposite of building culture. Bringing back Irving does makes the team look weak, desperate . This urgent move may cost them or it may make things better. At this point we are unsure what will happen. Brooklyn Nets currently holds the number one seed in the eastern conference, and Kevin Durant continue to play at a MVP level. James harden has not yet shown that he can play at a high level , with Kyire Irving returning it can boost the teams production on offense, help James harden to get back in basketball rhythm, and likely will help the roster in physical aspect of things. The return of Irving has it pros, but it's cons can really bite them later as time will go forward into the NBA season. This can really make the Nets leadership look bad or really help them to be put in a good position too win a tittle.

5. Distraction

There is no doubt that Irving return will be great for NBA fans, and for the League, he is one of the most skillful point guard in the league. Many people believe that his return is good but also can be an distraction. Kyrie had many occasions where things was put over what's was really important. In the beginning of the 2020-21 season which is the same season Kevin Durant returns for the first time from his injury. Kyrie takes time off without any notice to his team, and later he was found on social media at his sister party. There been times that Irving has teased fans with the ideal of retirement and other moments has transpired right before the NBA started the bubble when Irving urge players not to go into the bubble to continue out the season. That there focus should be mainly on Social Justice. Kyrie has great reason for some of the things he does. Social justice is very important and helping humanity shows great amount of character in an individual. Many believe that you sometimes have to choose between your work over indispensable things that shapes are reality. But Kyrie believe otherwise. If not careful he can be a major distraction to this ball club. If Kyrie doesn't figure out how to balance basketball life from other things that he is passionate about.Those very things can become more of a liability than an asset.

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