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Top Baseball Prospects With Famous Relatives

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NFL Great Troy Polamalu Has A Son Who Is a Top MLB Prospect


Although their faces may not be seen at Major League ball parks for a few years yet, at least a dozen current prospects have names that are quite familiar. Many of the dozen have fathers or family members who were Big Leaguers, while others may have relatives in other fields of entertainment.

Rockies outfielder Yorvis Torrealba is the son of 13-year major leaguer Yorvit Torrealba, who was a member of the Rockies when 11-year old Yorvis was kidnapped in Venezuela and held for a $500,000 ransom. The boy survived the ordeal, and he is now hoping to follow his dad's footsteps into Coors Field.

Another Rockies prospect, corner infielder Tyler Nevin, is their No. 12 prospect. Like Torrealba Tyler's father Phil enjoyed a 13 year career, including an All-Star season as a member of the San Diego Padres before becoming the current third base coach of the New York Yankees.

Former three-time All-Star Mike Cameron also has a son hoping to join the elite group to play at the highest level, being the number seven prospect for the Tigers. Daz Cameron has indeed dazzled in the Minors, his 13 home runs and 43 runs a season ago hinting at the speed and power combination his father had displayed decades ago.

Griffin Conine, who was selected by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2018 MLB Draft, isnow the team's No. 14 prospect. His father Jeff is one of the original players for the first Marlins lineup, a regular star on both World Series Champion teams in 1997 and 2003.

Eli Wilson, the son of 14 year veteran catcher Dan Wilson, is vying in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization. Glenallen Hill, Jr.,currently in the Arizona system, is immediately recognized as the son of Glenallen Hill, Sr., a slugger who helped the Yankees win the Subway Series of 2000.

Not only is prospect Luke Berryhill a star at baseball like his dad Damon of the Cubs and Braves, but he is also a talented country music singer. The Reds product is, just like his dad, hoping to reach the majors as a catcher.

The entertainment field has also reached a 2018 draft pick of Seattle, who shortly thereafter was traded to the Baltimore Orioles. Righthander Tommy Wilson is the son of Back To the Future actor Thomas F. Wilson.

Nor is the acting connection limited to Hollywood, as evidenced by the case of Minnesota prospect Jose Miranda. The infielder, who impressed all by hitting .344 with 30 home runs last year, is the cousin of Broadway's Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Future stars of the diamond also include offspring of veterans of other sports, including one whose mother is the athlete. St. Louis infielder Kramer Robertson is the son of Kim Mulkey, a legendary women's basketball coach.

Women's college basketball also directly involves James Woods, an outfielder for the Padres. His sister Sydney is team captain for Northwestern's women's hoops team, who are hoping to advance through the NCAA Tournament next month.

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Someone related to a Steelers Hall of Famer could find no better baseball home than in Pittsburgh, where Troy Polamalu's cousin Blake Sabol is hoping to get regular playing time as a future Pirates catcher. If Polamalu decides to have the Rapunzel-like hair of his dad, he might want to avoid Indians prospect Jake Forrester.

The right hander has probably learned much about cutting, since he is the son of Mike Forrester. As his name might indicate, the elder Forrester has won national competitions as a timber sportsmen.

Some siblings of the prospects have already chosen the same sport, most notably Yoenis Cespedes's brother Yoelki of the White Sox. Josh Lowe is the fourth highest prospect in Tampa Bay, the same team that had drafted his brother only to deal him to the Texas Rangers in 2020.

It is a right handed pitcher whose story stands out in the San Francisco organization, 21 year old Will Bednar. His older brother David is currently a reliable reliever in the bullpen of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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