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Top 6 Dream Opponents for Rey Mysterio

Sakhiwe is an avid pro-wrestling fan. Having watched since he was six, he hopes to one day become a wrestler himself.

The Mysterios faced off against The Street Profits in the finals of the RKBro-nament

The Mysterios faced off against The Street Profits in the finals of the RKBro-nament

If the recent tag-team match between The Street Profits and The Mysterios has proved one thing, it’s that Rey Mysterio, even at 47, can still perform at the highest level and could just as well be one of the best wrestlers on the entire WWE roster right now.

Mysterio returned to the WWE in 2018 after a three-year hiatus from the E and has since won the United States and Tag Team Championships. His current run has been nothing short of fantastic as he continues to wow younger fans with his incredible athletic ability and high-flying style.

Here is a list of 6 possible opponents or dream matches that Rey could have once he leaves the tag-team scene and returns to singles action. This list is made regardless of brand, as that doesn’t really mean much these days. This means that this list will include members of the SmackDown roster despite Rey currently being on the Raw.

6. R-Truth

Despite being some of the oldest talents on the entire roster, both Rey and R-Truth have one thing in common and that is the fact that they both just refuse to age. A match between these two could very easily steal any show and has the potential to be an underrated classic that many look back at fondly years later, something like the match Rey had with John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship on the September 4 edition of SmackDown in 2009.

An opponent like Rey Mysterio is the perfect for R-Truth’s unorthodox offence, with their match in the WWE Championship Tournament Semi-Finals being a good example of this.

In my opinion, the 24/7 championship story has run its course and WWE should just abandon the championship entirely. R-Truth hasn’t had much of a chance to showcase his abilities in a serious match since the 24/7 championship was created, and a match with Rey Mysterio would be a perfect way to remind the WWE Universe just what he is capable of.

Rey Mysterio and R-Truth met in the semi-finals of the WWE Championship tournament

Rey Mysterio and R-Truth met in the semi-finals of the WWE Championship tournament

5. Omos

There have been many David vs Goliath feuds in WWE and most of them involved Rey Mysterio. The WWE’s biggest little man has made a career out of beating bigger men, having survived the likes of The Undertaker, The Big Show, Batista and Mark Henry.

With Braun Strowman released, Omos is currently the only giant on the roster and a match with him would be a great way to tell this story again. While it would be better if Mysterio put Omos over, his reputation as ‘The Ultimate Underdog’ should have the WWE Universe believe that he has some sort of fighting chance. A match like this should be booked like Rey Mysterio’s encounter with The Great Khali on the May 12, 2006 episode of SmackDown, with Omos getting the chance to look even more like a monster afterwards.

4. Ricochet

It’s there are only a handful of men that can go move-for-move with Rey Mysterio, and Ricochet is definitely one of them.

Ricochet is a very, very talented wrestler that just hasn’t managed to find himself on the WWE scene. Easily among the top high-flyers in the world, he has just been missing a certain spark to connect him to the WWE Universe, and a long feud with a WWE staple like Rey Mysterio could be what he needs to get the WWE Universe’s eyes more firmly on to him. Ricochet could even be pitched as a retiring Rey’s potential successor, with Rey requiring Ricochet to defeat him in a best of five series to earn his title as the ‘King of High Flyers.’

With both men having such similar styles, a Rey Mysterio and Ricochet match will be one where both men do their best to one-up each other, hitting impressive move after impressive move until one of them eventually gets the win. The WWE Universe would be the true winners here, and we even lose count of the amount of jaws that would have dropped watching this.

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Defiant Wrestling fans will know how great of a match these two amazing high-flyers can put on, having met 1-on-1 at Defiant Wrestling’s (then known as WhatCulture Pro Wrestling) WCPW Stacked ’17 and delivering an absolute firecracker of a match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Ricochet, WCPW Stacked '17

Rey Mysterio vs. Ricochet, WCPW Stacked '17

3. Edge

Edge returned to WWE as a surprise entrant in the 2020 Royal Rumble and went on to become the third Superstar to ever win a Royal Rumble from the number one position in the 2021 edition. While he claims to have returned in order to have a go at some of the younger talent, WWE would be absolutely insane to not have Edge v Rey Mysterio again as that may even be the last time we see these two veterans squaring up against each other in a ring again.

The last time Edge and Rey Mysterio faced each other 1-on-1 was on the 2nd June 2009 episode of SmackDown. This can very easily be booked as a dream match that is almost thirteen years in the making between some of the biggest stars WWE has ever produced.

It is not as if Edge has lost a step since then either, as at age 48, Edge can still put on incredible matches and has even had several Match-of-the-Year contenders since his return.

Book it Vince!!

Edge won the 2021 Royal Rumble after being the number 1 entrant

Edge won the 2021 Royal Rumble after being the number 1 entrant

2. AJ Styles

Allen Jones is a walking wrestling genius. His uncanny ability to have a brilliant match with just about anybody is one of the finest gifts the wrestling gods may have ever given to an individual. While Rey and AJ Styles have met in 1-on-1 action on the 25th November 2019 episode of Raw, they are yet to meet in what doesn’t feel like a throwaway match. A well-done long-term feud between these two greats would be the stuff of wrestling legend as both men are incredible competitiors who hardly ever disappoint between the ropes.

This is even more likely to become a possibility as both men are currently on the Raw brand, with AJ having split with his former tag-team partner, the aforementioned Omos.

AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio squared off on the 25th November 2019 edition of Raw

AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio squared off on the 25th November 2019 edition of Raw

1. Dominik Mysterio

You knew this would take the top spot on this list. Dominik Mysterio is a terrific competitor, but simply being the son of the legendary luchador Rey Mysterio is not enough of a gimmick to keep his character interesting for the next few years. Being the man who retired Rey, took his mask and his title of “King of Luchadors,” however, is enough to have him be respected by many. When the time is right, Dominik should turn on his father, defeat him, and go on to focus on his singles career as a heel.

Something similar to this is scheduled to happen eventually as Dominik has mentioned wearing his father’s mask once Rey retires. While this may restrict him from developing a character of his own, it would certainly be a great way to continue his father’s legacy and a step towards making the Mysterio name live on in Lucha Libre history.

Who is your dream opponent for Rey Mysterio? What do you think of the men mentioned in the list above? Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik

Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik

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