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Top 5 FPL Picks - Game week 4

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Author is a football lover and is playing the FPL game since the last 4 years


The return of one of the greatest players of all time in the premier league plus the conclusion of the first international break of the season. These two factors have intruded many to use their wild card chip this early in the season. Even if you are abstaining from it, it might not be a bad idea to take a hit and do an additional transfer if reaping benefits in the long run is an agenda. So, for both wildcard players and non wildcard players.. Here are 5 players you can include in your team to being it nearer a standard -:

1) Goalkeeper - Jose Sá

Wolves have been the unluckiest team in the tournament. So good while passing and creating goal scoring chances without anything to show for on the goals tally or in the points table. Their defense with the new portugese goalie in front of the sticks ,Jose Sa, has impressed everyone with how compact they have been. After a tough run of fixtures in August, Wolves will enjoy an easy run till October so Jose Sa (5.0M$) becomes a lucrative goalkeeping asset. One of the most popular Goalkeepers in the game Emiliano Martinez is out for this week because of covid restrictions so replacing him with Sa even for non wild card players looks like a sensible option.


2) Defender - Antonio Rudriger

Like Wolves, Chelsea will begin their strong set of fixtures in some weeks. Tomas Tuchel's side is probably the most compact defensive team in the league which we saw against Liverpool where they defended everything for 45 minutes with 10 men and got a point out of their visit to Anfield. Out of all the defensive options Chelsea has, the German center half Antonio Rudriger ( 5.5M$ ) looks to be the most nailed one to be in the starting eleven. He's not much of an attacking threat apart from corners but if you are looking for clean sheet points along with some bonuses he just might be the most reliable player that you can have in your squad. Rudriger looked great in the international break with the Germans as well and at the best phase of his career, he can have a proper breakout Premier League season.

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3) Defender - Ben White

Now you all must be wondering.. Is it safe to get an Arsenal player in who are having the worst start ever to a premier League season?? I would say yes, just one player for now and the center half Ben White looks to be the obvious choice. Arsenal will be on the run of some good fixtures starting this week and if you are using a wild card, it's safe to get White (4.4 M$) now and keep him till their fixtures become tougher or he doesn't gives the returns as expected. They are playing Norwich this week who are also struggling so it might just be the game for Arsenal to turn their fortunes around.


4) Midfielder - Diogo Jota

If you already have the Portuguese and Liverpool winger .. Good, if you don't then get him in!!. Diogo Jota has been a prolific goal scorer for Liverpool since joining them last year and scored 2 in 2 starts this season as well. With Roberto Firmino out injured for a good one or two months, Jota (7.6M$) is guaranteed to start in every match unless a big rotation happens . With Leeds , Crystal Palace and Brentford being the next three fixtures of Liverpool, Jota is expected to add more to his tally of 2 goals this season.

5) Forward - Cristiano Ronaldo

It's the return of arguably the greatest premier league player of all time after 12 years. Cristiano Ronaldo has become a favorite of FPL managers even without playing a game and rightfully so. Even at the age of 36, Ronaldo is a goal scoring machine and his stats in Series A with a weak Juventus side prove it. His price (12.5M$) might look too much but trust me it is fair for a player of his stature and output. With Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes around to give him supplies along with Luke Shaw with his crosses to make the most of Ronaldo's Ariel abilities, a 20 + goal season from the Portuguese legend should not be ruled out. Giving him the captain's armband on his debut tomorrow against Newcastle won't be a bad shout either.


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