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Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks in the 2022 NFL Season

Chirstian has been a sports fanatic for years and now he wants to share his takes with the world.


The List

Winning in Football is all about your Quarterback. Well, not really, but a good quarterback can make or break your season. This off-season has been a QB roller coaster with players like Kyler Murray receiving a humungous contract from his team.

But these 10 Quarterbacks can turn any team into a playoff contender and some can even turn a team into a Superbowl contender. Unfortunately, I had to leave off some amazing talent due to my criteria (past production,current value, and future production). Lastly, my list will answer these two questions: which QBs do we trust to lead their teams and which QBs are in a position to succeed.

10. Dak Prescott (Cowboys)

Dak has a great arm with an amazing IQ but he lacks big-game success, but with the loss of Amari Cooper to free agency the Cowboys offense took a big hit. Though, Ceedee Lamb is projected to make a big leap this year. The Cowboys offense is still looking slightly questionable due to multiple injuries from key players. Will Dak be able to lead the Cowboys to a top seed in the NFC ? But at least the Cowboys can count on number 4 to lead them to the playoffs every year.

9. Lamar Jackson (Ravens)

You can't make a list without having the former MVP on it. But Lamar is seen more as a scrambling weapon than a known pocket passer. His passing efficiency must improve, especially in those important must win games following a bad year 4 mostly due to injury. On the other hand the Ravens traded WR1 Marquise Brown to the Cardinals making their offense significantly worse but they improved their defense immensely. But when healthy Lamar is easily a top 5 quarterback and hopefully can take a big leap this upcoming season.

8. Matthew Stafford (Rams)

His near instantaneous success with the Rams makes up for his mostly dark career with the Lions who were never consistent. After, being in the league for over a decade he still makes a bunch of unforeseen throws. But with his incredible natural arm strength the Rams went from good to great. With him being able to make big plays and the Rams improving his supporting cast this off-season. Next season will be another great one for him and the Rams.

7. Russell Wilson (Broncos)

Russ is a x-factor now than at any other point in his lengthy career, not only is he coming off a finger injury but he's leading a team other than the Seahawks for the first time in over a decade. The AFC West is also not lacking competition and with the Broncos losing Noah Fant in the trade it'll be fun to see what Russ can do with them. But when healthy Russ can turn any team into contenders.

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6. Joe Burrow (Bengals)

Joe "Shiesty" Burrow has already set the bar high in two years from being an unvexed rookie to Superbowl Starter. Though, his swagger gets all the attention he is becoming an efficient pocket passer. And with Ja"Marr Chase improving and becoming a top WR in the league. Also, with the front office improving their lacklusture O-line the Bengals will be back in contention next year.

5. Justin Herbert (Chargers)

Justin Herbert in 2 seasons proved everyone that he's the prototype QB, he's athletic, has a strong and accurate arm. Also, with his durability he's pretty much everything you can ask in a QB. Truthfully, the only thing he lacks is playoff appearances, but with the Chargers making big moves this off-season they will definitely be Superbowl contenders going into next season.

4. Josh Allen (Bills)

Josh Allen is on the brink of becoming a superstar, to be honest he's already there. With his fortuitous arm, every season Allen is always an MVP candidate with his bulky size and tough running. As long as he has an opportunity to make a big play, 9 times out of 10 it'll always end in big results. Plus with the pairing of pro-bowl WR Steffon Diggs and with the Bills making big off-season moves they'll defiently be contenders next season.

3. Tom Brady (Bucs)

TB12 continues to be the most fearless, well-researched, and influential signal-caller in the game. The impact he had on the teams around him cannot always be explained, but it can be felt. He's a living legend and more importantly he still has the mechanics, physics and vision to win another title. Though, the Bruce Arians' move to Todd Bowles causes problems. It's possible, that Brady is likely to have more control over his units, stacked with strong blockers and elite playmakers.

2. Aaron Rodgers (Packers)

Rodgers Hall of Fame level career in Green Bay has reached a critical hold, with longtime WR1 Davante Adams leaving and the Packers failing to translate three straight 10+ win seasons into Superbowl contention. At 38, he gained more trust than just about anyone in the game, specifically in crunch time. He may have to work harder with a worsen WR core, but he still has nearly unmatched precision and preparation.

1. Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)

Mahomes has set the bar so high that everyone gets concerned if he isn't winning every game with his gravity-defying throw. Though, the criticism was fair in 2021, he too often relied on crazy antics to will the Chiefs to the playoffs and after, committing a career-high 17 turnovers. But no one moves and operates like Mahomes in the pocket, and his fascinating style brings the best out of Andy Reid. Every year, you'll most likely see the Chiefs in Superbowl talk and Mahomes in MVP talk.

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