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How to Play Bagh Chaal(Tiger Moves)l-An Ancient Nepali Game

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The One Wearing Topi has four Tigers and His Opponent has Twenty Goats


Bakhra Chaal- Goat Moves

Bagh Chaal is a Nepalese folk game. Two persons play the game using four tigers and twenty goats.

Persons can be added to sides taken as tigers or goats.

I was lucky to find two players who were playing the game under a buniyan tree in the afternoon.

I gave them my board to play and I asked them if I could take photos and video using my mobile phone.

They cheerfully allowed me to do what I wanted to. They were happy too to see with me my board drawn on piece of waste nylon bag.

My video is not upto the mark. However, the visual may help you understand how the game is played.

After getting the idea of the game, you can make your own board and play the game at home or outdoors while taking rest for challenging the brain.

Hope you enjoy the game.

HOW to Play Bag Chaal?


This is how the game starts.

• Both the players choose to take up four

tigers and twenty goats as agreed upon.

The player who takes up tigers to play the game, he places the four tigers on the four corners of the board.

• The player who takes up the twenty goats, he places first goat on one empty space away from any four tigers on the four corners.

• The opponent then moves a tiger closer to the goat with the purpose to jump over it in the next move.

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• Then the player with goat places next goat to the space behind the preceding goat, in order to block the tiger for a jump.

• The player moves the tiger back to his former position or remain there. Choice is his.

• The player with goat places each goat while his opponent player with tigers keeps on moving any tiger nearer to goat placed.

• Player with 20 goats places one goat at a time with the moves that opponent moves his tigers.

As the game proceeds, sometimes a player with goats may sacrifice one or two goats to trap the tigers and lock them up with no move further. Thus the goats win the game.

If the goats begin the game without a clever move, the tiger jumps over the goat right from start.

If 3 or 4 goats are eaten, then its hard for the player with goats to win the game.

After the fifth goat is eaten (jumped over, they continue the game or the played with the goats surrenders the game.

Then the player with tigers wins the game.

I have watched the game, either player takes up with tigers or goats.

It is not necessary the player who takes up tigers wins the game.

A player with sharp mind can win the game if he can anticipate the opponent's moves while playing.

So, the chances of winning the game is fifty-fifty.

How to Make Bagh Chaal Board

Two Players are Playing Bagh Chhaal. The Man Wearning Topi Lost the Game Though He Had Chosen Tigers.

Narayani River Chitwan

Narayani River Chitwan

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