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Tie a Bobber Weight and Hook

Set Up a Salt Water Fishing Line

The set up for your line is different for salt water fishing than setting up your line for fresh water fishing. I will show you what I mean.

This was fastened to the back of my 14 foot John boat.

This was fastened to the back of my 14 foot John boat.

More Salt Water Fishing Tips For Brevard County Florida

Here are some more fishing tips for salt water fishing fun at the ocean or in the Indian River lagoon in Brevard County Florida. Salt water fishing is family fun, so take them fishing under a causeway or off a fishing pier, whether you are fishing for Snook, Redfish, or even having some laughs catching Blue Crabs with a string. A great way to start your fishing day is to catch some fish bait by casting your own cast net. Then at sunset, end the day by cleaning your many varieties of fish with your set of fishing knives. You can give back by casting the guts and skin back into the river to feed the many crabs and bottom fish to eat. Even the pelicans will thank you for this treat.

Different Line Set Ups For Different Salt Water Fish

Mullet is caught by a cast net but can be caught using dough balls on the end of your hook. Bait fish can also be caught this way.

You set up your fishing line completely different to reel in flounder and stingray than you do to reel in Red fish, Snook or Sea trout. Catfish will bite on anything half dead on the line. I will be showing how to tie these lines. I always use a 10 pound test line. I don't want the big one to get away.

When you surf fish there is another multi-hook way to tie your line, so you have a better chance of success.

TIP: I never use three way hooks. If I need another hook and someone gives me a three way hook to use ,I snip two of the prongs off. Three way hooks can gouge your fish or take an eye out so if they are too small,or, you do catch and release, you will have an easier time to get the hook out, without hurting the fish. When releasing fish back into the water always support it under it's belly until it gets it's bearings again and swims off.

Fishing Tackle to Use

Bobbers, floats,swivells,hooks and sinkers

Bobbers, floats,swivells,hooks and sinkers

Fishing Tackle

Setting up your fishing line is a breeze if you have all the right fishing tackle at your finger tips.

There are different bobbers and floats that you use for fishing for sport fish or for bait fish. Bobbers are used on your line so your hook is off the bottom so you don't reel in Catfish, suckers, stingrays or other bottom dwellers. Bobbers' I use to fish off of docks to catch pin-fish,( about the size of a blue gill), great for frying up for a sandwich or brown sea trout.

Second in the photograph is swivels and snaps. Always use swivels on your line under the bobbers' (if you use one). or under your weight ( in some cases) directly to your down line first before you start adding anything else. Swivels are used so your line won't tangle up as you fish. Snaps, I don't always use but they are great for changing hooks quickly to another size or to change to a different fishing lure that you like.

The hooks and hook sizes you use vary for what you are fishing for. You wouldn't use a size #3 salt water hook pictured here to catch trout or bait fish. This is just common sense. I would like to mention here that I prefer to use steel hooks ahead of stainless steel hooks because if the fish does get away, Heaven forbid, then the hook will rust out of the fish.

The stainless steel hook won't rust. It is important to protect the fish that get away or that you don't keep. You can see the difference in the hooks the fourth one to the right is stainless steel.

Weights come in all shapes and sizes and also have different uses. There are weights on hooks with painted eyes on, so all you add is a live worm, or artificial rubber baits that actually look like fish. These are easily cast out and are great for fishing the flats that don't have too many weeds to get caught up in.

The diamond weights come in all different sizes. You can see here the sizes one, two, three, and four . You use these weights to surf fish. These weights will hit the bottom hard and anchor themselves to the bottom and stay put in rough water like the ocean. Of course you would use four to surf fish.

The next weight I call a bullet weight and I understand people have different names for these weights. The bullet weight is the one, I use the most because it allows the line to float away from it. So when you have a live mullet on it can freely swim and not be anchored to one place like the diamond sinker.

Last in the photograph is the split shot weight and it attaches directly to your like by pinching the end with pliers (not your teeth) until it is snug to the line. These weights are used a lot in fresh water fishing and for use with a boober for hooking bait fish. When you use a split shot weight with a bobber make sure you don't put too many on the line or your bobber won't stay afloat. Just put enough on the line to keep the line hanging straight down below the bobber.

You can see two attached to a line in the picture.

How To Set Up Your Line For Saltwater Fishing Success

Set up your fishing line for success

Set up your fishing line for success

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using beer tabs to attract Blue Fish for Surf fishing

using beer tabs to attract Blue Fish for Surf fishing

The Catch From Under Causeways and Fishing Piers

pin fish, sheapsheads, and a few red snappers

pin fish, sheapsheads, and a few red snappers

Having fun surf fishing in Brevard County Florida

Having fun surf fishing in Brevard County Florida

Examples Of Setting Up Your Salt Water Fishing Line For Different Ways To Fish.

Number#1 is an example of fresh water fishing. You put a bobber at the top, swivel, two split shot weights and then the hook. This set up seldom works for salt water. So if you are not getting hits try #2 and #3 set ups for salt water fishing.

#2 is the set up I mostly use to fish the flats. Use 20 pound test line then add a weight, swivel, then about a foot of 25 pound test to a #3 salt water hook with a live mullet swimming on it. This set up will land you Gator trout, Red fish, Snook, Tarpon, Red Snapper and other species of salt water fish.

If you fish the same set up with out the weight and just free line a swivel and hook with a live mullet on it... with lots of patience when the mullet gets tired a lazy old flounder will hit it. Flounder will only hit on a mullet that is very tired. They will sit and watch that mullet all day. Sometimes it has taken me six hours to fish this way and land a flounder. But what a tasty meal the wait brings.

#3 set up for fishing is using a 3 way swivel , with the top hole fastened to your drop line and adding a hook to the middle one and diamond weight to the bottom hole. This is the perfect set up for your fishing line to surf fish the ocean. The diamond weight should be a number #4 to anchor to the sand tight when you cast it out into the water. You can use fresh clams (you can dig up in the ocean surf), live mullets or even pieces of fish for bait.

Fishing Tip: The second picture here shows how to set your fishing line up with 2 or more hooks to surf fish. Remember it is important to use swivels to join all the tackle so your lines don't tangle. I have seen the Pro's who have fished their whole life on Melbourne beach set up their lines with five hooks but I never acquired their skill. The tip of the day is to string beer tabs in between the hooks. The shine they create will attract Blue fish like bees to honey.

The next photo shows what you would catch from a salt water fishing pier or fishing from under a Causeway. You could land pin fish, sheepshead, and red snapper but you will always be surprised at what you reel in. It could even be a blow -fish( puffing out to intimidate you.)

I enjoyed writing this hub and hope these tips will help you have a fish dinner tonight.

How To Tie A Fish line.

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Salt Water Fishing Hooks

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