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These 12 Outdoor Games and Sports are Becoming Hot Topics in 2021

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I am a blogger and have +3 yrs of experience. I have written for several websites that are about outdoor sports like disc golf and Friisbee.


Don’t ask how we got this far in 2021. It is mid of July and it feels like yesterday we were popping champagne on 30/12. So much has changed in these past years but there are some things that remain as rocking as they used to be. Some games and sports are still entertaining us and keeping us sane in this pandemic.

We bring 12 outdoor games and sports that are still as refreshing as having a bubble bath. Some of them just require a basketball hoop while some of them are played without any game or sports equipment. These games and sports are stealing the limelight in 2021. So let’s not beat around the bush and have a look at our list.


This is one of the best games that you can ever play with your friends. It just requires a basketball hoop and a basketball and you are all good to go! This game is a great way to say goodbye to boredom. People these days are bringing basketball hoops to their homes because the craze of this sport is boosting.


2. Disc Golf

If you ever feel stressed and need something to lift up your mood, this game should be your no.1 choice. Imagine playing disc golf with your family and friend. Isn’t it going to be so much fun? This game holds a special place in the hearts of Americans.


3. Washers game

Probably the most popular and easiest game in the USA. Washers game is just super fun to play. You just need a washers board and washers to play this game. It is one of those games you can play with your entire family. So from now on, no family gathering will be boring.


4. Cornhole Game

It is a lawn game which has found a special play in the hearts of people. Since it is an easy, fun, and enthusiastic game, everyone loves and enjoys playing it. You need a cornhole boards and a cornhole bags to play this game and trust us, you will never get enough of it.

5. Tennis

Who doesn’t like to play tennis? This is a great sport to either start your day with or enjoy your evening with. Just find a nice tennis court and you can enjoy this amazing sport with your friend. Also, it is a great way to maintain your health and stay in shape. So pack your sports bag and head to the tennis court.

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6. Volleyball

Friends coming over? Well, this is the one sport you can play to have the best time with them. Volleyball is a popular sport and it is more fun when all your friends are involved. If you are planning a beach party, then do not forget to bring the volleyball and its net.


7. Dodgeball

This game is just amazing because it is super fun and exciting to play. Two teams throw large balls at each other. The team members are supposed to save themselves from getting hit by the ball. You can play this game outside in your backyard with your family and friends. So make your weekend planning more fun from now on.


8. Paintball

This is a super fun game and we know you want to play it after reading its name. Well, it is not your fault, this game is just magical. If you haven’t tried this game, then you will not understand how exciting it is. Getting hit by a paintball is fun to another level and hitting your friends with a paintball is everything you want at that moment.


9. Fishing tournament

Fishing is always fun especially when you have to compete with your buddies. This game will not just be a great excuse to catchy some fish but will also let you enjoy time with your friends.


10. Hide & Seek

This one is a classic game. We all have played it in our childhood. But if someone asks us to play it today, we still won’t say no to this game. It is always exciting to find a place and then hide. This is probably the only game that is evergreen and can never go out of trend.


11. Sardines

If you like to play hide & seek, then we bet you are going to love this game. It is just like hide & seek but in this game, only one person hides and the rest of the players try to find the person. If you have already played this game, then it will surely take you back in the days.


12. Beer pong

Are you planning a party with your friends? If so, then this game must be present. This is a great game to play especially by a poolside. Beer pong has gained popularity in these past years and its trend does not seem to end anytime soon.


Let's end it

There you go! These are some of the games and sports that are nothing but super fun and if you haven't played any of them, it is high time to go ahead and give it a try. These games will make your day so do not wait any longer. Get a basketball hoop or a volleyball net to start saying goodbye to boredom.

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