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The Return of the Legend "Cristiano Ronaldo"

Manchester United 4-1 winner in Cristiano Ronaldo's second debut at old Trafford, when he came at the start of the game the atmosphere was incredible, that the fans were singing his name, it was one of the loudest atmospheres experienced the old Trafford, but it was so noisy and from that moment on it was all about Ronaldo every time he got the ball there's excitement there was a buzz until he scored the first goal just for half time it felt like united trying too hard to find Ronaldo trying too hard to make sure every pass went to him and I think when he scored the goal this the sense of relief the explosion of belief was incredible, but it wasn't really a classic it was a scruffy goal a fumble by the goalkeeper, he was there three yards out, but a great goal, all the same, to get his second spell on the way.

One of the things that people said, he would bring to this team is that the confidence they give up the equalizer in the 56 minutes six minutes, later he hits back is that the prime example of it absolutely and that's that second goal was an amazing goal. It was luke shaw running in the first place with a fantastic run, but the way remember Ronaldo is 36 he's 37 in February so he should be slow enough he's going to be kind of you know changing his game he just burst away from the Newcastle defender his clinical finish or world-class striker, which is all about but like to say he's 36 it shouldn't be doing that at 36. and that is what united missed last season, they've got so many points at home last season against teams like Newcastle sat deep he couldn't break them down all of a sudden, they've got a guy in the team who will always score goals against those teams so that could be the difference in the united states again or not take us back to the be fin really, before the game may be an hour before the game. When the lineup sheet comes out I'm watching ESPN off see all the week the kind of consensus was, that he would come in off the bench especially.


After the international break surprised to see him in the starting lineup. people were expecting to be on the bench because, when he scored two goals against the Republic of violence but he had a scoring record and he looked sharp he was scoring goals and he came to Manchester on Friday because, he was suspended for the second year so he had four days full training now Cristiano Ronaldo. When his fit was not started eventually he had four days full of training. He was hungry in school. Everyone was amazed and when he was named the starting team. Well, that had to be the case because you don't sign Cristiano Ronaldo and put him on the bench especially with all due respect against a team like Newcastle, that will just sit back and defend you need a guy like Ronaldo. You know this is the perfect debut for Ronaldo a team that, would give chances away so it's all good today 4-1 a thrashing of Newcastle is it too soon is it exaggerated to say that Cristiano Ronaldo's arrival has made manchester united true premier league contenders.

He's made through title contenders now, especially with one city not having signed a strike Ronaldo. They would have pulled away and that would have been over the horizon but the fact that the united stand that, they were dropping points last season the crystal palace at home, and things like that, they're the games that Ronaldo will win so it could make you know 12 points difference.

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Nigel Koay Talks Football from Malaysia on September 21, 2021:

Not a Manchester United fan, but i'm happy he's back!

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