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The World Cup -- Most Corrupt in History

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When Qatar was selected to host the 2022 World Cup it was evident corruption ruled.

A nation in the middle east that few were aware of. A nation with no stadiums, no history of football nor major team. A nation with a poor human rights record, with strict religious rules....

was honestly selected over nations which had teams, experience and credence?

PLUS, due to Qatar's climate, the tournament had to be played in winter for the first time.

Disrupt the schedule to gift Qatar?


No Stadiums

Unlike other nations which have teams, many stadiums, Qatar did not.

Qatar had to start from scratch, building stadiums. For this task they utilized slaves.

They brought in workers, enslaved them. By February 2021, 6,500 of these workers had died due to poor working conditions.

And this is the nation to be honored with hosting the World Cup?

Bit of History

In 2010, Qatar gained the right to the host World Cup after winning a ballot of FIFA's 22 executive members.

Qatar was selected over the United States, South Korea, Japan and Australia.

Qatar was accused of paying FIFA officials £3m ($3.7m) in bribes to secure their backing. These FIFA officials were cleared after a two-year FIFA investigation.

FIFA, the beneficiary of the bribe investigated itself and found itself not guilty.

Subsequently, those 22 FIFA executive committee members who voted for Qatar have been banned or indicted over allegations of corruption and wrongdoing.

The FBI and French officials separately opened investigations into corruption.

The then FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, proved himself corrupt and was removed.

He now admits it was a "mistake" to award Qatar the World Cup and blames on his predecessor, Michel Platini, claiming pressure from France's then president, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Blatter states:

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“At the time, we actually agreed in the executive committee that Russia should get the 2018 World Cup and the USA that of 2022. It would have been a gesture of peace if the two longstanding political opponents had hosted the World Cup one after the other.”



After years of investigations and indictments, the United States Department of Justice reveals Qatar had bribed FIFA officials to secure hosting rights for the World Cup.

Prosecutors made the accusations in an indictment charging three media executives and a sports marketing company with a number crimes, including wire fraud and money laundering, in connection with bribes to secure television and marketing rights for international soccer tournaments.

U.S. prosecutors revealed details about money paid to five members of FIFA’s top board ahead of the 2010 vote to choose Russia and Qatar as hosts.

Anyone surprised?

Yet, the World Cup continued in Qatar.

On The Pitch

The corruption surrounding Qatar didn't end with the selection of venue.

Watching the matches it is evident many officials are not neutral. Calls are not made, penalties are not given; the video recording of a play is not viewed.

For example, the Canada vs Belgium match.

The first penalty incident of the match in the 10th minute after a handball was given against Yannick Carrasco.

There was another penalty when Canada's Tojan Buchanan was brought down by Jan Vertonghen inside the box after Eden Hazard's back pass went across to a Canadian player.

However, an offside decision was made by the assistant referee, and VAR wasn't consulted.

The third penalty incident was when Axel Witsel brought down Richie Laryea in the box in the 38th minute. Yet, the referee decided against giving a spot kick.

Referee Sikazwe did not bother consulting VAR for the two subsequent penalties despite obvious fouls inside the box. The referee, it appears from the replays, should have whistled for both penalties.

This Referee had, in 2018, been suspended for his role in an incident that occurred during a match between Tunisia and Mali.

Yet, he was selected to officiate at the World Cup.

He is not the only dishonest official.

Not Just One Official

Watching the matches, the Referees have made incredible errors; or deliberate choices to benefit/penalize a particular side. It is impossible to refute that they have received benefit to make such calls.

Never before has any match, be it local or international, have Referees made so many wrong decisions and not even bothered to glance at the VAR.

It seems obvious there will be an inquiry e and that this World Cup will go down in history as the most corrupt, ever.

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