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The Women of WWE: Strong, Ambitious, Motivated


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It hasn't been an easy road over the years for the female superstars of the WWE, but in 2020, these amazing athletes are proving to the world that the main event doesn't always belong to the men. They have truly shown time and time again just how important and awe-inspiring they are as role models for young girls all around the world.

They are strong. They are ambitious. They are motivated.

They are the women of WWE.

I believe that each woman on the main roster of WWE are so remarkably special and stand out in their own way. With that said, what I'm going to do here is list a whole bunch of female superstars and explain what makes them stand out from the rest of the pack. Enjoy and vote for your favorite female superstar on the poll at the end!



If you want to know what an exceptional superstar looks like, look no further than The Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka. The woman is unlike anyone that the WWE Universe has ever seen and has become such a heavy hitter in WWE since arriving a few years ago. She has proven to the wrestling world just how incredible she is inside a squared circle. Her strong kicks, her breathtaking grappling ability, and her tremendous timing while competing in the ring all make Asuka one of the best in the business.

When Asuka first arrived on the main roster, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was going to flip the script on the whole company. She's a big-time player and she's done nothing but take the WWE on her back and make it her own. Her winning the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match will go down as one of her biggest accomplishments of her entire career and she will forever be marked in history as the very first woman to ever win that event -- which is a HUGE deal.

Not only do her in-ring skills make our jaws all drop down to the floor, she's also one of the most entertaining superstars on the roster that always makes us slap our knees with laughter as well. The way she dances, the way she talks on commentary (well, yells), and her facial expressions make her so distinctive from anyone else. She's truly a one-of-a-kind performer and one of my personal favorite athletes to watch in the entire company.

I have no doubt in my mind that Asuka will continue her dominance in the women's divison and, ultimately, go down as one of the greatest female superstars to ever lace up the boots.

Charlotte Flair


Whether you love her or you don't, you cannot deny the fact that Charlotte Flair is one of the best athletes in the entire WWE today. Whenever The Queen of WWE is inside a squared circle, regardless of who she's wrestling, she puts on one of the best matches of the night. Charlotte makes every single woman she's in that ring with look a million times better than they already are. That's what makes a TRUE professional wrestler.

Making history is something a Flair is used to doing, but Charlotte has made it a constant occurrence of hers. The Queen has competed in the Hell in a Cell match, Money in the Bank ladder match, Last Woman Standing match, headlined countless main events on Raw, SmackDown, and pay-per-views, and oh, competing in the main event of WrestleMania. This woman has already done it all, but she continues striving to be the very best she can possibly be. Will Charlotte one day surpass her Limosuine ridin' pops and capture 17 women's titles in her career? It's only a matter of time before she does...

Whichever show she decides to pop up on, I look forward to the return of Charlotte Flair to watch her continue dominating the women's division the only way a Flair knows how. (I'm thinking a long, hard-hitting feud with a certain Bianca Belair would suffice for most WWE fans out there. Just sayin'!)

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Alexa Bliss


"We're really glad that you're our friend, and this is a friendship that..."

Oh. Sorry. I got a little carried away there...

Thinking about this blissful woman made me automatically think about her special relationship nowadays with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt. In my opinion, this Alexa Bliss and Fiend program is the most captivating part of WWE right now. I literally have no idea what to think when watching Bliss, but I'm enjoying every single second of her and Bray together. It goes to show just how GOOD Little Miss Bliss truly is at what she does. She's a multi-faceted performer who can do just about anything under the WWE umbrella. It's fascinating to realize that when she first came onto the scene, not many, including myself, knew how great Alexa would eventually turn out to be.

She's a 5-time women's champion, a 2-time women's tag team champion, one of the best mic talkers in the entire company, and a beloved superstar that fans all around the world absolutely adore. It's pretty safe to say that Alexa Bliss has proven the doubters wrong over these past number of years. I love myself a great underdog story, and Alexa really has overcome incredible odds to get where she's at right now. I for one am incredibly happy for her and I look forward to seeing where her career goes for years to come.

However, I guess we'll have to see what The Fiend has in store for her future first!

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Mickie James


OF COURSE I had to use that iconic picture for Mickie James!

Mickie knows how much I adore and admire the human being that she is considering I've personally told her a million times already! There aren't enough words in the Merriam-Webster's dictionary to ever express how amazing she truly is as a performer in the ring OR on the stage, however, I'm going to try my best!

Mickie James is hands down my personal favorite female superstar to ever step inside the WWE. Her feud with my second favorite of all time, Trish Stratus, (yeah, Trish. Second! haha) is one of the greatest feuds in WWE history. I could have watched those two battle one another every single day for the rest of time and just love life.

But I'm through talking about the past of Mickie James. Been there, done that many times. It's time to talk a little bit about her future!

In my completely unbiased opinion, I believe that it's time for the 6-time champ to change into the 7-time champ. As good as Mickie looks, she'd look even better when she finally gets some gold back around that waist of hers. Quite frankly, it's just time that WWE hands over the keys to Mickie, places her in that driver's seat, and lets her steer the wheel once again without letting up on the gas pedal until the tires fly off.

Another thing I would totally enjoy seeing is Mickie going back in time (remind yourself of the picture above) and have a "crazy feud" with the one and only, Nikki Cross. Think about how amazingly hilarious that would be! Those two ladies would put on one hell of a program together, and I KNOW that the WWE Universe would love every minute of it.

Mickie James is literally one of the greatest people on the planet and she really deserves the world. Nothing but love and respect always, my friend!

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Speaking of Nikki Cross...

Nikki Cross


How can you watch a Nikki Cross entrance and not have a smile immediately pop onto your face?

The level of excitement that Nikki brings every time she enters an arena is completely infectious. She lights up the television screen to the point where you just want to jump into it and give her the biggest hug ever.

Her partnership with Alexa was one of the oddest, but most amazing pairings in WWE history. Watching their friendship blossom into what it became was truly something special, and seeing them win the women's tag team titles together was a moment the WWE Universe never expected to witness. I don't know about anyone else, but I'll be eating a whole lot of applesauce while watching their matches for the rest of 2020 since I already miss seeing Bliss Cross Applesauce on my screen.

Although she's come up on the short end of the stick when it comes to winning a women's title recently, it's only a matter of time before Naughty Nikki captures some gold and becomes even more entertaining than she already is.

I'm crazily psyched to see what's next for Nikki Cross!

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler


I have a strong feeling that both Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler would rather have their own sections on here, but whether they like it or not, they're the tag team champions together.

Two of the most dominant superstars on the entire WWE roster are a collective unit and that fact doesn't fare well for the rest of the ladies that are eyeing the tag gold. Although Nia and Shayna are the toughest chicks in all of WWE, especially when they're on the same page inside the ring, things are just a little bit different outside of it. The bickering and fighting that the two ladies do is quite hilariously entertaining. They don't know how to deal with one another and it's such an enjoyable element to their partnership. When you think about all the "odd couples" in WWE history, (you can read about some other odd couples that I wrote about here--WWE Odd Couples) you now have to put these two on that very list.

The arguing backstage with one another, however, doesn't take away the fact that as soon as that bell rings, they are the most destructive duo in the entire WWE. If they stay on this track, there's no telling how long Jax and Baszler will hold onto those women's tag team titles. All I know is that the ladies of WWE better not get themselves on the bad side of these two, because you'll probably be Samoan dropped through the commentary desk about 100 times. (Oh hey, Lana.)

The moral of the story of this Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler tag team is:

Don't Cross Them.



The once "fabulous" moon-walkin', trash-talkin' Princess of Staten Island is now deeming herself as "untouchable", and it's about time we all got to see this side of Carmella once again.

Although I absolutely adored her dance-breaking time with R-Truth, my favorite side of Carmella has always been the devious, the conceited, and the "I'm better than you" side of her. She plays that role so incredibly well and, in my opinion, her heel-like abilities on the mic and antics in the ring make her one of the best women superstars on the entire WWE roster. THIS kind of Carmella wins titles and THIS kind of Carmella puts on massive Mellabrations whenever she sees fit.

I am REALLY looking forward to seeing how untouchable the new and improved Carmella truly is every Friday night on SmackDown. I have a pretty big feeling that this woman is going to climb the ladder up towards the title picture (I mean...she WAS Ms. Money in the Bank so she knows how to climb ladders!) and become the SmackDown Women's Champion once again.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is money.

Sasha Banks


If you would indulge me for a moment while I find my inner Michael Cole and announce to you all that it's indeed BOSS TIME!

The popularity of Sasha Banks is at an all-time high right now as she has finally climbed the mountain once again and captured the SmackDown Women's Title. The career of The Legit Boss thus far has been one of the greatest in the history of women's wrestling. Speaking of history, MAKING history just seems like something Sasha was literally born to do.

This awesome chick has all the intangibles needed to succeed even MORE than she already has, and that's a very scary thought. You give Sasha Banks a 15-20 minute match (or even longer) with anybody and she will put her heart and soul into it, and deliver at the highest level. And THAT'S why she's The Boss.

I really look forward to the future of Sasha and see her square off against the likes of Io Shirai, Candice LeRae, and Shotzi Blackheart. I'll certainly be waiting on pins and needles for those three epic showdowns to happen...and I'm sure other members of the WWE Universe will be too!

Get used to it being Boss Time, ladies and gents, because Sasha Banks will be on our television screens kicking a$$ and taking names for the unforeseeable future.




I had to make sure you all were still wide awake so you can read what I have to say about one of the most decorated champions in WWE over the past couple of years, Bayley!

Now I have to admit that when Bayley was the huggable, happy-go-lucky character, I really wasn't feeling her too much. It seemed as if she wasn't reaching her full potential and I KNEW that there was an extra gear that Bayley was just not hitting yet. The matches that she was having were sub-par and passable, but they never stood out to me as memorable. The same could be said about the character she was portraying on an every night basis. However, she changed her demeanor, got herself a haircut, and sliced open her inflatable buddies to display a NEW side of Bayley...

I have to honestly say that Bayley has now become one of my favorite superstars on the entire WWE roster.

The extra gear that I was looking for has finally come into fruition and although she recently just lost the SmackDown Women's Title to her former best friend, that title reign of hers was certainly a long and unforgettable one. Her character's arrogance and evilness has been completely spot on and her promo work has been second to none. I commend Bayley for completely changing everything about herself and creating the ultimate heel that the WWE Universe want to see get beaten up, but still become enthralled and entertained by whatever she's saying or doing. That is extremely hard to pull off.

I'm very much looking forward to continue watching Bayley as THIS character for years to come. I feel as if there is A LOT that she could do with so many different up-and-coming superstars while conveying the attitude that she now possesses.

Much respect to Bayley for creating an incredible character that, in my opinion, has skyrocketed her into legendary status. I have no doubt that this woman will continue being a viable piece to the WWE puzzle for a long, long time.

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose


I have been itching for an opportunity for Dana Brooke to excel within the WWE for years now and I feel like the time has finally arrived. This pairing with Mandy Rose, although felt random at first sight, has pleasantly surprised many members of the WWE Universe on how great it's actually been thus far.

Both women have really increased their level of skills inside the ring and have been proving that week after week. Together they form a tag team that every fan can get behind, and I honestly believe that they could be the ones to topple over the current tag team champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. I love a good underdog story (as I stated in my article on Dana that I wrote awhile back that can be found here--Dana Brooke - An Underdog Story) and these two together form the perfect underdog tag team that may just WORK.

The fans of the WWE need to get behind these two athletically gifted ladies and help ensure that they reach the highest level of success on Raw that they possibly can. The tandem of Dana and Mandy have all the potential in the world, and quite frankly, they both absolutely 100% deserve success.

How long before the Sexy Muscle Friends of Asuka can capture the gold?!?



Speaking of underdogs, how about the winning machine named Lana picking up victories lately on Raw?

The Ravishing Russian has been trying to prove herself inside the squared circle for quite some time now, and I think the WWE Universe are starting to finally take notice of her enhancement. When I first watched Lana wrestle a match, taking bumps and selling were definitely not her strong points. However, the woman has certainly done her homework in that department and has really, really impressed me with her in-ring skills since then. The level of knowledge that one needs to have as a WWE superstar should always be at the highest, and I think Lana is starting to truly grasp that aspect of things.

Will this hard working and dedicated Lana continue to be successful after Survivor Series? As the underdog story-lover, I certainly hope it does as I have no doubt that Lana will carry on this level of commitment to keep improving inside the ring for years to come.

I have the utmost respect for anybody who works extremely hard to get better at their craft in professional wrestling, and Lana is really earning that respect each and every week. Lana is the best. Lana number one!

Billie Kay


Now I understand that some of you out there are moaning and groaning at the fact that Billie Kay is lonesome here. Believe me, I miss those hilarious IIconics together too. However, the break-up is real and we all need to move on to let the two ladies shine solo!

Billie Kay is one of the most hilarious superstars on today's roster, hands down. Every single time the woman opens her mouth, I can't help but to laugh my rear-end off and wait at the edge of my seat to hear what she blabs out next. Watching her inside a ring is always a blast for me as well as she's always playing that scared heel who runs away from her opponent every chance she gets (which I love).

The move over to SmackDown by herself is going to give Billie a chance to take over the spotlight and see where she goes with it. You just never know where someone's career is going to lead to once a team split occurs. Some of the greatest superstars of all time came from a tandem so why can't that happen for Billie Kay too?

As long as she continues being the hilariously witty character that she is, I have extremely high hopes that Billie Kay will be a fan-favorite in WWE for a long, long time.

And no, I am NOT joking you!

Peyton Royce


Although I just said we should embrace their split, how could I write about anyone else right now than the other half of the IIconics?!

I truly believe that Peyton Royce is the most underrated female competitor on the entire WWE roster. She has everything that the perfect WWE superstar needs in order to shine each and every week. She's got the look, the attitude, the in-ring ability, the amazing facial expressions, and the mic skills to back that all up. I have no doubt that Peyton will raise a few eyebrows over the next few months and really show what she's worth as a solo performer.

I honestly will go as far as saying that I believe that Peyton Royce WILL become the Raw Women's Champion sometime in the future. With the right program and the perfect opportunity to pull the trigger for her, I definitely expect that moment to happen at some point.

The WWE Universe better look out for the next breakout star of the WWE named Peyton Royce. Because the future is about to be pretty damn IIconic for this talented woman.

Bianca Belair


The EST of WWE has certainly brought her swagger to the main roster since arriving a short while ago. Pegged by many as the future of the WWE women's division, Bianca Belair has all the skills and abilities in the world to live up to that moniker.

She has the look, the arrogant attitude, and the in-ring athleticism unlike any female I've ever seen inside a WWE ring. Some may say that Belair has that IT-factor--and I totally agree with that assessment.

It's only a matter of time before Bianca completely takes over SmackDown and makes it her very own show. She has the ability to go toe-to-toe with any woman on the roster, and I mean ANY woman. (Woooooo!) And with that ability, I see Bianca Belair holding multiple women's titles within her long-standing career in the WWE. Will she even break Charlotte's title record? If anyone could, it most certainly could very well be the EST of WWE.

I've honestly been imagining a WrestleMania main event featuring Bianca Belair vs. Charlotte Flair for either women's title inside a Hell in a Cell to go down someday...

Well, maybe I'll get that wish in a few years, but until that amazing moment comes, the sky's the absolute limit for this amazing athlete and believe me when I tell you that she....wants the smoke!

Lacey Evans


The Sassy Southern Belle has certainly made her impact felt during the few couple of years on the main roster of WWE. Whether you cheer her or boo her, you totally understand just how great of a heel character that Lacey Evans portrays.

The "I'm better than you" attitude makes for awesome television when you're just pleading for that antagonist to get socked in the mouth, and Lacey plays that role very well. In my opinion, Lacey Evans is the best woman on the roster to make you feel that way. Her facial and verbal reactions are of top-notch quality and her improv skills are really something special to have if you want to be a WWE superstar.

I'm honestly shocked that Lacey hasn't become the Raw or SmackDown Women's Champion as of yet, but I have no reason to think that she won't in the near future. Therefore, I believe she will cease that drought and become a champion sooner rather than later. Perhaps a Money in the Bank briefcase win and cash-in next year? That's what I would do if I was the big man in charge of WWE...

No matter what though, Lacey Evans is going to continue being a viable women's superstar on the WWE roster for years to come!



It's crystal clear that the WWE Universe on social media care a great deal about this athletic, energetic woman as Naomi has become such a fan favorite over the last number of years. Her entrance alone makes your heart pumping fast as if you're at some kind of concert and having the time of your life. Her upbeat energy and positive vibes give you that special emotion while watching her inside that ring that all you want to do is see her succeed.

Unfortunately, we haven't seen Naomi succeed inside that squared circle for quite some time. However, knowing the level of athleticism that the Master of the Glow brings to the table, I have no doubt in my mind that Naomi will eventually get back to her winning ways and become a champion once again.

The question is, however, do you think that it's time for Naomi to take a break from that energetic vibe and go back to being B.A.D? I'm only asking because I honestly believe that a heel Naomi and Tamina Snuka tag team could be a pretty awesome and dominating one. Naomi is definitely underrated on the microphone and being a heel brings that part of her game out better than just dancing around does.

SO as much as I enjoy feeling the incredible energy, a.k.a the glow, that Naomi comes with during her entrance into an arena, I would love to see her character change back to being B.A.D and witness her just let loose on the mic. It's TIME!

Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott


The very first thing that comes to my mind when I think about these two Riott Squad members is that they SHOULD HAVE won the WWE women's tag titles right after their reconciliation a few months ago.

I say that because the level of talent that Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott possess, especially as a unit, is remarkable. They are the epitome of what a tag team in professional wrestling should be and it's a crime in my eyes that they haven't worn gold together yet.

When Ruby was out with an injury, Liv was putting on amazing matches over on Raw by herself. You can tell that the WWE Universe was starting to take notice of her skills inside the ring and were slowly getting behind her. I hopped right onto that bandwagon and eventually realized that Liv Morgan should have gotten a Raw women's title match on a pay-per-view. THAT'S how deserving I thought Liv was a few months back.

Now that Ruby has returned, I believe it's time that these two ladies get to finally have their moment in the spotlight and become champions. I think just about every person within the WWE Universe (including Mama Sarah Logan) would agree with me when I say that. They 100% deserve it.



Over the past two years, I've watched a woman's career blossom over on NXT and have expressed my respect towards her for what she's accomplished. That woman went by the name of Mia Yim...

However, this isn't about The HBIC. This is about the new and improved, dominant woman of Retribution named Reckoning.

I've been wanting to see Reckoning on the main roster of WWE for quite some time now and the fact that she's there makes me incredibly happy for her. The only thing I'm currently waiting for is the time when Reckoning finally gets to wreck a few women on the Raw roster and solidifies herself as a dominant force to be 'reckoned' with.

I am really looking forward to seeing Retribution take the WWE by storm and create enough havoc and chaos so that Reckoning can hold a women's title above her head in triumph. I strongly feel that there's not many people in the industry that deserve a moment like that more than she does.

(And no, Retribution did NOT force me to say these kind words!)

Zelina Vega


It's a weird feeling knowing that Zelina Vega is no longer affiliated with Andrade and completely on her lonesome now, right? At first I wasn't sure how the split would play out, but then I really thought about it...

The level of talent, especially on the microphone, that Zelina has is truly remarkable. Before the WWE Thunderdome came about, it was Zelina Vega pretty much running the show on Raw each week. She was involved in multiple segments each night for over a month and guess what? She was undeniably entertaining during every single one of them.

Now that she's transported over to the blue brand and no longer managing anyone, it's time for Zelina to prove herself inside the squared circle. I believe that with enough time in her matches, Vega will continue surprising fans around the world with her mat skills to the point where she won't just be praised for her talking ability. She'll be respected for kicking some rear-end inside a ring as well.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how Zelina Vega's future on SmackDown plays out. She's certainly one to keep your eye on, that's for sure!


There's no question that the current women of WWE are the best crop of female talent that the WWE Universe has ever seen. The Women's Evolution was such a huge deal and these ladies are taking that monumental and groundbreaking movement to brand new heights right now. I have the utmost respect for every single one of them and I look forward to watching women's wrestling continue to succeed!

(Also, I want to shout-out every Becky Lynch fan who might be reading this. She'll be back in no time kicking rear-end and being The Man once again!)

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