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The Untouchable Carmella

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I understand that I stopped writing my articles a few months ago, but I just had to jot a few words down for someone who I ultimately respect and admire, Carmella.

I wrote an entire article on Carmella a couple of years ago, and in that piece, I wrote how I couldn't wait to see the heel side of Carmella come back out to play once again. Well, that time has arrived, ladies and gents, and it's already exceeded all of my expectations.

Reinventing your WWE character isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially with today's toxic Internet fanbase, and it's difficult to get the new persona as over as you want it to be. In my opinion, however, Mella has done such a well...fabulous job since returning on-screen and has proven her worth. Her mic skills have been absolutely flawless lately, as I've been hanging on every single word that flies out of her mouth. She's been such a breath of fresh air since this new persona of hers graced the presence of our television screens, and she has completely taken over the entire women's division once again. (She also has put me in the mood for champagne!)

Lastly, that match last night against Sasha Banks at TLC was hands down the greatest women's match that I've seen in a very, very long time. Carmella doesn't get enough credit for her in-ring work and last night proved that she can GO with the very best in the business. The chemistry that her and The Boss had last night was something to be admired, and I cannot wait until those two ladies clash again. It just goes to show that not only is women's wrestling amazing, but Carmella is indeed amazing at it.

She deserves all the praise and respect in the world for this latest run of hers, and I'm so damn excited to see what's next for the untouchable one!

...and more importantly, I'm excited to see more Mellabrations!

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