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The Top Rated MLS Players in Fifa 20

Kevin is a passionate and experienced writer who has been writing about MLS soccer for a number of years. Currently writing at BetTodayUSA.

5. Wayne Rooney, D.C. United (80)

Former England International Scrapes The Top 5

Joint level on an 80 rating with Toronto's Alejandro Pozuelo, Orlando's Nani, and Montreal's Ignacio Piatti, all time record goalscorer Wayne Rooney kicks off our list in fifth place.

The England and Manchester United record goalscorer is a legend within the world of soccer, carving out an infamous reputation for his passion on the pitch as well as his goalscoring prowess. In what is his final season in the MLS, Rooney's card is looking pretty solid: 81 shooting and 80 passing makes him a good all-rounder in the final third and his 76 strength should hold him up well against most defenders.

His 64 pace however is an issue for a 'ST' position, so I would recommend maybe trying Rooney out in a 'CF' or a traditional no.10 position, just so that you're less reliant on his pace and able to utilise his good passing a little bit more.

Nicolas Gaitan, Chicago Fire (81)

European Journeyman Sees Slight Downgrade, But Still In Top Five

Nicolas Gaitan is one of the most seasoned and experienced players active in the MLS this season, having turned out for giant clubs in Boca Juniors, Benfica and Atletico Madrid during his career.

Though Chicago Fire upset most MLS predictions with their disappointing 2019 regular season, Gaitan was certainly one of their top performers as he registered four goals across twenty-three appearances.

Playing in a forward 'CAM' position, Gaitan looks like one of the best all-round picks in the MLS this year. 78 Pace, 72 Shooting, 80 Passing and 82 Dribbling are all great stats and could make the Argentinian a real gem to unearth this year.

Josef Martinez, Atlanta United (82)

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Colombian Superstar Has Another Huge Card

Josef Martinez is arguably the MLS' most famous star and belongs to the competition's (current) MLS Cup Champions. Whether it is his distinctive penalty style, his pace on and off the ball, or simply his immense goalscoring record, the Colombian forward has carved out a hugely impressive reputation both inside and outside the MLS.

This year's Fifa has seen Martinez's pace and shooting once again take centre-stage at 89 and 79 respectively. 89 Pace looks to be a big number in this year's edition of Fifa and remains the fastest of any player featured on this list. Martinez's great strength and dribbling on the ball look great at 79 and 73 respectively, bringing together what looks set to be one of the most fun cards in Fifa 20.

Carlos Vela, LAFC (83)

LAFC Superstar Rises To Second

Though he comes into Fifa with an 83 'RW' positioned card, Carlos Vela's Fifa increase this year has come from his immense prowess in front of goal. The former Arsenal, Sociedad and Mexico superstar has been unplayable for this year's Supporter's Shield Winners, LAFC.

His thirty-six goals in thirty-four games during the regular season sees Carlos Vela enter this year's Fifa with a whopping 82 shooting. His best stat remains his 84 dribbling, with 80 pace rounding off another great card for the Mexican this year.

With his shooting only going to improve on the back of this great season for LAFC, it could be a tough decision between playing Vela up front or on the wings. It certainly is a great dilemma to have if the Mexican is in your side.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, LA Galaxy (85)

Swedish Great Remains The League's Best

Let's be honest, was it going to be anyone else?

Even at the age of thirty-eight, Zlatan Ibrahimovic remains one of the world's most deadly strikers, netting thirty times in a franchise setting record. With nine of those goals being match-winners for Galaxy, it goes to show just how reliant on the big Swede the LA side were during 2019.

Ibrahimovic's 88 shooting is obviously the highlight of this year's card, making him the most clinical forward in the entire division this year by a country mile. Whilst you might be worried about the Swede's 51 pace, Ibrahimovic's 91 positioning is also the best in the league and means that players are no where near as reliant on pace as they would be with other players.

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