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The Tips and Techniques of Maintaining Your Outdoor Cool Knives

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Cool Knives

Cool Knives

When the early people invented a knife, they used it as a weapon and as a utility tool as well. They carved it out of stone and bones and used it to tend to their everyday needs. However, in today’s era, we have so many types and designs of cool knives that we literally get confused when we go out to buy one for ourselves. From folding pocket knives to fixed blade knives, the variety is simply endless. There are some knives which are mostly recommended for outdoors only and some of them are meant for indoors only i.e. kitchen knives. Most popular outdoor cool knives are survival knives, hunting knives, Machetes, etc and today we will discuss in detail about hunting knives. A hunting knife is a knife which helps out in the execution of tasks related to hunting. There are many types of hunting knives i.e. skinning knife which is used to skin an animal, caping knife which is used to take off the head of the animal without breaking its neck, then come the butchering knife which is used to cut the meat into pieces so that it can be cooked. There are some hunting knives as well and apart from serving their special purposes, they can also be used as a general utility tool to build shelter, etc. A hunting knife is the best example of an outdoor knife and being used outdoors, these cool knives are subjected to harsh use which damages the knife more quickly than a regular knife used indoors to cut fruits and vegetables. These knives are made durable, strong and sturdy to bear the harsh use but still, if you do not take proper care of these knives, they wear off quite fastly.

Taking Care of Your Knife

The following are some ways via which you can properly take care of your cool knives and maintain them properly as well.

Cleaning the Knife

The most basic way through which you can take care of your knife is by cleaning it properly and often. Even if you did not use it and just grabbed it, you must still clean it with a dry and clean cloth. Why? Because your hands may also have left residue and slight dirt on the blade of the knife which if left there can give birth to rusting which is more likely to happen in a carbon steel blade than in a stainless steel blade. Also, sweat contains salts and other minerals which are likely to penetrate into the blade fastly, resulting in damage to the blade. You can clean your cool knives in a variety of ways. First of all, you can keep it simple by using only soap and water to clean your knife. However, do clean it with a dry and clean cloth afterward to dry it otherwise the water can result in rusting of the blade. Never use some strong substances for cleaning the blade of your knife and if your knife has some stains that won’t come off with simple soap and water, then mix together some salt in vinegar and apply this on the stains. Then clean the knife with a dry cloth and store it properly in a safe and dry place, most preferably inside a knife sheath.

Storing the Knife

Storing a knife in a clean and dry place is of utmost importance after you clean it properly as mentioned above. Make sure that the place where you are storing your cool knives is a dry place and is free from humidity. Avoid using a scabbard for storing a knife and especially a metallic scabbard as it will make the knife more prone to rusting and corrosion. You can use a polyvinyl or a nylon sheath instead which will keep your knife safe. However, if you want to store your knife for a longer duration, then wrap it up in clean paper and then put it in a plastic bag so that the knife stays safe from humidity and wetness. Moreover, do not use a leather scabbard as well as leather attracts humidity which is bad for the blade of your cool knives. However, if you want sheaths to carry your knives safely for short duration i.e. on a hunting trip, then you can use leather sheaths which are quite safe.

Applying Lubricant

The next thing you can for the maintenance of your cool knives is to lubricate them often. Oil is the best lubricant among all and does a wonderful job. Oil is even used to lubricate the knife and they prevent the blade from getting too rusty. Especially apply oil on the joint between the handle and the blade to keep it lubricated as the rust starts from there and then damages the whole blade.

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