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The Sporting Success and Failings of England's Teams


Football World Cup 1966-1990

In 1966 England hosted the Football World Cup and England were successful beating West Germany in the final at Wembley 4-2 AET.

This world cup was England's most successful ever as we have never made the final of the Mens Tournament since. The closest they have got since was their 4th place in 1990 after loosing to West Germany in a nail biting semi final that was decided on penalties and then to Italy in the 3rd place playoff.


England's men have had just as little success in the European Tournament with no Finals appearances and the 1996 Tournement ending for them in nearly the same way as the 1990 World Cup.


Mens and Womans World Cup Comparison 1990 onwards

As stated above 1990 was England mens best Tournament since 1966 and at this point the mens team was doing better internationally that the womans as they were nowhere to be seen at the 1991 inaugural Womans World Cup.

1994 saw England's men sitting out the world cup after failing to qualify.

In 1995 the Woman's team reached the quarter finals only to be knocked out by Germany.

In 1998 England's men could only reach the last 16.

1999 saw no England Woman's team in the finals.

2002 saw the men reach the quarter finals.

The woman were again not present at the 2003 tournament.

The men reached the quarter finals again in 2006.

The women managed to reach the quarter finals in 2007 loosing to Portugal on penalties. They even managed to hold Germany to a draw in the group stage.

2010 saw the men loose to Germany in their last 16 match.

2011 saw the woman knocked out in the quarter finals loosing on penalties again.

2014 saw the mens worst proformance since not qualifying back in 1994. They came last in their group after not managing to win even one match.

2015 saw the womens best ever result and the best result for an England senior Football team since 1966. The Women may not have won the Tournement but comming third was a great achievement especially since they beat Germany to get there.


The men and woman have had the same success and failings over the last 25 years however in the most recent Tournements the Women have done better than the men.


Rugby World Cup


The Men have won the Tournement once back in 2003. They have been runners up twice in 1991 and 2007.

In 2015 on home soil the team failed like the mens football team to make it out of the group stage.


The women's team have been successful since the beginning of the Women's Rugby World Cup back in 1991. They have been runners up on four occasions, won the Tournement twice and come third once.

Their most recent success was 2014's Tournament win against Canada in France.


2016 sees the turn of the Mens Football Team at the European Championship. They seem to be playing well but will they be able to put their World Cup failings behind them and pull off what to some has started to see as impossible?

It is also Olympic Year and that means all round sport and a great opportunity for British sport to shine. I am looking forward to watching a great year of sport and hope you are to.

Will update this with England's Euro result as the Euros progress.

Euro 2016

Euro 2016 is in the news for all the wrong reasons as the so called fans cause agro in the streets and stadiums. This is another thing that has mared English sport, especially football for a long time.

England Vs Russia

In the first half it seemed like neither team would score but then England had a break through and scored in the second half. But it was not to be as Englands players seemed to get complacent just before the final whistle and Russia managed to equalise. They need to win the rest of the games including the one against Wales who played well in there opening game winning 2-1.

Overall Conclusion

It seems that in recent years the Woman's teams have surpassed the men's in playing ability. This may only be a short term thing but I hope they continue to do well and show that Women are just as good if not better than men at some sports.

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