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The Second Wave

Why such things are happening? Don’t let them loose, they may wreak havoc

The situation is going out of control.

Several scientists emphasize that the Covid-19 pandemic will create a long-lasting troublesome and traumatic effect.

Several scientists emphasize that the Covid-19 pandemic will create a long-lasting troublesome and traumatic effect.

The Second Wave

The more dangerous COVID-19 virus second wave has already captured the masses and caused devastation around the world. This is because, India, on Thursday, April 15, has accounted for the biggest single-day increase to above 2 Lakh cases.

The situation is going out of control. India reported 2 Lakh COVID-19 virus cases on Thursday, 15 April 2021. Scientists, Medical professionals, researchers, academicians are sending stern warnings, not to take the Covid-19 pandemic lightly. It can create untold havoc trending in one direction towards devastation. Several scientists emphasize that the Covid-19 pandemic will create a long-lasting troublesome and traumatic effect.

Medical professionals have repeatedly been advising people to avoid taking risky actions, to follow all COVID-19 safety measures, not to consider the situation lightly. They are informing each person around the world to maintain every preventive measure like wearing of masks, hand washing, hygiene methods, and above all, to maintain social distancing. People have shown the tendency of casual behavior, showing carelessness. They feel they are completely protected, while they should know to remain extremely alert in the prevailing dangerous condition. In the present circumstances, the virus is thinning out very quickly. It can infect any person within a minute. The conditions have not remained the same as last time. Earlier, the exposure would take roughly 10 minutes to catch the virus infection.

The respiratory expert Dr. Sandeep Nayar, told at the super-specialty BLK hospital to the media house that even when one family member tests COVID positive, unintentionally though, despite all precautions and isolation, all the remaining family members can get the virus.

The ultimate goal of Covid-19 is to create havoc, cause disaster, not only in one country but the entire world. This is a destructible specter roaming freely through every lane and path of the countries wreaking all manners of chaos and mayhem.

The covid virus, trauma can remain in your body for a long time, wreaking havoc. Science is yet trying to learn, experiment, and find out how our body and brain get affected and how we get reacted to the covid virus, which creates life-changing consequences. We need to be alert because we are not sure about Covid-19 traumatic effects and how it functions.

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In Delhi, people between the age group of 30 and 40 are mostly affected by this virus. This is because they mostly move around too much and also they are more in number. Hence, during the prevailing dangerous situation, negligence, eroding fear, avoiding COVID preventive measures, and precautions are considered as the prime reasons for the abrupt surge in coronavirus causes.

People are taking the situation lightly, not wearing masks, not following social distancing norms, and also not taking the COVID vaccine. Hence, the virus is mutating to become stronger. All of them should be aware that before this second wave of covid pandemic creates total mayhem in the country, people should remain alert, and take maximum precautions to prevent further spread of this deadly virus.

Covid-19 coronavirus has already created considerable social, economic, and political upheaval before considered to be the “number one public enemy". This statement comes after knowing that the death toll has crossed many thousands from the virus. Thousands are already infected and they are in precarious condition. There is a shortage of beds in the hospital. Health workers are getting exhausted. There is a shortage of medical equipment, devices, safety appliances, and medicines to cure them.

This kind of coronavirus tsunami in the form of the second wave of Covid-19 was not seen before.

What is the reason India jumped from virtual calm to suddenly reach the new crisis?

This because malls, markets, workplaces Kumba Mela have reopened. The transport services started operating at their full capacity. Large-scale election rallies, festivals, and weddings are being held frequently. Doctors and medical practitioners are facing too much burden managing covid patients. It has turned out to be a dangerous and uncontrollable "Covid tsunami". People are seen to be careless, moving freely without wearing masks, not maintaining hygienic hand washing methods, and not adopting social distancing.

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