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The Poor Neglected Football Tee

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

The kicking tee is a very important part of the sport of football.

The kicking tee is a very important part of the sport of football.

No use in wasting time. I will introduce this hub and get on with it. Did you ever realize that no matter how talented a football team may be or how great their head coach may be, they are nothing. Absolutely nothing without that one little almost-insignificant piece of equipment called the Tee. Not afternoon Tea with lemons, but the Tee. Now have you got a mental picture? If not, it's about time that you and I who are free citizens in the U.S.A. had better wake-up and start taking stock of the things that are around us and the football tea has to reign near the top of the Life's Important List.

Don't you think that this is a needed list? Do not try to talk me out of it because I believe in it one-hundred percent and will not back-up .Why? Well, the answer is very simple. For yours truly, it has been a lot of fun (in latter months) to look for something that I've been wanting to know more closely about its creator, distribution and such. Then share the information to my friends at HubPages.

Now for some fantastic technical talk: Author: Jan Stenerud, an excellent professional kicker who played in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs, came to the following realization. A football kicking tee is used which is especially useful by soccer style kickers when a horizontal ball supporting platform has three depending legs that support the tee above the football turf at a desired height, two upright elements and a third upright member at the rear of the tee platform strategically located to engage the sidewall of the football and hold it upright until kicked even under relatively windy conditions. That should say it all.

No matter the team or location, the tee is always part of the game.

No matter the team or location, the tee is always part of the game.

But now, here's why I want to talk a few more minutes about the poor pitiful football kicking tee. After I conclude this presentation, then I hope you and I will come away with a new-found respect for the lowly football tee. I will do my best to not burst-down and weep uncontrollably.

The football tee has absolutely nothing to do about the golf tee, a rival invention which is smaller than the football tea, but being honest, is also very important. The American football tee is used in high school, college and professional football. The golfing tee is only used by amateur and professional golfers. Big audiences attend both the football games as well as golf and golf tournaments. But the two tee's have probably never met. And oh, how sad.

Don't you think it's sad how the golf tee has managed to capture most of the TV and real life supporters of 2021? I do, but understand that this warped mindset has been this way since the two sports were created. First, in the tough blood-shed years when professional football was just growing from infancy to toddler level, the players did not even know what a tee was. No. They used their index finger to steady the football while the kicker was taking aim to kick the ball to the opposing team.

This worked. And no one dared to say anything against any of the pro football players or even the pro golf players. You see, America was in its early prosperity time and such things as asking questions about golfing tee's and pro football tee's were just accepted and life went on/. But one thing came to light recently. Recently, the men and women of NASA have found that there is water droplets found on the planet Mars, so this explosion of new find's, I thought it prudent to give the football kicking tee a small pat on the back and give it the applause and appreciation that it deserves.

The prim and proper golf tee.

The prim and proper golf tee.

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Honestly, I do not care that much about the "Hollywood Pretty Boy" golfing tee in its throng of supporters and can take being hit by a heavy iron by the rich and popular golfing great's such as Gary Player, Jack Nickalus and everyone's hero: Arnold Palmer. But as for the pro and amateur football kickers, here are a few of their names:: Jan Stenerud, Lou Groza. Cleveland 1946-59, ‘61-67. 4-time first-team All-Pro, 9-time Pro Bowl: Morten Andersen New Orleans 1982-94; Atlanta 1995-2000; George Blanda. Chicago 1949, ‘50-58; Baltimore Colts 1950; Houston . . .and the still-famous, now-late Tom Dempsey, 73, who kicked a 63-yard field goal in New Orleans on Nov. 8, 1970. The record-setting kick gave the Saints an upset 19-17 win over the Lions. Joe Scarpati is the holder. I wonder right now, if Scarpati ever received as many accolades as did Dempsey?

Economically speaking, a professional football tee varies from $4.95 to $7.00 while golf tees can be sold for large quantities, 100 tees per pack, $10.00, and guess what? The golf tee, thanks to its overall popularity, costs the golfers amateur and professional a bit more than the lowly pro, college and prep football tee's. I think this is an outrage. I think that the football tee and golfing tee should be sold for the same price. Don't you?

For a piece of my own view of the two tee's, let me just tell you that both tee's, football and golf, are far from equal when it's time for a game or tournament. The pitiful football tee is subjected to all kinds of weather--rain, snow, ice, scorching-hot sun, and the tee handles it with NO complaint. Even the place kickers many times hit the tee when making an extra point or kicking-off to another team. I am so, so sorry to know how a football tee is treated.

And if the wind or some other distraction causes the football to keep sliding off the tee, the referee's, who are not a patient lot, will quickly instruct the kicker to get one his pals to get down on one knee and hold the ball for kicking. This application also applies to the place kicker who wants to get into the record books by kicking a history-making field goal can rely on another player to hold the ball for him when a tee will not work.

And as for the famous golf tee, they are treated with a lot of respect. When a professional golfer tee's off, he might lose his tee and not get it back, but thank God for his caddy, who has a great amount of golf tees in his golf club bag. So you see the golf tee is always taken care of. But not the football tee. I best get finished with this because I am growing angry by the minute.

God help the poor, neglected, abused football tee of every football division. I seriously mean that. I mean, how would you and I be subjected to such punishment and abuse when we get on the gridiron about 16 games in a row.

Not good. Not good at all.

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