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The Philadelphia 76ers become an NBA title contender in a matter of days.

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Recently, the Philadelphia 76ers sign Doc Rivers as their new head coach.

A few days after losing his position as head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, Doc Rivers was hired as the new head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers.

For several seasons to come, this move could shake up the Eastern Conference. It is announced that he has reached an agreement with the ambiguous 76ers franchise to be their next head coach for the next five seasons.

With coach Rivers at the helm of the 76ers, they will be one of the strongest Eastern Conference teams for the 2020-21 season.

Despite what many people say, the 76ers don't have any problems with the roster. The 76ers have all the talent they need on their roster to win the championship. They showcase one of the best young duos in the NBA, along with a supporting cast including Tobias Harris, Alec Burks, Al Horford, and Mike Scott. There was, however, something lacking when the 76ers played basketball. Perhaps Doc is the solution to the problems of the 76ers.

I don't like seeing NBA teams underperform, particularly in the playoffs. The 76ers have been underperforming as a team for years when it matters the most to NBA fans. Climaxing with the 76ers being swept in the first round of the 2020 playoffs. Granted Ben Simmons was hurt, but the 76ers were abysmal in their attempts to defeat the Boston Celtics. However, Embiid showed some improvements and averaged 30.0 PPG and 12.3 RPG for just 36.3 MPG.

The 76ers are arguably the apex of underperforming franchises. For a really long time, the 76ers have not had a postseason success. Their fans have endured more than a drought spanning a few seasons. The franchise has not been in the finals of the conference for the past 19 seasons.

At the start of the season, I figure that the 76ers are the second best team in the Eastern Conference behind the Boston Celtics.

However, the 76ers' star pair has several problems that need to be sorted out. The only hindrance to Embiid's game has been his minute restrictions. As for Simmons, he clearly needs to be a better scorer for the 76ers. Last season, the 76ers were 10-5 last season when Simmons scored more than 19 points in the game. In my opinion, Simons needs to become more of a scorer for the 76ers to be competitive in the playoffs. He has all the talent needed to be the second offensive choice of the 76ers.

Either Tobias Harris or Ben Simmons must become a secondary offensive option for the 76ers.Coach Rivers coached Tobias Harris while he was at the Los Angeles Clippers. Harris averaged 20.9 points per game with Doc as his mentor. Rivers should be able to make the most of Harris as a player.

Similar to Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s, Simmons when he plays well is reminiscent of Magic Johnson. The elite point guard and center pair are unusual in the NBA. Kareem-Abdul Jabbar's supremacy and Magic's passing ability produced openings for his teammates to score. However, in James Worthy, the Lakers had a great secondary offensive option.

Finally, the 76ers need more focus while they're playing. Playoffs are competitive enough, and teams need every advantage they can get to succeed. Rivers should be able to give the 76ers real hopes of winning the championship and hopefully encourage his team.

In the end, the struggles of the 76ers over the past few seasons have not been addressed to many fans. But with Doc as their new head coach, the 76ers are sure to be an NBA championship contender in no time.

With their new roster and head coach, I see the 76ers as the favorites to win the Eastern Conference next season. And at the very least, make the Eastern Conference Finals.

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