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The NFL Kneeling Controversy Is Not a Controversy

Ronald Bachner has 30 years experience in building inspection, safety, and real estate experience. He enjoys local theater for relaxation.

Art Rooney II - Owner - Pittsburgh Steelers

Art Rooney II - Owner - Pittsburgh Steelers

Art Rooney II - One of multiple statements made by owner.

Art Rooney II - One of multiple statements made by owner.

The NFL Today

The news story today (09-25-17) is the story of the sports players taking a knee or not participating in the singing or playing of the national anthem. They are at odds with President Trump who called them out.

This matter is hilarious. It is even more hilarious that it has sucked the club owners in and the NFL. The fact is that the players who participate are wrong in using a sports event to make a political statement or to use this format to make a personal statement. The club owners jumped on board and blamed Trump for trying to suppress their right to free speech. I hope the owners keep this in mind when they tell players to not spike the ball, scratch themselves, do end zone dances, and pat each other on the back side when they catch the ball. They are only expressing their right to express themselves. Isn't Donald Trump allowed to express his views?

I was appalled that the Pittsburgh Steelers’s did not participate in the national anthem. Only one Steeler did, Alejandro Villanueva, a former Army Ranger. I do not know who made this decision for the Steelers’s but they should be fired. Isn’t the head coach Mike Tomlin responsible for the players on the field. If it was the owner(s) the decision will come back and bite them in the back side along with the other owners.

The fact is that all you players are playing a sports game. You are not being asked to serve in the military, put your hand over your heart, pledge allegiance, adopt a political view, give your personal view, or join a political party. If you have any class you stand there and listen to the national anthem. You show respect for the venue and country you are in. It's only a few minutes.

Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers’s quarterback said this does not mean we do not support the flag, troops, or the military. If not what does it mean? You spent 14 years in the league. Every week you go out and stand for the national anthem. Did you and your team mates forget?

I know I have less respect for the players, owners, and the NFL more than ever. Will all you hypocrites please kneel down. Where will the players and owners take this next. If you are kneeling, are you praying to our Lord Jesus Christ?

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If the NFL has a code of conduct it should be you stand there while the national anthem is sung or played. Any player who does not should get fined. There are no boundaries any more. Maybe we should vote with our wallets.

The Steelers’s owner Art Rooney released a statement. I can only say he missed the point completely in my view. Ben Roethlisberger said the team will stay in the tunnel for the next game. A sign of unity. Alejandro Villanueva says he regrets coming out and not supporting his team (this makes you wonder why he went out to the field for the national anthem. Did he now choose his team mates over the national anthem? Did he know why he went out there the first time? This leaves you scratching your head).

I do know that I looked forward to watching the football game on Sunday and just relaxing. It was a couple of hours of escape from the crap of the world during the week. It has now changed. During the game you will now get a political message and further attempts to blame Donald Trump which is nonsense. Who is using who.

I will now find something else to do on my Sundays. Maybe it will blow over but there will ever be a stain on watching a football game on Sunday in America. They will now be announcing that no team is coming out to stand for the national anthem. The writing is on the wall some teams and some members will now have to choose. What does this mean for the National Anthem? What does this mean for the so called right to speak of players? What does it mean for the fans?

One thing is certain their will be no team or league unity come this Sunday. Please vote in our poll below to express your view. The NFL and the owners better get their teams/players under control and their priorities straight.

If you have something you want to say call your own press conference on your own time. I salute all you football players who in your off time or off season are working on your second career as a professional doctor, engineer, teacher, and so on.

Today May 24, 2018 the NFL established a new policy requiring any player on the field to stand or face a fine during the national anthem. They gave the players the option to stay in the back or tunnel if they disagreed. The NFL collapsed in taking a real stand. It is clear the players play for the team, the player is required to be on the field, and they should be under the authority of the league, a business enterprise. They have now stated the player has a choice in the matter.

What is your opinion?

What is your opinion?

© 2017 Ronald Bachner

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