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The Most Lovable "Odd Couples" in WWE History

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Over the years, the members of the WWE Universe have seen a whole lot of unexpected pairings that have made them all raise their eyebrows in confusion as to why they're together. However, those same pairings somehow turned out to be beloved and appreciated, and most importantly, they WORKED!

Here are just a few of those "Odd Couples" that we've all come to adore:

The Rock and Mankind


When talking about the oddest pairings in WWE history, how do these two legendary superstars not strike your mind right away? The Rock and Mankind were from two different sides of the human spectrum, with no reason to ever collaborate. One was a self-confident athlete who beat up jabronis, raised eyebrows, and ate a certain kind of pie, and the other was a deranged maniac who liked being slammed on thumb tacks, enjoyed getting thrown off of high steel structures, and talked to a sock.

Never in a million years did anyone ever expect these two to come together and become one of the most lovable duos in WWE history. However, much to the dismay of The Great One, the Rock-n-Sock Connection was born...

Between Mankind stealing all of The Rock's catchphrases and sing-a-longs, to him putting on the ultimate show of shows with the "This Is Your Life" segment for The Rock, the comedic performances from these two always made every single fan watching abrupt with joy and laughter. Whenever the two would win the WWE Tag Team titles together, the crowd in attendance would erupt in elation, knowing that this dynamic (and unusual) duo would be intact for at least one more week.

Their chemistry and comedic brilliance together made for such great television and their antics will make them go down as one of the most entertaining tag teams of all time.

Booker T and Goldust


Speaking of the word "odd", how can someone create a list like this without even mentioning one of the most bizarre characters in WWE history?

Over his long, historic career, Goldust has had many memorable partnerships with other individuals on the WWE roster. However, not many fans would argue that his best and most entertaining moments came when he teamed up with the one and only, Booker T.

The 5-time WCW champ was always one to want to beat suckas up, perform spin-a-roonies, and make everyone DIG all the cool things he was saying. Nobody thought that somebody like Booker T would EVER mesh well together with a deranged film-maker who dressed in all gold, painted his face, and made inappropriate advances towards every person he came into contact with.

However, the unthinkable happened when these two comedic geniuses became a force on Raw and one of the most entertaining tag teams ever in WWE. Each week, the members of the WWE Universe would wait with anticipation to see how Booker T and Goldust would make them slap their knees in laughter. Their backstage segments made for such amazing television that it left fans wanting more and more.

Daniel Bryan and Kane


You want to talk about entertaining? Back in 2012, if you were to look up the word "entertainment" in the dictionary, it would just be a picture of these two arguing with one another. Daniel Bryan and Kane were the unlikeliest of duos that we never in a million years thought would be such a success that it became to be.

Everybody knows about the career of Kane and what kind of monster that he was, especially when he first debuted in the WWE. Every once in awhile, he would bring out a comedic side to him, but nothing he did ever compared to the laughter he provided while with Daniel Bryan. As solo competitors, both men were successful and always liked to do things their way. So when it was time for them to share responsibilities, let's just say that it wasn't particularly easy for either of them.

All the arguing and the willingness to one-up each other while competing in the ring became a toxic situation for the duo. Therefore, Daniel and Kane needed help, and not just any kind of help...

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...they needed the help from a special therapist by the name of Dr. Shelby.

During this time, the WWE Universe couldn't get enough of the segments between these three as they lit up our television screens, making us smile and laugh our rear-ends off. Who can ever forget the time when Team Hell No were summoned to take anger management classes together?

From all the laughs and entertaining segments they brought to us, there's STILL only one question we haven't had answered.....Who was the true Tag Team Champion?!?

Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix


One was a Glamazon who destroyed the women's division on a weekly basis. The other was a pesky funny-man who made everyone laugh with his antics on a weekly basis. Those two TOGETHER on a weekly basis? How would THAT ever work?

Well, it totally did. Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix were that unlikely tandem that just meshed well together that left all of us wondering how. What this collaboration did was ease away the seriousness of the Beth Phoenix character and added a comedic layer to it. Who better to bring that side out of her than the one and only, Santino Marella?

Although we laugh when we're reminded about these two being together, they were also a pretty formidable alliance as they defeated the likes of Kofi Kingston and Mickie James in a Mixed Tag Team/Winner Take All match at SummerSlam 2008. When Beth dropped Mickie with the Glam Slam, she became the new Women's Champion while Santino became the new Intercontinental Champion. Their "relationship" created great individual successes and their chemistry with one another in AND out of the ring was second to none.

If The Glamazon's relationship with Santino wasn't enough entertainment for the fans, let's not forget that she also had to deal with his "sister" a few times in her career as well...

R-Truth and Carmella


R-Truth has always been the most beloved superstar that always was nice enough to ask the WWE Universe "what's up" with them each time he made his way towards the squared circle. The happy-go-lucky rapper was the epitome of what positive entertainment looked like in the WWE. He was always full of smiles while providing laughter and joy to every man, woman, and child all around the world.

Carmella was the Princess of Staten Island who reminded the WWE Universe each week that she was better than everyone. She graced the top of the women's mountain with the SmackDown Women's Title in her grasp, knowing that nobody could touch her. She was despised by the audience and booed to the point where they just wanted to see her fall!

Soooo how would those two different kinds of people COME TOGETHER?

Well, to answer that question in just one word, fabulously.

When Truth and Mella first got together, every member of the WWE Universe raised their eyebrows in confusion, wondering how this duo could possibly work. As time when on, it became apparent that they were just meant to be. Dance breaking became the new hit sensation all across the WWE Universe as fans of all ages fell in love with the concept of these two together. Their immediate chemistry was felt as each week the fans couldn't wait to see what they would do next.

From all the dance breaks, the funny banter, the running away from other superstars while holding the 24/7 Title, and everything else in between, R-Truth and Carmella's friendship was an ultimate success.

Al Snow and Steve Blackman


Come on. Who can forget about Head Cheese?

Al Snow was one of the weirdest, but most beloved characters of the Attitude Era. Each week the WWE Universe would just wait on pins and needles, wondering what Al would say or do next. I mean, anybody who has full blown conversations with a fake head is always going to be interesting to a group of people watching them.

However, if you were to draw out the complete opposite human being to Al Snow, you would certainly be drawing Steve Blackman. "The Lethal Weapon" was more on the serious tone and was always ready for a fight to break out at any moment.

You put those two combustible elements together and it just equals comedy gold. The outgoing personality of Al Snow mixed with the "no personality" of Steve Blackman made for such great television and gave the audience another reason to enjoy Blackman's character.

Long live Head Cheese!

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross


One is The Goddess of WWE who always thought about herself before anyone else. The other is a crazy Scottish madwoman who loved to fight and well, play with others. Who ever thought that Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross would become a viable tag team in the women's division?

When the two first came together, everyone, and I mean everyone, believed that Alexa was just using Nikki for her own personal gain. Knowing Alexa's past, that wasn't such a far-fetched opinion. However, as weeks went by, it started to become crystal clear that there wasn't any bad intentions in the mind of Alexa Bliss at all. The two then became the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions together. Not only that, they also became one of the most lovable duos in all of WWE.

Bliss Cross Applesauce was then born. Seeing the joy bouncing off of Nikki as she hugs her partner in crime every week on SmackDown just makes you smile. The surprising friendship and bond that they share together makes you realize that it just makes sense. They click well together and for whatever reason, it just works.

I certainly look forward to seeing more Moments of Bliss with these two as a unit, with cups of coffee in their hands!

The New Day


Remember when Big E was just the bodyguard for Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee? Remember when Kofi Kingston was just mesmerizing us with his in-ring abilities without talking on the mic? And remember when Xavier Woods was just stealing the Funkadactyls away from Brodus Clay?

Who knew that when you put those three guys together that it would spark into one of the greatest tag teams in the history of the WWE?

The New Day has been the constant breath of fresh air over the past number of years and their camaraderie has been incredibly special to witness. The personalities of all three have completely shined and the comedic entertainment they provide on a weekly basis together is remarkable. The fact that Kofi, Big E, and Xavier found each other is pure fate and their strong bond is entirely sacred.

From Booty-o's to flinging pancakes to twerking down the ramp, The New Day always knows how to bring a good time towards the fans. Their chemistry and connection with the audience is just something you can't teach. It doesn't matter what the age group is as these three cater to the needs of every kind of fan. Man, woman, child, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, dog, cat, fish -- it truly doesn't matter. Everybody loves these three comedic geniuses together and there's NO changing that.

I have a strong hunch that we'll all be FEELING THE POWER of The New Day for a very, very long time...


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