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The Living Room Trail: Utah Hiking for Families with Kids

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Catching the view in a sandstone chair from the Living Room

Catching the view in a sandstone chair from the Living Room

The Living Room

The Living Room trail is a really fun, short hike that travels up above the University of Utah campus and arrives at a viewpoint of the city, fully furnished with a love seat and chair made out of sandstone. This is a very popular trail - you'll see many people, especially students, on weekends and evenings. It is a quick hike to be able to do immediately after work. Many people do this as a sunset hike. It is a good trail to do in the fall, with beautiful fall leaves, or in the spring for wildflowers and greenery. There is partial shade for most of the trail, so even a summer hike is popular.

There are many trails and spur trails in the area, so it is difficult to find the trail if you haven't been before. Our first attempt was unsuccessful, but we had plenty of company with many others asking us if they were on the right path to the Living Room. Armed with more detailed trail information, we had no problems once we knew we were on the right trail. Download the GPS track below or read the trail information in detail before you go.

There is no official parking lot, so you will need to just park on the street. You will see a trail head sign on the east side of the street. Just under 0.2 of a mile, the trail arrives at the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. This is where many people may take the wrong path. Go to the right (south) for just 50 feet. Then turn left (east) towards the foothills. You'll know you're on the correct path as the gravel trail enters a ravine shaded by many trees.

At approximately 0.7 miles, the trail cuts up onto the slope overlooking a ravine. Just over a mile of hiking, there is a fork in the trail. Take the trail that curves to the left continuing to outline the ravine. Just a short jaunt later (just 0.1 miles) you arrive at the Living Room.

Take in the views and enjoy a rest on man-made sandstone furniture. There is a short trail behind the Living Room that continues up the hill for another 0.2 miles and leads to the Red Butte Overlook with views of the canyon.

Fall leaves on the Living Room Hike

Fall leaves on the Living Room Hike

Sandstone love seat at the Living Room.

Sandstone love seat at the Living Room.

Length: 2.5 miles roundtrip

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Elevation Gain: 1,095 feet

Ending Elevation: 5,978 feet

Best time to go: Beautiful in spring, summer, and fall.

Hiking time: Approximately 1 hour 40 minutes.

How to get there: Take Foothill Drive towards University of Utah. Turn right onto Wakara Way. Turn right onto Colorow Drive (the street right before the Red Butte Gardens entrance). You'll see the trail head sign approximately at 0.2 miles on the left side of Colorow Drive. Park anywhere on the street.

Other info: Dogs are allowed on this trail. There are no bathrooms or water at the trailhead.

GPS Track

If you are worried about finding the correct trail, feel free to download the GPS track to your IPhone or IPad. Just click on the link below. You may also view the track on GoogleMaps.

GPS Map of the Living Room Trail

GPS Map of the Living Room Trail

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