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The Lazy Creative: Why the Laziest Person You Know Could Be the Smartest In the Room

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Creativity is intelligence having fun according to Einstein. Well watching movies is having fun, analyzing them... the best


Most of us are familiar with ‘The lazy song’ by Bruno Mars. That song perfectly describes us on some days probably the weekend or even the days when all the stress decides to take a toll on us.

Then again, there are some people that we know whose entire life seems like the song itself.

At times out of concern we begin to wonder if they ever get productive or even do what they should.

Great individuals such as Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Sir Winston Churchill, Picasso among many others were said to be incredibly lazy and still managed to achieve massive success which goes to prove that being lazy doesn’t necessarily stop a person from being his/her possible best

Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world states that he would always find a lazy person to do a job as they would work out an easier way to do it.

So it can be said that laziness activates that part of you that works things out in the way that is the least stressful making you innovative and definitely creative.

In moments where you feel drained of energy or the inspiration towards a project, we can find the ability to tap into a part of ourselves that is quite the genius.


Ever had the moment where you just finally found the right angle and temperature in bed and you get an idea for a project or remember something you really should do?

This further emphasizes that being extremely relaxed piques up something in us.

While laziness can come as side effects of being ill or depressed. It can also be seen as a trigger for creativity and innovation.

When you look at microwaves, washing machines, remote controls, escalators and so on. They get things done quicker and easier, don’t you think it was an idea of someone who was lazy enough to sit and dream of it?

The quality of kicking back physically doesn’t go the same for the brain. Yes, it has fewer operations to deal with in bodily actions but your thoughts still run wild.

At this point a lot of ideas come through and you have to filter through them.

The ones who have managed to master this state of mind become their best selves as they activate their genius faculty and create magic whether it’s art, inventions and so on

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Handling Stress

Lazy people are people who are seen to handle stress really well and hardly ever burn out as they go out for every activity fully rested and therefore more clearheaded and so perform better.

Anyone ever have that friend who could spend 22 hours sleeping, 2 hours reading and then ace a test even better than you who spent all night preparing? Could be annoying but it’s all just being tactfully lazy.

Mental Health

It’s also seen that slacking off can be very good for the mental health because instead of being busy to distract yourself from the issues, you get to sit down and mentally dissect the issue till you thoroughly understand it and find a way out

The brain is a machine that keeps working so you would probably have a dozen bad ideas before getting it right.

All this needs time and this could just be at the moment you would simply kick back and relax

You finally give yourself room to feel all the emotions been squashed at the base of your throat and finally see clearly after you ride that emotional wave successfully.

Therefore putting you ahead and calmer than a lot of the population that relieve themselves by transferring aggressions


Goal Setting

Lazy people can be also seen to be great goal setters.

Realizing you have a lot to do and not the vibe or energy for it can drive them to create a list and do it from most prioritized to the least.

In doing this requires smarts of course, they have to be creative and remember which is very important, even down to how much time it could take.

Creativity is connectivity between your ideas and even yourself. Sometimes it’s not all about creating something new but connecting the old with something so obscure and making people go “whoa, I’d never actually seen it that way”


In being a lazy creative, you have to remember to differentiate between being tactfully lazy and being slothful.

There’s always a thin line between it all and that single element is simply being deliberate.

Deliberate in the sense that you have to be intentional about working your mind in your laze moments.

While your body kicks back, your brain has gotta kick up and go into an idea drill

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