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The Golden State Warriors Are the 2022 Champs!

I called this series in 6 games for the Golden State Warriors

What an interesting time to be alive at the present. Every time we turn around we have all of this negativity that is quite palpable at every turn.

You read the stories on social media, the idiot box, and the latest blogs. These things are littered with some sort of negativity about current events.

With this being said, we turn to sports to sort of "nullify" what appears to be doom and gloom that is larger than Jurassic World.

This time of year brings the Stanley Cup, MLB, and the NBA Finals. I mean, what else could you ask for?

The NBA Finals featured some of the most talented young men in the league today.

One man stands out from the crowd, and that is non-other than Mr. Steph "Chef" Curry.

Before I commence on this legend mentioned above, I just want to recap some post-season moments between the two teams.

The Boston Celtics

The beasts from the east. This team is replete with a slew of championships from the players that played before them.

This franchise is one of the most successful teams in the NBA trailing only one team, and that is the Los Angelos Lakers.

Whenever we hear the word "Celtics" some avid fans will have the memory of their respected player of yesteryear buried deep down inside their subconscious.

One player in particular for me that comes to my mind is non-other than Larry Bird.

I'll save this excerpt for another time.

The 2022 Celtics team played hard. Throughout the NBA season, they remained relatively healthy to retain their edge in the eastern conference.

The team proved that they were young, hungry, and consistent.

With this, they finished top in their division. The playoffs are another story.

With youth, chemistry, and excellent basketball IQ among the players, they defeated top teams en route to the Finals.

One series in particular that stands out was the Milwaukee Bucks series.

Giannis is an athletic beast! The Celtics had their hands full trying to contain Giannis from scoring at will.

With the Celtics ranking high on defense during the 21-22 season, this helped mitigate the damage that Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks could've caused for the Celtics.

It was nice to see the exchange in energy between the two teams during that span.

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Personally, I didn't think that Boston was going to wiggle their way out of that predicament.

Mind you, the last time the Celtics were in the NBA Finals was in 2010.

Milwaukee is the defending NBA champions.

Now, with Milwaukee out of the way, they could focus on their next target, the Golden State Warriors.

Chef Curry predicted this a year ago

Last year, the Golden State Warriors were going thru some growing pains. Klay Thompson was out for that season, and Steph had to take over as captain leading the new talent and facing his obstacles.

Last year, Steph said in a press conference verbatim, "just you wait until next year."

Steph Curry is one hell of an athlete as far as modern standards go.

He rarely complains, he remains humble, he is very unselfish and one of the most admirable things about him is his determination and mindset.

When he plays out there, he is totally locked in. The excitement the fans witness, when he hits a 40ft three-pointer, is astounding!

To me, he is what this generation of athletes is missing. He is exemplary, hardly in the tabloids for wrong-doing.

The Golden State Warriors had their fair share of tumult this past season.

They started hot winning consecutive games. Then I don't know what happened during the middle of the season.

I'll tell you what, I didn't even think they were championship-caliber material.

But, they defied all odds and played their hearts out for the remainder of the season.

The post-season was a little challenging for this ball club. The two teams that gave the Golden State Warriors a hard time were the Memphis Grizzlies and the Dallas Mavericks.

Both of those teams mentioned above have youth on their side. The Warriors roster, including Step Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson are in their mid-thirties respectively.

Oh, forgot one other player that is a veteran. His name is Andre Iguodala. He is 36 I reckon.

That is archaic to be a ball player hahaha!

During the Finals, the Warriors fought hard against the suffocating defense of the Celtics.

Curry played his heart out, averaging just north of 30 points per game. This is superstar level here.

In the end, Steph Curry was named NBA Finals MVP. His first out of the 4 overall he has collected during his playing career with the franchise.

I can say one thing about all of this, I called this in 6 games!

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