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The Evolution of Basketball: from Basketball Hoop to the Board

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If you are a basketball lover and think that you know everything about this sport, then think again. Let us tell you that this sport has a long and rich history. A lot of things changed in this sport and that includes the equipment. From the basketball hoop to the board, everything went through an evolution and if you wish to learn about it, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will be discussing the evolution of this game. But before that, we should talk about the invention of this game.

The Invention of the Basketball

This game was introduced in 1891 by Dr James Naismith. During the winter of 1891-1892, inside a gymnasium at Springfield College, there was a group of young men desperately wanting to have a sport that could match the energy and fun level of sports such as football. The college instructor introduced many different kinds of sports to the young men but nothing successfully captured their interest. And that is when the inventor of basketball came up with the idea of this sport which became a big hit.


The Evolution of Basketball Hoop

The history of the basketball hoop dates back to the late 19th century when the hoop was first invented. This basketball sports equipment evolved from crude baskets to the technically advanced hoop which is far durable and convenient. The first basketball hoops were invented by Dr James Naismith. Those basketball hoops were peach baskets nailed to an elevated track. After a decade of its invention, the peach basket was replaced by a metal rim having netting at the bottom. The netting was closed to give an impression of the peach basket. The players had to climb to take the ball out of the net. In order to make the design of the basketball hoop more convenient for the players, the net was cut out. This allowed the ball to pass through the net and fall on the ground.

The Evolution of the Board

Interesting fact, the boards were not a part of the sport until 1893. Before the introduction of the backboard, the peach basket was attached to a 10-foot pole. The players shot into the basket to get points. Since there was no backboard, there was nothing called rebounding in the sport. Before the invention of the backboards, the fan used to interfere with the shot of the player. In order to eliminate this problem, the backboard was invented which prevented the fans to come in between the shots of the players. The backboards back then were originally made from chicken wire. The addition of the backboard brought the concept of rebounding to the game.

The Evolution of the Ball

We cannot talk about the evolution of basketball without discussing the history of the ball. It might surprise you to know that the ball was not invented until three years after the invention of this game. originally, players used to use a soccer ball. As per the NBA website, in 1894, Dr James Naismith wanted A.G. Spalding & Bros. to invent a ball specially made for the sport. The company came up with a leather ball held with laces. The ball weighed less than 20 oz and has a circumference of 32 inches. However, this was not the end to the evolution of the ball. It went through a lot of changes and became the ball that we see today.

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At the End

Basketball didn’t use to be the sport that we play or know about today. Not just the equipment but even the rules have evolved a lot. From basketball hoop to the ball, a lot of areas of this game has gone through a major change. It is very overwhelming to learn its history and realizing that people used to play this game so differently. The game is more practical and convenient for the players than it used to be and the technological advancement gets major credit. Today, we have better equipment to play this sport and that is all because of better technology. But this is not it, the history of basketball is rich enough to fill the books but for now, this is all that you should know.

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